The Longest Pound

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Marcel Davis : Dude, are you working in the movie/video industry? Because that video is just perfectly done.

Nathan Gardner : Dang I was hoping it would end with him eating a bowl of chili and buying a bigger shirt

The Technoclast : Funny how the intro was like, "Oh God a crappy cellphone video recorded vertically." Then the rest is beautifully shot and edited. Gonna favorite this for reference.

bobo42024 : Reminds me of something I would see in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" *Mac gets in shape*

Redheaded Peckerwood : The Longest Pound? Sounds like my honeymoon

sean daly : This video is amazing but for some reason it makes me want to box a Russian.....

CCS and Sons Workshop : "are you sweating?" Dude it's the Philippines, the answer is always yes! Love it!

Whitney Port : Heard that guy was the MAN in high school.

Amanda Williams : He's not fat, just a flulffy ! And those blue eyes *swoon*.

Cami S : reddit brought me here, and I´m thankful

poopagore : this is great. I kind of expected the end to cut abruptly to him saying oh shit I still can't fit in it and it maybe looking smaller on him. great video A+-

Kunta : This guy as to work on the movies or something. The camera work is simply astonishing

The Greenman : I thought I was looking at a pregnant bear running on the beach.

starry nite 540 : haha u da man for that

delukard07 : Looks like a mail order wife advertisement (those girls look shady) sorry but someone had to say it.

Apathy Reaper : Best fat friend ever

chemundergrad : Somehow you captured my worst nightmare and living the Rocky Balboa dream all at once and it inspires me.

WInDY rECtuM : You couldn't just get the gent a bigger shirt? Lol

Mike von Zabern : Was this really only 2 days?! How much weight did he actually lose? 5 lbs or so? Such a great montage really enjoyed it well done!

Randy Bourret : I just lost it when the transition is supposed to happen and everyones blown away by his progress, and then it cuts to him jumping up and down making his gut that much more noticable. Awesome Video.

variabl3 : Easily the most-relatable thing I've seen all year. Hilarious!

Brennan Michael : This guy is a hunk of meat!!!

Zane Price : Why is this so freaking well done. Good work

Phil Meier : Is that Robert Duvall @2:20???

keelan doherty : This is amazing, congrats man

Derp McDerpson : Song?

Tyler Wolfrom : Greatest vid ever?

Melina K : That was awesome and inspiring.

.Mrblack. : Awesomeness

Pruzhanov : radical montage!! huh!

doctoreeeveal : Love the braveheart moment

phatmattcowboys : Was that Robert Duvall?!?!

Jacob Colonna : First.

BJ DeHut : perfect editing

Hazza32 : Love the 80s vibes, great vid and it looked like a beautiful wedding.

Uk Gamer : They bought him a larger barong

GoulouMalouku : He looks like a chubby Tom Hardy

mike hawk : Still not as fat as Bert

Wyvern : greets form read

Gajah Wesi 888 : I actually thought Brennan was the groom... But hey, doesn't matter. Props to you, Brennan! And... Congratulations, Trey! Or as they say in Indonesia, a little south from The Philippines, "Selamat Memulai Hidup Baru!" (Congratulations on starting your new life!)

Salvador Cullen : Awesome

sgonged : 60% of marriages end in the first 5 years. 40% of all marriages after 5 years end because of infidelity. Good luck!!

eltontaylor162 : So inspiring

David Garcia : Masterpiece! Kudos, dude.

Chris Bowman : Calling it now, I'll be tagged in this for sure

BrawlerAce : That's amazing yo what a journey it must have been

Lale Dogan : Hahahaha marry me so I can help you lose more weight ;) Lol brilliant :slowclap:

Andrew Stout : Awesome video!!! 😂😂😂

Turd Doodlesworth : Fat, loud, sweaty, gas station sunglasses. Good douchebag material.

Mosby : awesome :D