Shane Torres Defends Guy Fieri - CONAN on TBS

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MrJwyne : Lol he was good! 😄

Ramona Oklahoma : Damnit he’s right

Reznick : Excellent bit!! Not overly punchy, just smart, subtle, intelligent humor.

Nando Freire : I'm glad this guy finaly escaped that island.

WakeeWakee : This guy is a teapot on the low.

Yoshio San : That pose makes me uncomfortable.

Nerd Boy : This dude knows how to meme.

Ian Maguire : but because his hair looks like he was electrocuted while drinking mountain dew...

Rick Sanchez : What is up with that weird stance??! lol

signifi delica : Very odd but I was thinking the same thing two days ago. My mom was watching his show and he seemed like a genuinely nice dude. Then I started to wonder why people online hate him. Yeah his appearance is obnoxious but that's about it. Million times better than people like Gordon Ramsey and what not.

TheGodOfPez : I actually like Guy Fieri!

signifi delica : The image of Guy Fieri throwing a live grenade back at the nazis during WWII yelling 'welcome to flavortown' is one of the most hilarious images i've considered in recent memory

George Vivanco : This bit was damn near flawless, I gotta check out more of his stuff

melsoloh : Pleasantly surprised. I rewinded 1:25 a couple of times because that moment was when he had the crowd, and it was intentional

Tosin Adekanye : Earning new nicknames like "El Fuego" 😂😂

jerf herf : Thought he had a baby arm at first

森本ボリス : he's very efficient. he used a single funny-enough joke to last his whole appearance instead of using 3 or 4 jokes..smarter than he looks

Ron Burgundy : THANK YOU. I never understood the hate for Guy.

ZEB : That was a bizarre bit

Deacon Frost : Guy feiri for President

Apotheosis : Why is he standing sideways and positioning his left arm like a T-rex?

jazzy zebra : Hey, I went to middle school with this guy, Shane!!!'

Old Man Skateboards : Nice Banksy reference

Ultra FU : I love Nickelback! COME AT ME BROS!

Kyle Skerjanec : I literally just listened to this dude and this bit, word for word, on Pandora not an hour before seeing this.

Aria Nerena : That was really good! I thought he was funny

Brian C : He positions himself at a strange angle for a lot of this segment. So strange that it was only that the 10 second mark that I knew he had two hands.

Feel The Heat : 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Ariel Schoonover : Guy Fieri also did a huge cookout for evacuees of the Tubbs Fire this year even though he was an evacuee himself.

Cari Garafalo : Righteous. You've swayed my opinion with your sound reasoning and unbiased logic. I like you. 👍

kyle Branson : Who else remember this stand up...when you first heard about Anthony suicide

Diana Sklans : Even on this sad day, I still agree with Shane Torres on this one. #teamfieri

Giunone : He s really good

FourFish47 : Haters wanna hate - period. Thanks for this!

Patrick Carroll : Yep, that’s a fine set.

Joe W : Ol' sampler platter himself.....

Eddie Kags : ...well he's not wrong...

Tony Youells : There’s one thing he forgot to mention, every time guy goes to one of the small businesses to see how they prepare their food, there is never a single word of criticism. He loves everything and seems to genuinely like everyone he meets. Can you honestly say you ever saw him criticize or critique some other cook/chef specialty...

FlowWolf7 : I blame Andrew Hussey calling him the Antichrist while ICP both become president

The_Dailey on Twitter : This is why Anthony Bourdain killed himself.

onespeed : I love this bit.

SuperPussyFinger : This guy is funny, but I still hate Guy Fieri.

Josh Reichardt : He is.... not wrong

Hannibal Lecter : This is why I like Guy Fieri.

Tim Latza : Sampler Platter?

Ryan Woodward : Rip Anthony Bourdain

kharnifex : RIP Anthony Bourdain he's in trenchfoot heaven now

ghetto engine : shane's bit was the first thing i remembered upon hearing bourdains death.

southrules : Wow refreshingly original stuff, great job

that one hater : "throwing live grenade's back shouing welcome to flavor town"