The Simpsons: "Steamed Hams" recreated under the Northern Lights in Tromsø
Steamed Hams but the Aurora Borealis is real

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Or: Steamed Hams but the Aurora Borealis is real (Read more below!) Chasing Lights Tour Guides Neil (Superintendent Gary Chalmers) and Thomas (Principal Seymour Skinner) headed out to reenact the famous "Steamed Hams" sketch from the episode "22 Short Films About Springfield" (S:7/E:21). The song played when the Northern Lights are dancing is from the ending scene of the fantastic episode "Mother Simpson" (S:7/E:8). We recorded in and around our office in Tromsø, Norway. The outside scenes were shot near the village Rekvik on the island of Kvaløya, just over an hour outside Tromsø. The Aurora Borealis made a spectacular appearance, just as the kitchen caught fire. No mothers were hurt in the making of this video. Looking for your own "Steamed Hams" moment under the Northern Lights? Book a tour with us at Watch more fantastic Steamed Hams art here: Also, check us out on Instagram! Chasing Lights: @chasinglights Neil: @coldxneil Thomas: @thomasatchasinglights Press enquiries:


HeavyEyed : This is absolutely next level

Charlie Wetherington : The meme is done. No way to top this. Also, I'm booking a trip!

Falling Pictures Productions : That's it. The meme has been perfected. There is nothing more that can be done with it.

Lord Starscream, True leader of the Decepticons : Steamed Hams but it has viking accent.

darthnazgul : Well Chasing Lights, you are an odd tour guide, but I must say. . . you steam a good ham.

Lamanator : Love that they use the song when Homer looks at the night sky when his mother left.

JustSomeCringyKid : steamed hams but it's literally aurora borealis

Konrad Ford : This is a brilliant advertisement.

Danirijeka : Best Steamed Hams parody, hands down.

Umbrellarocks : The memes they're transcending reality!

Alfredo Sánchez : This should have more views.


noisyturtle : Finally Supernintendo Chalmers dream come true

The Fresh Prince of Beijing : This is beautiful, goes above and beyond the call of meme duty, and is SEVERELY underviewed and underrated

Hawkens85 : I didn't think a funny meme could make me cry. Nature is beautiful.

Captain Totes : No not in Utica it's an Icelandic expression

porter_esq : Oh man that music cue from Mother Simpson

UnDiegoMas : This, ladies and gentlemen, is what God had in mind when he created memes

Biggus Yeetus : This is an ultimate meme.

Stephen Wyatt : This was great, you two. I'm also digging the accent.

I lost my diamonds in minecraft pls help me : Steamed hams but superintendent Chalmers is played by thor the god of lightning

DJ Pug : "May I see it?" "...Yes!" Top 10 Anime plot twists

T-800 : I imagine a fleet of drakkars landing on an storm-battered coast, burly bearded men with horned helmets and battle axes pouring out, their leader steps forwards, brandishes his axe towards the heavens, and screams"Seeeeeeeeyyyyymooooouuuurrrr!"

GerryWeber83 : Only 3.000 clicks? Shame! This is over the top awesome

Martinz : This is brilliant

VZ Matthews : The guy standing on his tiptoes when he says "welcome" is a hillarious touch 😂

Grethe Marie Gugarden : Dette er helt konge!!!

legiongamerworkBRUH ben : CLASSIC lol

Babooshka00 : Shitposting brought to the next level. Good job, gents.

madhouse2309 : Beautiful Northern Light

William Chan : maybe one day I will visit the arctic

Christian Hexum : Nordic Hams

nerdherdering : Well, I dunno about everybody else, but I certainly enjoyed this.

Martin Beales : You have made my year. Congratulations. I stand and applaud.

Astral fox : Steamed Hams: The Finale

DontDoitJake : I love you guys

Smagas Pagiras : I vote this the best meme of 2018. NOTHING can top this.

LeoGreck : Thanks for the efford this is great :DDDD

Vibrant : i thought the flute was gonna play the simpsons intro

Wladislav : 🔥 👍 🔥

Old Man Dave : This is what needed to be done. Bravo gents.

Anon Emoose : Spectacular work, gents

UltimateisReady : ----------G A M E O V E R----------- You broke the cycle

Fy Faen Kva Stek : Oh not in Alta, it's a Sortland expression

It's cold outside : Such a nice ending, really good video overall

B Sharp : Okay, that was funny. I laughed so hard.

Harvey Sullivan : Absolutely bloody brilliant.

Joe Jackson : Perfect

Brayan Chojolan : I've seen this meme too many times that I actually want a hamburger