Pennywise Tutorial after edibles

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立立LiLibear : why do you sound high before you got high lmao

Angela León : 6:22 W I G 😂

alyssa jayde : “i could be pennywises sister, like maybe, quarter-smart i don’t know just throwing out ideas”

Sofie Soyy : I died SHE USED A KICKEN SPONGE we love an all purpose queen

HeyIts Laura : Pennyhoe has two sisters 1- Quarter Smart 2-NickelDumb Edit: Gee thanks for all the likes y’all.


RᴇɴBᴜɴɴʏ : what does she do for a living that she can get high like this all the time? i want that job

s j : When her wig fell off i lost it fully

Mon Mac : 😂😂😂 Your expression @ 4:50

Brenna : “...there is no babe...” is the funniest thing ive ever seen.

thatsweetsimmer : "BABE?! there is no babe..." HAHAHAH dead

hope : Literally my last brain cell personified

Annie Gonzales : I’m dead she said “ quarter smart” 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

Julianne Nuñez : I thought this was gonna be stupid but I deadass laughed the entire time 😂💀

Page Samantha : Just woke up my son in the other room by laughing too loud. Oops😂

The Small Things TST : BABE... there is no babe

Agent Orange : My fiance is going as It and our daughter is going as Georgie. I've been trying to figure out what to go as and now I know--Quartersmart.

Martha Rogers : I’m 38 weeks pregnant..I needed this video in my life 😂😂😂

Bajoobie Cuzican : This was the cutest video. Cracked me up. I watched it three times and laughed equally hard each time. 😂 This was so good I added it to my “funny shit” YouTube list.

edie crawford : “oKAY i’m reaDy!1” “heLlo Danny”

Rabbit TeaPot : When she popped that orange wig on she started to look like the red queen from Tim burtons Alice lol

nimxie albelo outlines : I laugh when I see people laugh... so everytime she laughs,I laugh😭

Krista Harris : I love how she uses a kitchen sponge to do her face make up😂❤️

Cä.ërøñ x Msp : *_give it a little tease_* ..*_almost rips off weave_*

Kris Maldonado : I can’t believe how good this came out you high bastard 🌸

Anais Rivera : oh shoot I snorted.. same

Justin Haan : "I'll tell ya what... I don't feel sexy right now".. *laughs out loud but on the inside I'm really dead* 😂🤣😂🤣 bahahaha!!!!!

Jenessa : I have literally never watched this video before and saw a clip on Instagram and this video was stopped at the same time wHAT

Anonymous : Imagine Jenna marbles high 🤦🏻‍♂️😂


Sinea : Soooooo do doors normally open by themselves 😂

The Echo Mariana : This is me in 10 years

Megan Noel : 4:54 the looks on her face and the jump back gets me every time I cry laughing and have to show everyone lmfbo love it


Dre Shaw : I laughed just as hard as she did. And I'm not even high. XD

Brandy Johnson : Oh God I literally just got quarter smart lmao

준석Joshua : I seriously thought she tried to sound like a turkey at 6:14 roflllll I literally stopped living for a second at that part!!!

Jasmine Gonzalez : This is the first video I watched of urs and I about died crying lmao 😂 I love you!

Trendy Golbin247 : I can be pennywise sister like quarter smart just throwing out some ideas 😜😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Musicsavedme : “One more piece guys I hope I didn’t overdo it” me eating literally everything knowing damn well that won’t be my last piece.

Aly Shipley : let me tell you something...these eyebrows are gonna be *fierce*


XAYLA : i did not expect this video to be so good

CumCrust : Watched this high af and I was cracking tf up

Jenny Magill : She created old man Albert Einstein eyebrows😂😂👏🏻...

TheAntisocialWolf : “i could be pennywise’s twin sister, quatersmart” IM CRYINGGG

Tyra washington : I think I enjoyed this video way more than I should have. 😂😂 Your laugh is so contagious and when that door opened, the look on your face was priceless. If I could give this video a million likes, I sure would.

Krystal Hall : 4:50 has been replayed 28374328943 times and I cannot stop laughing.

Kia : You look like Rizzo from Grease :)

Robyn Ann : You're my new hero! Love your videos, thanks for sharing.