Nut Milking EXPOSED

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Elemenopy Cuaress : Thanks for sharing. Nut milk can be a hard thing for some people to swallow, but they just need to learn to take it on the face value. I'm not ashamed to admit that I milked my nuts to this video. Hell, I've milked my nuts to worse. I, for one, would like to see a day where fathers and sons can come together and share their loads of nut milk with each other freely. It's a great source of protein. So let's start the revolution! Everyone grab your nut sacks and drain them until we've flooded the market and given dairy farmers the shaft!

Oscar Laurie : Milk is what I have with my cereal/tea/coffee/chocolate. I drink almond milk with all those things... so it's milk.

Devyn Fowler : As someone who grew up in southern California where the monarch butterflies migrate and eat the milk of the milkweed plants, I consider milk to be any white milky subtance. And apparently the dictionary agrees with me.

Douglas Ripsom : I would like to put in my two cents at this time. This video strikes quite close to home, since I happen to be the proud owner of a 200-head herd of cows of Magnesia. These beauties are very even-tempered and easy to care for, despite the main problem of keeping the dairy clean...

The Trash Man : I've milked my nuts every day since the age of 13

Aaron Aveiro : 😁😁😁😁

Jon Ruedy : One of the best videos I've ever watched

InsecureWifi : Tyler Duffy for best lead role.

cowman1970 : I had a similar idea floating through my head but you beat me to it. I would've loved to done the acting role for this video :)

Guillaume Bourgault : It happened to me several times: I wanted to buy butter, but I accidentally bought PEANUT butter! I'm so mad at big peanut lobby for having usurped the butter controlled appellation.

Azoo Cola : It's still gonna be called milk regardless. This is similar to when the supreme court legally made a tomato (a berry and a fruit) legally a vegetable. It is 100% based on money, because that's what runs the world, greed, not common sense.

Kvitnifr : its milk

crackfiji42 : It's an example of the dumbing down of society. If you can't read the word ALMOND before the word MILK, then maybe you should take a hammer to your cranium.

Artux : Prohibiting non-dairy drinks from including the term, like in the EU, is a ridiculous submission to the dairy industry. As if anybody would confuse cow milk and nut milk. Funny video by the way :D

DreamShakenBake : This really activated my almonds.

Emma Vegan : I love this video so much. I love almond milk, soy milk, all kinds of plant based milks! <3

Becky Dickerhoof : An extract from nuts is just that an extract. Milk is produced by lactating mammals.

David Weinman : It is only the dairy industry and their allies that are truly concerned about what to call plant milks because of their fear that plant milks are infringing on their bottom line. The rest of consumers understand the difference between plant and animal milk be it canned coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, or cow juice...uh sorry, cow milk. Same thing with plant meat, cheese, or other compassionate non-animal based foods. In any case, language and definitions do change as time and society changes with producers needing to change too to keep up with the times. As a dietitian, I will continue to call plant milk, cheese, butter, meat, etc what they are (with little to no confusion from patients or consumers): milk, cheese, butter, meat, etc. My request, please stop trying to confuse people with nonsense about what to call almond or soy MILK.

Brian Wheat : No one wants your blood and pus infested cow juice anymore. Good riddance dairy industry

deweys : BEEEESPOKE!!!!

Traveler2112 : HAHA!

midnite8lue : I prefer oat milk, but almond milk is the best, of course. Nuts are underrated. Nice film, made me so laugh. And I hope no almond was harmed in the making of this. X ) ;)

Chip per : LMAO! I was eating milk duds while watching...

john thompson : Brilliant 👍

LordApocalyptica : To answer the actual question at the end, I guess the bare minimum is that its somewhat white and has some sort of thickness/creaminess. Really though I've kinda always wondered why its not called juice, but I think at the end of the day the name has caught on so much its not worth changing.

Jb : i'm a happy nut too :)

abramsaw : Straight up milk

elvislivs1 : what i put in my cereal

Jason Hoffman : If it looks like milk and -quacks- tastes like milk and makes your cereal better than as far as I'm concerned it's milk. If you're sensitive about your weight but would rather argue about it than reduce your sugar intake, I can see it being an issue though.

Lundy Lundy : milking some nuts if you know what i mean

Vicki Taylor : Does the dairy industry really think we are so stupid we don't know the difference between cow's milk and nut milk? What about nut butter? Is that next? Man....they are really milking this issue for all it's worth!

ImAdhis : The dictionary has multiple definitions for the word "milk", including: 1) to extract or draw out (as in extracting liquids from almonds) 2) any liquid resembling milk ( specifically mentions coconut and "certain" plants) Maybe the dairy industry can start by having Merriam-Webster change the definition of the word "milk".

Cole Sarar : Lol. I love this video. What are we going to call milkweed? Coconut milk? The milk of human kindness? Horseflies aren't horses at all! Dogfish? Catfish? Tigerbalm is neither for nor of tigers!

Pete Zelchenko : This is "funny" in its pomo way -- but if someone paid a consultant to cook this up and a director to produce it, you should get your money back. It is in the genre of artisanal irony, but it is just too overworked to fit well there. Yes, we got the joke in the first 5 seconds. A three-minute stretch is fine, I enjoyed it a bit. But it is a waste of time and money: soy milks, nut milks, etc. are milks. Regulators won't be persuaded by parodies like this, it just confuses the question. (Assuming this is a true political issue, which you don't make at all clear. Congratulations to The Onion and other pomo humor sources for making a standard of watering down real.)

Barry Dale : Milk comes from lactating animals. not nuts.Try and sell your almond based product as almonds, on it's own merit, if it has any. Don't try to confuse the public, about it's origins

Lyle Edwards : If cow's milk is so bad, why do nut juices want to use the term?

bliglum : I noticed ever since nut milks started getting popular, the price of cow's milk has plummeted... Guess that wasn't enough to stop the sales decline, so now they're trying the court route eh?

Deb Lynne : I'm thinking there are three reasons it's called nut milk. Because it is whitish like milk, it is used as a milk substitute, and if we were to call it nut juice that would just be weird, and frankly a little gross.