Pennywise Tutorial after Special Treats

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TRIGGER WARNING-CLOWNS🎈🤡 😆 It has been requested so many times that I try a Pennywise tutorial. All I can say is that I gave it my best shot 🤣🤣🤣🤣‼️ This video is pretty special because it’s the first time I made the edibles💚 I had no idea how much to eat, but I do now LMFAO‼️ I hope you all enjoy my attempt 😆🙌🏼 LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER‼️‼️‼️ Also if you have a look you’d like to see me try, please leave it in the comments💚😍🙌🏼


Vane Gudino : *door opens by itself* "BABE?" *silence* *whispers* "There is no babe"

aria rodgers : “I know what your thinking” “Oh wait no I don’t” 😂😂😂

Mashur Abed : “I could be pennywise’s evil sister quarter smart” LMAO

Savannah Peaches : THERE IS NO BABE

Ruby Hill : Imagine if someone broke in and they opened the door and they walked in and she looked like that

Delilah Clark : “I can be pennywise’s little sister quartersmart.” This quote literally had me crying from laughter so much that my eyes started burning.

Joshua Marquez : Me at three AM just having a mental breakdown

CK Meyer : The look on your face when the door opened by itself with those drawn in eyebrows killed me 🤣🤣

Aziyah's Contours : This is the most iconic moment of 2018..WHO IS HERE IN 2019!??


ROBLOXduke : Before she even ate the edibles i thought she was high

Claudia Mccray : “i know what you’re thinking, ah no i don’t” she’s hilarious all her videos crack me up

The Wilson/De Leons : "We need to SEEEAL tha DEEEAL!" 😂😂😂 I love all her videos. Cracks me up!!!!

Ariana Elizabeth : “bald cap. ion have a bald cap. who just has a bald cap sittin ‘round?”

BTS Kook : “bAbE?!” “....there’s no babe...” Edit:OMG A LIKE....hold that’s me..

Thuggy Duckling : "Scary clowns are not scared of balloons!!!" LMAO

Blessed Mommy : When the door opened I died 🤣😂 New subscriber. Thank you for the laugh

Shawna jacobson : Was she high before she ate the edible

Lindsay Van Ormer : The Pennywise impression at the end with the boat 😂😂😂

TheAntisocialWolf : “i could be pennywise’s twin sister, quatersmart” IM CRYINGGG

Cara G : Why does nobody in these comments get the Fire Marshall Bill reference? I 👏am👏here👏for👏that👏

MIA LASHAY : Me: what is the result of high white people??? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Her:

Lori Valdez : How does she always look semi legit when she tries to mimic a characters image 😂😂 i love her so much!!! 🖤

Kaci Fugate : This video never fails to make me laugh to the point of tears. Always seems to make me a lil bit happier lol!

Idgaf Smh : This is the youtube content I signed up for.

Karley Nixon : *door opens* BABE? *gasps* there is no babe.

whatthewindblewin : I am cry laughing. I have to keep stopping this video to catch my breath.

Michael Silvas : 4:50 when people call me ugly.

AJ Muraira : “Quarter smart” 😂😂

kay v : Me: these edibles ain’t shit Me 1 hour later:

jacquie reed : udhdbfbbbf WHEN THE WIG SLID OFF BOTH TIMES 😭😭😭😭🤣 I AM WEAK

Barb Jacobs : I am so glad this video exists 😂😂😂

Alyssa Gonzalez : White people are something else man 😂

aww haim : @ 2:50 is me at 3 am on a school night when i should be writing my papers

El Mqz : “I hope I didn’t overdo it” Famous last words when you eat an edible.

It’s Nayeliii : *These eYbrOws aRe gOnNA Be fiErcE*

Jenna Cordone : Babe?.....There is no babe😂😭😂

LpsIs Pawsome : BABE?! ... *there's no babe* 😧

ana cruz : Can't stop me I'm unstoppable 😂🤦

Willow Dreemurr : This is like pennywise coming home from the club at 4 in the morning after too many edibles

Katie Sansone : This might be the best one yet.

enrique murguia : WHEN SHE BROUGHT OUT THE BOAT 💀💀💀💀😂 I CANT

Draculitis__ : *door quietly opens* “BABE?!” *whispers* “There is no babe.”

Kev Panlilio : I havent laughed this hard in years. Thank you

Fernie Aguirre : *door opens by itself* “Babe??” “There is no babe.” I’m DEADDDDD

Lala La la la : I don't think you did half bad on this one for being so stoned XD

Aiyana DeNoyelles : Never ever ever stop making these videos😂😂😂😂😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

storie thompson : “QUARTERSMART” I’m rollin

Sydney Winters : on god, i’ve never laughed this hard before. i was in legit tears the entire time THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS MAKING MY DAY SO MUCH BETTER i love you so much i wish u were my mom