British Version Vs. American Version

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TheAmericanCanadian : This video was done perfectly, well done

decentradical : American Kitchen Nightmares should be renamed to 'Family Therapy in a Failing Restaurant'.

Big Mac Daddy : the uk version is 100x better

Chip : This reflects the editing xhoices of each so well. I can't help but feel that the american versions spoonfeed emotion to the audience, using music to tell us everything so we dont actually have to listen. The problem is that using music non-stop degrades it's impact. Less is more.

DanielFromSL : They do this because Americans usually don't know how to feel most of the time, the music helps these people to orientate their feelings otherwise they get violent and confused.

Amplitude Maximum : You did this so well that you must be working for FOX

AndiWandi : Good thing you included the waterphone sound effect in the American version. Wouldn't be the same without it!

AIIUserNamesInvalid : i noticed something similar in american nature documentaries. whenever some insects started fighting, they would play all kinds of animal noises, from boars to lions. i'm serious. if i was american i wouldn't like it, it seems condescending. as if it was dumbed down for me.

Lex Python : It's amazing how the narrative was changed to serious negativity for the American public. No wonder we are so negative and shitty about everything.

SublimeCS : holy shit this was so well done

Eshium : Okay, you say this was a parody, was there any actual, major differences (like those cuts) from both versions? Or was it just the music? That's what I'm really interested in. I'm pretty sure everyone has always wondered how much reality shows are really edited for drama.

Morgan Freeman's favorite freckle : UK version makes me want to become a chef US version makes me want to become a destroyer of worlds

Olive Green : This is perfectly done.

darthdj31 : Good job lol

Battousai the Mineslayer : I prefer the UK version honestly. I'm sure he has a temper and all but I feel like a lot of it is just so more people will watch.

Hardcore Panda : I think China no.1

Julia H : Very well done! :)

msfsaint : Both are good, but the UK version is more... authentic... rustic, even. Fresh and local. Bloody hell!

Sally the cream cats alt : I hate the American version, annoying music, that annoying violin sound effect, and too much drama. It's dumbed down for America because they can't think for themselves. That's why I like the UK version

ThePointlessBox_ : Blonde British man covers French cook with salty substance

Joosh82 : I can't spot any difference, all I know is the drugs kicked in somewhere in the middle of the video

Eric Faulk : See, the problem with the British version is that it's FOOKING RAAAAAWWWWW!

Walrus : Someone please show this to the producers of the US versions

ErgonomicChair : ... So how do I watch the british version because that literally solved all my issues with the show.

The King Slayer : the real salt bae

Kleavers : Nailed it. Especially that stupid waterphone.

Daleylife : Yeah, the USA has an unhealthy relationship with dramatic music when it comes to reality TV.

Daniel Crowley : I'm glad the US version of The Office doesn't have this problem.

Dan Ellis : Nah. In the American version, as soon as she said "I never use salt" the music would stop, the camera would zoom in on her face, and clips of the not saying anything would be spliced in from elsewhere to turn it into an artificial awkward moment.

Erik Westerveld : Yes I can't understand why they had to make the US version so edited and dramatic. The UK version was "REAL".

Balling Like Choji : lol and my family asks why I watch European and Japanese tv shows.

Emerrias : I love kitchen Nightmares, hmmmm I think ill post my parody i made on youtube

Quacks Dashing : Whats with the horror music? Is leatherface lurking around the corner?

Neon Light : USA is a Hollywood infected country that kiss black peoples bum. A lot of sissy white Americans I've seen so far.

BruceCampbell0886 : Ending was brilliant. Why do so many reality TV shows use that sound sample? What emotion is it even trying to convey?

C North : This salt is RAW!

Al-zein Kusmantoro : UK version=No need for music intensity unless it is necessary US version=Hollywood infected

Music_Lights : You are spot on.

ryoga316 : Source for the BGM and SFX, please.

dxxPacmanxxb : It's not real but accurate

Ricardo Cooper : How deceptive!

Cook'n W/ Curry : Lmfao

s a k u n i : Diff'rnt strokes for diff'rnt folks.

Charles Miller : Of course, the American audience prefers British entertainers to be angry.

Stephen Grosch : Hilarious!!!

Odhran : You forgot to take an advert break in the middle

Andy Aldrian : American TV adds World Wrestling Federation drama to every show.

lukus johnson : 'YOU GOTTA SALT THE SNAIL!' -charlie kelly

Jon Jones : To make it even more conforming to the U.S. style of "reality" programming you would follow a 2 minute manufactured dramatic clip with a "cliffhanger tease" of an upcoming segment, and then a 7 minute commercial break (for cars, boner pills, and mobility scooters) and then resume the program by replaying half of the previous clip before progressing into a reveal/resolution that is the exact opposite of what the earlier "cliffhanger tease" suggested. And then more commercial break.

sum moner : He does the same shit on his Youtube channel. I personally think he just hates Americans and it has nothing to do with the editing of the video. The shit he says on his YouTube channel couldn't just be edited to make it sound like he says that. He's just actually doing the shit.