Shane Torres Defends Guy Fieri - CONAN on TBS

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Ramona Oklahoma : Damnit he’s right

Reznick : Excellent bit!! Not overly punchy, just smart, subtle, intelligent humor.

signifi delica : The image of Guy Fieri throwing a live grenade back at the nazis during WWII yelling 'welcome to flavortown' is one of the most hilarious images i've considered in recent memory

Nando Freire : I'm glad this guy finaly escaped that island.

Ariel Schoonover : Guy Fieri also did a huge cookout for evacuees of the Tubbs Fire this year even though he was an evacuee himself.

WakeeWakee : This guy is a teapot on the low.

Ian Maguire : but because his hair looks like he was electrocuted while drinking mountain dew...

Nonchalont : Lol he was good! 😄

Yoshio San : That pose makes me uncomfortable.

jerf herf : Thought he had a baby arm at first

森本ボリス : he's very efficient. he used a single funny-enough joke to last his whole appearance instead of using 3 or 4 jokes..smarter than he looks

Tosin Adekanye : Earning new nicknames like "El Fuego" 😂😂

Cari Garafalo : Righteous. You've swayed my opinion with your sound reasoning and unbiased logic. I like you. 👍

thetylife : Guy Fieri's publicist giving stand up comedy a try.

Rachel Ann : I am cackling that he was able to stretch a Guy Fiere bit for 4 minutes. Brilliant.

carcillian : I live in Santa Rosa and Guy is an active member of the community and helped feed the fire crews for last November's fires FOR FREE and he still got yelled at by some dude at the IC. His personality is a bit abrasive irl but he more then makes up for that in good will. He also drives a garish yellow I guess there's that too.

Tony Youells : There’s one thing he forgot to mention, every time guy goes to one of the small businesses to see how they prepare their food, there is never a single word of criticism. He loves everything and seems to genuinely like everyone he meets. Can you honestly say you ever saw him criticize or critique some other cook/chef specialty...

signifi delica : Very odd but I was thinking the same thing two days ago. My mom was watching his show and he seemed like a genuinely nice dude. Then I started to wonder why people online hate him. Yeah his appearance is obnoxious but that's about it. Million times better than people like Gordon Ramsey and what not.

Nerd Boy : This dude knows how to meme.

Apotheosis : Why is he standing sideways and positioning his left arm like a T-rex?

George Vivanco : This bit was damn near flawless, I gotta check out more of his stuff

Brian C : He positions himself at a strange angle for a lot of this segment. So strange that it was only that the 10 second mark that I knew he had two hands.

TheGodOfPez : I actually like Guy Fieri!

jazzy zebra : Hey, I went to middle school with this guy, Shane!!!'

Ron Burgundy : THANK YOU. I never understood the hate for Guy.

Rick Sanchez : What is up with that weird stance??! lol

Deacon Frost : Guy feiri for President

bluesdjben : I think the hate for Guy Fieri is 50% that his appearance and persona can be obnoxious and 50% that people are jealous that someone they perceive is dumber than them has an awesome job that they would kill for. I think Guy Fieri is fine and seems like a good guy, and I'll watch his show occasionally when I'm bored and hungry.

Diana Sklans : Even on this sad day, I still agree with Shane Torres on this one. #teamfieri

Kyle Skerjanec : I literally just listened to this dude and this bit, word for word, on Pandora not an hour before seeing this.

melsoloh : Pleasantly surprised. I rewinded 1:25 a couple of times because that moment was when he had the crowd, and it was intentional

Jacob Davis : I saw this guy be the opening act for Patton Oswalt, this was the funniest bit he did! Hopefully Shane has got a bigger career ahead of him, he's clearly got potential IMO.

Rusty Shackleford : He looks like Post Malone

Old Man Skateboards : Nice Banksy reference

Arthur Jackson : This was good! He's right, though... i never understood the Fieri hate. I don't think he's awesome, but i watch his show sometimes... Bourdain is a HUGE douche, btw.

JacAttack : I wonder if Guy contacted Shane and gave an opinion.

DaileyOfficial on Twitter : This is why Anthony Bourdain killed himself.

MrCerebellum2 : The best part was the huge slam on Banksy fans.

mtb416 : Never understood Bourdain. He’s an obvious snob and his mind-numbing prose reeks of pseudo garbage.

ghetto engine : shane's bit was the first thing i remembered upon hearing bourdains death.

jpromero635 : Shane Torres is like the hick version of Felipe Esparza...lmao

Ryan Woodward : Rip Anthony Bourdain

cdhstarz : Well what else has he done Shane?!

kyle Branson : Who else remember this stand up...when you first heard about Anthony suicide

The Game Couch : Hope this vid doesnt sour because of Anthony Bourdains suicide

Ultra FU : I love Nickelback! COME AT ME BROS!

that one hater : "throwing live grenade's back shouing welcome to flavor town"

Clint Cranford : Wait people hate Nickelback??

John Lemus : This was good.

Snake Plissken : Bottom line is people have been trained to hate anyone with success in the New America. It is the basic ideology of Marxism.