CRYSTAL PEPSI Employee Training Video (1992)

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skippy62able : Amazing throwback!!!

BradTheProducer : The Vaporwave scene is going to be mining this video for screenshots for years to come.

Ryan Harvey : "wow, that's a cola in there. i wanna try it!"

Ryan Harvey : "it doesn't taste like any other clear drinks that I've ever tasted. it's got a different taste."

Polska Diamond : I'm drinking a Crystal Pepsi while watching this video, satisfying as hell..

Bigcubefan : "Be around for a looong time" :(

Safou Rgardpa : M O R E S A L E S & I N C R E M E N T A L P R O F I T

Zap Rowsdower : I see this and remember the SNL parody with the clear gravy.

s alvanip : *STOP TAPE* This is seriously going to do gangbusters.

DHEvil : I love this channel.

Bagsy : Great, why can’t I seem to find one anywhere?

EstebanP : Congrats Bobby Big Shot on the 1 thousand mark.

Ryan Harvey : give it up for the thumbnail game on this vid

Ryan Harvey : AWESOMMMMMMEEEEE. FINALLY, I can see the inside of my label.

videox222ify : I remember Pepsi Clear and Pepsi Spice that they sold around Christmastime.

Aiden Binns : Its just kinda sad that they dont have them in 2 liters or cans anymore. And they dont make the diet crystal pepsi anymore.

Noah Gaal : STOP THE TAPE!!!

Dbeaumont Resident : The L.A. Beast brought me here!

wheelzwheela : But is it here to STAY?

jon butler : 9:20 and 9:30 you can just faintly hear the director saying Action, this is a well put together tape

Alex SAAB : Mmm invisible cola

TekoMuto : Pepsi People

Murat BURUL : Estetik 👌👌👌

CrystalPepsiGuy : Bring back crystal pepsi please!

ronjon83 : Congrats buddy! I hope LA Beast sees this. 😁

Greg : A light beverage that has low sodium, 100% natural flavors, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no caffeine? I must have died and gone to heaven! ;-)

Ryan Harvey : STOP TAPE

Eddie Miller : And then TaB Clear killed it.

Ender Running : 1:05 Crystal meet the Crystal its the modern stone age family.

Pulse of Positivity : We enjoyed it then and Thanks to LA BEAST for Helping the return of Crystal Pepsi !! Skippy62able \m/ the MAN !! The return came and went and now I think it has disappeared from shelves once again. But, this video was Awesome memory bringer

thenormalyears : crystal pepsi is awful too lol

J S : It's all about the dat clear Crystal baby... Said Walter White

TimeWanderer : 5:10 The confidence they had in Crystal Pepsi is so comical! It's a great, unique look back at what Pepsi's thought processes were, but I can't help watching this as if it was made today as a parody of an old training video. I especially laughed at the last part of the video where store owners expressed their concerns about product placement and sales. In hindsight, these concerns rang so true.

Star Gazer : Not sure about anyone else but I’m more of a coke fan I and never drink regular Pepsi cause I don’t enjoy the taste,But on the other hand I enjoy the shit out of crystal Pepsi when it’s out for a limited time here in Canada...I,wish it would just stick around permanently...✌🏻😎

Daniel Motley : "Times are tough now, I just don't think Crystal [Pepsi] will sell in my store." Dude, it's the 90s. If you can't sell a can of Pepsi to somebody, you need to get out of the business!

btay64 : Bless you for sharing this to the world.

Random Fandom Trash : I’m drinking crystal Pepsi as I’m watching this, and it’s making me feel like I’m back in the 90s!!

Zack F : Glorious!

Jamie Rabinowitz : I have tried it more than once it tastes like Sierra Mist

Lock In : Where is crystal now, huh?

someguy23475 : I remember trying Crystal Pepsi as a kid. It was awful. They actually briefly brought it back a couple of years ago.

MG LG : I'm drinking Crystal Pepsi right now as I'm watching this.

Gabriel Guzman : Bring back this crystal pepsi

Max Headroom : Google "clear coke" for some more consumer goodness.

Michael Edgar : interesting how every response involves reminding of the profit.

DiskSystem : 4:40 My man Ryan Gosling looking good!

J Donnelly : LA BEAST!!!!!!!

dcy123 : I miss All Sport

Jesseon : It's finally here. And it's so good.

J Collado : Thanks for uploading it