Steamed Hams but the Aurora Borealis is real

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HeavyEyed : This is absolutely next level

Charlie Wetherington : The meme is done. No way to top this. Also, I'm booking a trip!

Falling Pictures Productions : That's it. The meme has been perfected. There is nothing more that can be done with it.

Konrad Ford : This is a brilliant advertisement.

Alfredo Sánchez : This should have more views.

Frozium : Steamed Hams but it has viking accent.

Danirijeka : Best Steamed Hams parody, hands down.

Captain Totes : No not in Utica it's an Icelandic expression

Umbrellarocks : The memes they're transcending reality!

darthnazgul : Well Chasing Lights, you are an odd tour guide, but I must say. . . you steam a good ham.

legiongamerworkBRUH ben : CLASSIC lol

porter_esq : Oh man that music cue from Mother Simpson

Scorpion HH : Nice video

Jake Terry - DontDoItJake : I love you guys

UnDiegoMas : This, ladies and gentlemen, is what God had in mind when he created memes

William Chan : maybe one day I will visit the arctic

Grethe Marie Gugarden : Dette er helt konge!!!

madhouse2309 : Beautiful Northern Light

Martinz : This is brilliant

Biggus Yeetus : This is an ultimate meme.

T0RR0S : This is best

Abradolf Lincler : Well met, traveler!

Streams of Consciousness : LEGENDARY

KAMUI PLAYS : Awesome xD

Old Man Dave : This is what needed to be done. Bravo gents.

ikagura : Hah

Wladislav : 🔥 👍 🔥

micshaz : wait a minute i've seen this bef.... oh...

Lamanator : Love that they use the song when Homer looks at the night sky when his mother left.

WegZurHölle : whats the music track name in the aurora part?

ikagura : Darn I want to go there only to watch the aurora now...

InSpace : Can't top this steamed hams

David Ellrich : This is so great! You steamd a good ham.

GerryWeber83 : Only 3.000 clicks? Shame! This is over the top awesome

SolycCandy : I just skipped the real aurora borealis part just to get faster to the next scene out of the house. lol

The Fresh Prince of Beijing : This is beautiful, goes above and beyond the call of meme duty, and is SEVERELY underviewed and underrated

ada b : what a plot twist