CRYSTAL PEPSI Employee Training Video (1992)

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After over 15 years in the Consumer Time Capsule vault, here it is... the Crystal Pepsi employee training video! This VHS tape was released in late 1992 to coincide with the national release of Crystal Pepsi. There's two distinct parts of the video: an introduction to the product and sales role plays for distributors. For more on Crystal Pepsi, check out this review that I made for the 2018 re-release. The video features a full product history, complete with all the original can designs, plus a blind head-to-head taste test vs. regular Pepsi: If you're interested in this kind of stuff, please subscribe to the CTC YouTube channel. We have already uploaded 500 commercials from the 80s/90s and reviewed over 150 new & limited edition foods. New content is still being added every single day!

Comments from Youtube

BradTheProducer : The Vaporwave scene is going to be mining this video for screenshots for years to come.

Legor MW : All the kids will be clearly hooked on crystal!

apachette07 : It's 2:47am. I took 2 melatonin HRS ago, and I'm eating a honey bun watching this.

Ryan Harvey : "wow, that's a cola in there. i wanna try it!"

Ryan Harvey : "it doesn't taste like any other clear drinks that I've ever tasted. it's got a different taste."

Bigcubefan : "Be around for a looong time" :(

Safou Rgardpa : M O R E S A L E S & I N C R E M E N T A L P R O F I T

Polska Diamond : I'm drinking a Crystal Pepsi while watching this video, satisfying as hell..

s alvanip : *STOP TAPE* This is seriously going to do gangbusters.

CrytsalPepsiGuy : Bring back crystal pepsi please!

freon : Bless you for sharing this to the world.

DHEvil : I love this channel.

Zap Rowsdower : I see this and remember the SNL parody with the clear gravy.

Profane Gaming : "My grandmother isn't doing so well." "I understand your concern for your grandmother. Thinking less about her and more about crystal Pepsi means more sales and profit."

themastersb : "You'll make buying crystal (meth) easier and more convenient than ever for your customer."

Ryan Harvey : give it up for the thumbnail game on this vid

Ryan Harvey : STOP TAPE

EstebanP : Congrats Bobby Big Shot on the 1 thousand mark.

Dbeaumont Resident : The L.A. Beast brought me here!

Greg : A light beverage that has low sodium, 100% natural flavors, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no caffeine? I must have died and gone to heaven! ;-)

Ender Running : 1:05 Crystal meet the Crystal its the modern stone age family.

jon butler old : 9:20 and 9:30 you can just faintly hear the director saying Action, this is a well put together tape

Sam @ L E : Good times ! But today's Crystal Pepsi taste different than back in the 90's ! Today's Crystal Pepsi are heavier than the original,and makes my stomach hurts,it has more sodium !

Legor MW : Stop the tape. Yeah, but.. more profit and more sales.

Orion Sperandeo : This vid and rollplay is so cringy. Love Crystal Pepsi tho

Alex Saab : Mmm invisible cola

ronjon83 : Congrats buddy! I hope LA Beast sees this. ๐Ÿ˜

Noah Gaal : STOP THE TAPE!!!

Aiden Binns : Its just kinda sad that they dont have them in 2 liters or cans anymore. And they dont make the diet crystal pepsi anymore.

videox222ify : I remember Pepsi Clear and Pepsi Spice that they sold around Christmastime.

Papabear STV : We. Need. Chadtronic.

Wide One : "Certainly not a flash in the pan." "Guaranteed it will be around for a long time."

Daniel Motley : "Times are tough now, I just don't think Crystal [Pepsi] will sell in my store." Dude, it's the 90s. If you can't sell a can of Pepsi to somebody, you need to get out of the business!

Chillinous the Villainous : I like Crystal Pepsi, probably more than normal Pepsi. I'm glad it's back

Obeyance DeKat : NO: Artificial Flavors Preservatives Caffine And low in sodium! *Looks at the modern version hes drinking as of writing this* Preservitives, Artificial Flavors, fairly high sodium... 63mg of caffeine/20oz ...... FUUUUUUuuuuuuu What pepsi should do... is a Crystal Pepsi Throwback... make this shi just like they used to. It was better then tbh. Real sugar please thx.

DiskSystem : 4:40 My man Ryan Gosling looking good!

Mitchell Holladay : Crystal Pepsi โ€œhaha... no jimmy... the crystal doesnโ€™t mean crystal meth.โ€

Oqsy : Pepsi might be the most consistently โ€œsquareโ€ company in history. Astonishing.

Matthew Britton : TUBULAR!!

butts : i rUn A sMaLl iNdEpEnDaNt GrOcErY StOrE

MosinDisciple : Merchant: I have a concern about doing the thing. Pepsi rep: I understand your concern about doing the thing. But you should do the thing, because there will be *More Sales and More Profits*

cokewar83 : the 90s are calling, they want their Crystal Pepsi back

Albert Wesker : "Wow that's a cola in there.... i wanna try that"

PAIN : Estetik ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

ArkOfDarkness : Crystal Pepsi may be good and all, but when it comes to beverages, my go-to choice is still Hot Drinks - They really get you goin'.

dcy123 : I miss All Sport

J S : It's all about the dat clear Crystal baby... Said Walter White

wheelzwheela : But is it here to STAY?

Tim Wiley : I adore this!