22plinkster shoots an ejected bullet casing out of midair

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Dave Skeet : I keep thinking these titles are clickbait, but you always deliver the goods. Good shooting!

Christopher Morris : Not bad. Not bad. Now, let's see if you can hit an ejected casing with another ejected casing.

Reid Jackson : Us: Hey, do something super freaking difficult. 22 Plinkster: Ok... 3-4 shots later and hits the target 22 Plinkster: Ok, now what?

Fabiolean : Lol "The hard part of this is the camera work" This dude

Earl-Glade Johnsson : Now do it twice in a row. The third bullet hitting the case of the second bullet which hit the first casing, and keep it going. And then bend the fabric of reality please.

KyzerG : Everytime I read the title I'm like "yeahh ooook" then he ends up doing it in the 2nd or 3rd try πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Tophers Advice : Alright, open a beer bottle with a 22lr! Don't break the neck off but twist the cap off by shooting it. Good luck!

Alaskan Ballistics : Just when I thought your trick shots couldn't get more difficult... you go and surprise me

acemannw : You need a white backdrop or something to make things stand out better

NaeNae Montana : No way lol you're a legend.

Ron Cooper : Did you find the hit case? That would be a cool trophy!!!!

Per Karlsson : No video footage of the ground around his feet being covered 6" deep and 4 yards wide with empty .22 cases... :P

Ben Crane : I think History Channel needs to bring back Top Shot and do a YouTube gun channel people competition. My money would be on Plinkster.

Oscar Frederick Maita : Instructions unclear. I shot myself. Twice.

johnny the biff : If i tried this i would probably end up pointing the gun at myself.

Stephen K Drums : Hacks Confirmed. Just reported this guy and he got banned for aimbot.

DeOutdoors Life : 22 plinkster is literally a god I’m convinced

Luis Hernandez : Instructor zero can do that while jumping off a plane in a tornado with his beard on fire...... 😁

Martin the Music Making Musket Man : NoOoo dont include the techno music, thats not you :c

TolitsDterrible : I can hit two ejected casings in the air with one shot. Here, hold my beer. Lol!

dude754321 : You should empty your whole mag while hitting every single casing. Even the very first one

GentlemanOfHonor : 22plinkster, more like 22trickster! Great vid and what an amazing shot.

mrfuzzybrows : when you cant find your fly swatter and theres a mosquito in the room...

sieve5 : shoot a shotgun and draw that same .22 race gun and shoot the shotgun shell before it hits the ground.

Cole : Dude perfect: throws basketballs off a cliff for 3 days till they make a basket then goes ape shit celebrating. 22 plinkster: nails goal in like 30 seconds and shrugs.

TheRibbonRed : Is there even enough force for the casing to give you ample time to shoot it? Man, that's amazing.

Jones : Wee-doggy! Only way up from here is to do it blindfolded. ;-)

wolfcalls : DAAAAAMN! holy shit that was amazing! goes without saying,,NICE SHOT! lol lol

Jesus Gonzalez : MAN I DID THAT EASY AND WITH A LARGER WEAPON TOO...using a shotgun with birdshot, lol ;-) .

MarineBoar : I see that you can buy 'strike anywhere' kitchen matches. Put one in a fence post at 20 to 30 yards and light the match without breaking the tip off.

Rock Island Auction Company : Good gravy! That's just boggling.

Man Plan : Slow down there, Annie Oakley. (That's a compliment)

Rydrak the Fluffy Kitsune : Shoot a .22 through a straw as its spinning on a record player

Pilot McBride : Great editing..... πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Bloody great shot, well done.

Barley : 166 616 views and 699 comments when i watched this vid no joke

infamasgam3r : Now, do the same thing but hit the casing in a way that the bullet re-seats backwards into the other casing🀣🀣🀣

Daniel Montero : I can do that with a million shots

Treylon Mcalexander : Try to shoot the casing and slip a playing card 😊

Lawerence Hoffman : Lit af. Max savagery level. Maxxed out your pistol experience i see , nice stats and strats

The Lined Diamond : Y u not be a sniper for military πŸ˜‚

FeNite8 : Do a mag dump like this. Keep shooting the casings that come out

Boutit031 : Outstanding bro πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Phillip Benson : With just one lucky shot you have become one with your gun. When you can do it with a blindfold on, you will have learned.

philip dandridge : You rookie, that's my warmup. Just kidding man, your amazing!!

American Patriot : Absolutely fantastic shot! Kudos to you!

Kyle Wright : There’s certain people who I know I would have a good day at the range with or just shooting around. You sir, are one of them

Wolfgang Nomayer : Looks like at least 62 people are jelous!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Beach&BoardFan : Wasn't in frame the whole time, doesn't count!

Michael Whisman : I’m not sure how you even saw that let alone hit it! Love your trick shots they always amaze me. Keep up the good work