Chang’e-4 landing (Onboard Camera View)

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SciNews : Chang’e-4 landing explained Chang’e-4 lunar mission China National Space Administration

Moon Jae-in : USA :Does the leader of CNSA have a daughter ?

Locky Locky : This is so COOL! I've never seen a landing like this, NASA never shows us their landings (or maybe they do but, I've never seen it). Is not that I don't believe that they have gone to the Luna or Mars but, I would have loved to see the landing of some of their robots. Thank you CNSA for sharing this beautiful experience.

Marc’s Fx : I’m just waiting for the comments for ......... 1) "NASA is fake" even though this is not NASA...... 2) Where’s the stars? Even though we all know the suns glare is so strong it cancels out the starry sky... 3) The moons not real, this was filmed in the Gobi desert!……… 4) Space is fake...... Just some from the flattards because this is even more evidence the earths not flat..

Anglosaxon : Excellent, well done China!

nirrec : Now that's one of the best films on YouTube, the lander did it's job perfectly

冯玉新 : 谁配的音乐,看我不打死你哈哈哈

Navigator : There has never been as much human activity in space as in last few years. Hopefully mankind will put aside war games and invest more in exploration of space.

Xiaoke Ding : The moon surface is like a see craters, then closer you see smaller craters, then even smaller really can’t tell how far away you are from the surface. No size reference

AJ Alvarez : It’s time to plant rice on the moon!🤪next is Mars!🍚🍙

Chandan Sinha : Ok, that Chinese background music made it much more awesome. Amazing feat!

J D : BGM给跪了

Alexander Agayan : Chine is a great country and great people!

Cristiano Resende : Congratulations, China! From Brazil.

zhenye li : literal meaning of the charactors: landing preparation - main decel - quick adjustment - approach - hover & obstacle avoidence - slow descent - landed also, the music instrument in bgm is called Erhu.

Qian G : 就是,这个音乐听着我好揪心 😂

PastelComGini : Now we're talking. Real footage.

Tom Brown : Congratulations to China for doing what no other country has managed to do before! Hopefully this will motivate the human race to renew their interest in space exploration.

paulo domingues : Perfectly done. Congratulations!

Jay Legacy : It looks so peaceful, great video

CONTACTLIGHTTOMMY : Great achievement for China. All you Faketards...please drown yourselves.

Bill1986 : 视频好棒但这配乐配的好闹心,起反效果。弄点扬琴琵琶或者古筝再配轻缓舒适一点的音乐多好,拉的让人脑壳痛。国内发布者不能以自己的喜好就乱配乐啊,航天是专业的,配乐不专业就交给别人或者干脆不弄也行。 修改:我错了,不是国内发布加的。是这老外加的。。品味真TM好,无法接受

Eric SCH : perfect landing. The dust stirred by the air injection did not cover the camera.

voongnz : Pretty cool other than the music.

Dave _ : Congratulations CNSA!!!! We're very proud of you!!!!

harmeet sidhu : Stunning and background music is awesome 😍😍😍👌👌👌

萧大宝 : I don't know why some people feel that China's progress is a step backward for the world. Maybe they have China as an enemy forever... Or maybe they didn't plan on being friends at all. By the way, has China ever waged war? Have invaded other countries?

Tom Ryner : It most likely isn't, but it Looks like a rough landing. Sturdy stuff must be. Well ESA and NASA, where are you? If you don't keep up, the Chinese will have men — & women — on the moon in no time setting up the first Lunar base. They are that good.

SmashVeteran : I like how they added Chinese music just to ensure that there was no confusion over which country’s probe captured this footage.

驱除鞑虏统一中国 : great video.

GIMP : China numba one!

Franky Tan : Congratulations for successful moon landing. Hope they can display firework for this coming Chinese New Year.

message : I don't know Rick ....looks so real!

Alan Qiu : 壮哉我大天朝!

Joachim Voldseth : Very firm touchdown :)

Jun Cecil : proud to be Chinese

Toussiff W : Well that was great job... but isn’t that landing too fast considering moons gravity. May be wrong as I am not an expert in this things.

ivan ivanov : Looks like Kerbal Space Program.

Dmitry Slyschenko : Vertical video! They screwed the smartphone to the moonwalker?

Xiaowei Chen : 中国加油!

Robert O'Neill : Beautiful precision, wonderful clear footage. Thank you for posting.

On : beautiful. congratulations for chinese amazing achievement from korea. loving you :)

Scorp / emc2 : From France, Good job China !

Jeon Koh : good viedo,

Ben Fan : Good job! China 🇨🇳 & collaborating countries👍While they put a lander and a rover on far side of moon for serious exploration, US politicians are still fighting over the longest government shutdown...and a wall. seriously?😓

Bruce Wayne : 楼上的大娘大爷们,给口饭吃吧,我饿呀!

Zhilin Zhang : Well done, China! China Go Go Go!

Сергей Берсеркер : Great job! : *Beautiful landing. Nice music too !* It's the moon landing moment for the plants. There were growing seeds in the experiment box on that lander. The seeds did grow. The plants were lonely. We must send more plants to the moon :-)

Jim Miklas : 10/10 China!