Nut Milking EXPOSED

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The Trash Man : I've milked my nuts every day since the age of 13

Andulamb : If almond juice self-identifies as milk, that's no one's business but the almond's.

Allison Carpia : This must have taken a long time to film. With all the retakes, from cracking up laughing.

Guillaume Bourgault : It happened to me several times: I wanted to buy butter, but I accidentally bought PEANUT butter! I'm so mad at big peanut lobby for having usurped the butter controlled appellation.

Eric Thornburgh : We used to use Gerbils but they ate some of the heard.😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆

Samuel Seager : 2:00 ...male...and then eats it. Hilarious!

Elemenopy Cuaress : Thanks for sharing. Nut milk can be a hard thing for some people to swallow, but they just need to learn to take it on the face value. I'm not ashamed to admit that I milked my nuts to this video. Hell, I've milked my nuts to worse. I, for one, would like to see a day where fathers and sons can come together and share their loads of nut milk with each other freely. It's a great source of protein. So let's start the revolution! Everyone grab your nut sacks and drain them until we've flooded the market and given dairy farmers the shaft!

Cole Sarar : Lol. I love this video. What are we going to call milkweed? Coconut milk? The milk of human kindness? Horseflies aren't horses at all! Dogfish? Catfish? Tigerbalm is neither for nor of tigers!

Steph ASMR : Funny that the dairy industry never get mad about peanut butter... almond milk must be seen as competition for them to want to change the wording

Joseph Lucas : I say just let "milk" become a generic term and require everyone to label what kind of milk they are selling. Almond milk, soy milk, cow milk, goat milk, etc. That will clear up the supposed confusion.

watchgoose : the juice inside coconuts has been called "milk" for how long now?????????

ImAdhis : The dictionary has multiple definitions for the word "milk", including: 1) to extract or draw out (as in extracting liquids from almonds) 2) any liquid resembling milk ( specifically mentions coconut and "certain" plants) Maybe the dairy industry can start by having Merriam-Webster change the definition of the word "milk".

Vicki Taylor : Does the dairy industry really think we are so stupid we don't know the difference between cow's milk and nut milk? What about nut butter? Is that next? Man....they are really milking this issue for all it's worth!

CyberdelicXP : It's called" almond milk" because no one will drink "nut juice"

KremitDeFrog : this is just wrong.. their peanuts need that milk so they can grow up to be big and strong, maybe even surpass their almond parents and achieve for walnut greatness..

David Weinman : It is only the dairy industry and their allies that are truly concerned about what to call plant milks because of their fear that plant milks are infringing on their bottom line. The rest of consumers understand the difference between plant and animal milk be it canned coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, or cow juice...uh sorry, cow milk. Same thing with plant meat, cheese, or other compassionate non-animal based foods. In any case, language and definitions do change as time and society changes with producers needing to change too to keep up with the times. As a dietitian, I will continue to call plant milk, cheese, butter, meat, etc what they are (with little to no confusion from patients or consumers): milk, cheese, butter, meat, etc. My request, please stop trying to confuse people with nonsense about what to call almond or soy MILK.

Douglas Ripsom : I would like to put in my two cents at this time. This video strikes quite close to home, since I happen to be the proud owner of a 200-head herd of cows of Magnesia. These beauties are very even-tempered and easy to care for, despite the main problem of keeping the dairy clean...

Katherine Spencer-Howard : Almond milk IS a milk because it's a suspension of fats/oils in water, an emulsion, like mammalian milk. That's my amateur opinion and the naming makes sense to me.

Oscar Laurie : Milk is what I have with my cereal/tea/coffee/chocolate. I drink almond milk with all those things... so it's milk.

Azoo Cola : It's still gonna be called milk regardless. This is similar to when the supreme court legally made a tomato (a berry and a fruit) legally a vegetable. It is 100% based on money, because that's what runs the world, greed, not common sense.

InTheFleshInc : How he did this with a straight face is beyond me...

DreamShakenBake : This really activated my almonds.

19fran85 : Started watching this video been serious, half way i started to feel confused i was not able to understand what was happening my face started to twitch and my brain when blank for a second and slowly my brain started rebooting and i started to understand that this video wasn't meant to be serious. ...😂😂😂😂😂

Robert Schilling : Mother's milk is the bestest of all ....because it comes in such cute containers!!!!

Devyn Fowler : As someone who grew up in southern California where the monarch butterflies migrate and eat the milk of the milkweed plants, I consider milk to be any white milky subtance. And apparently the dictionary agrees with me.

Artux : Prohibiting non-dairy drinks from including the term, like in the EU, is a ridiculous submission to the dairy industry. As if anybody would confuse cow milk and nut milk. Funny video by the way :D

Julia Richards : If they make the nut industry put some absurd indirect name on the almond product I pour on my cereal, do they think I will quit writing milk on my grocery list? If the container in my fridge has some dumb substitute name on it because of some absurd marketing war, do they think the recipes will quit using the term soy milk? Treating us as if we are dumb is not going to make us start to accidentally buy their product. We either want a dairy product or we want something else, whatever it is called.

jayy see : Hilarious

Emma Vegan : I love this video so much. I love almond milk, soy milk, all kinds of plant based milks! <3

Kerri Morrison : Yo, dairy industry. You guys seem really scared.

bliglum : I noticed ever since nut milks started getting popular, the price of cow's milk has plummeted... Guess that wasn't enough to stop the sales decline, so now they're trying the court route eh?

Fluffy McWhiskers : The reason this is funny is because it's absurd. Virtually nobody goes into a store thinking almond milk comes from an animal. As if nut milk brands are being deceptive, trying to steal clout tokens from the dairy industry. You can substitute cow's milk in your cereal, brownies, whatever, for almond milk. You can't do that with orange juice. Calling it nut 'juice' would nudge it away from being used as a substitute for animal milk, which is its intended purpose. The goal of clever viral marketing campaigns and like policies is quite clear: Nut milk brands are cutting into the dairy industry's market, and they won't have it. "According to market research group Mintel, nondairy milk sales, including almond and soy milk, increased more than 60 percent between 2012 and 2017, while skim and low-fat dairy milk sales dropped over the same period." Trump's FDA has also tried to force these measures, ostensibly due to the fact that cow milk and plant milk is likely to have different nutritional content. But isn't that the point of nutrition labels? And furthermore, haven't consumers always needed to use discretion when deciding between different types of cow's milk, such as whole, reduced fat, fat free/skim, lactose-free, organic, etc? It's no different in the case of plant milk.

Jerri Kohl : Almond milk is the worst non-dairy milk you can drink (still much better than cow's milk, of course). Don't forget, there are many other plants than almonds, or even all nuts, that you get get milk from. Soy, rice, oat, flax, coconut, hemp, sunflower seed, and peanut (a legume, not a nut) milks are all available commercially, or can be home made (as can pumpkin seed milk, which gets rave reviews, or any other seed milk). And for other nuts, cashews, macadamia, pistachio, pecan, hazelnut, Brazil nut, and walnut milks are available commercially, or any other nut milk can be home made (pine nut milk, etc.). It turns out that commerical almond milk is supposedly only 2% almond, and mostly just water. And keep in mind that it requires more than a gallon of water to grow just one almond. So, it's not very good for the environment, even if it doesn't contain much almond.

DD Riot : Before I hard neg on the rhetorical point, i concede this was a very entertainingly put together piece of media. "Nut Milk" is linguistically sound and rolls off the tongue better than "Nut Emulsion. For that matter, if producers couldn't say "milk" on the box they wouldy just switch to "drink" and lose absolutely zero market share. For real- even if there was no nut milk, vegans and all of the other dairy separatist would still be straight up eating cereal with water or apple juice or some shit; there is no outcome where a befuddled customer buys the incorrect product and switches teams. furthermore, no outcome where an exclusively nut milk customer magically transforms into a cow's milk customer just because of some ill informed semantic complication. it's government interfering in the free market just to upset an entire customer segment; weird and perfectly bad business. does not bring new customers into the fold or repatriate lost customers.

downbntout : Now that about 5% and rising of the fluid milk marketshare is going to alternatives, Big Dairy has its panties all in a twist. If it weren't for the saturated fat, foreign protein and animal cruelty (after I saw heifers get dehorned at a sale barn), then I might go for a bit of ice cream

Marc Ten Low : "What's the similiarity between a cow and a farmer?" "Both love their own nuts." At Save A Cow Foundation we look after cows; we don't touch their nuts. Please stop paying for the rape, enslavement and murder of dairy cows. Do what you like with your own nuts, but leave the nuts of udders alone. Thank you. Please support Save A Cow now. Join Save A Cow Foundation on Facebook or message me to support: my foundation...not my nutterings.

suburbanbanshee : The phrases "almond milk" and "almond butter" are older than this country, and the ingredients were extremely important to medieval cuisine. Hispanic and German cuisine in modern times, too. This is a funny video. But tying it closely to politics ruins the fun.

RideWyoming : Genius! It's ok to call it milk, it's called milk in many different languages.

Jon Ruedy : One of the best videos I've ever watched

Jaqen : Did big dairy pay for this? Or is it just straight parody?

pilgrim985 : Almond “milk” can be called milk because it can be substituted for animal milk and it’s super easy to make... 1) Soak 1cup of almonds overnight in water 2) Drain water from almonds 3) Blend almonds in blender with 4 cups of water, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon sea salt for one minute 4) Strain liquid using a nut cloth bag into a container 5) Chill liquid in refrigerator 6) Drink almond milk, delicious! It’s that easy! IMPORTANT!!! ALMOND MILK DOES NOT CONTAIN THE IMPORTANT AND VITAL NUTRITION OF ANIMAL MILK OR HUMAN BREAST MILK! IT IS DANGEROUS, EVEN LETHAL TO “SUBSTITUTE” ALMOND MILK FOR ANIMAL MILK ON A NUTRITIONAL LEVEL!

alfwok : The dairy industry is grasping at straws as they lose more and more business each day. Cows milk is horrible for your health, cows, and the environment. Save a cow milk an almond.

Earthling Sky : I am happy that we are stopping the exploitation of innocent beings and our wonderful planet... GO VEGAN!

midnite8lue : I prefer oat milk, but almond milk is the best, of course. Nuts are underrated. Nice film, made me so laugh. And I hope no almond was harmed in the making of this. X ) ;) : Stifler's mom is the best nut milker on the planet.

Norman Nolt : Hilarious! Incredible! Well done! Best side splitting 🤣 in ages

Kigy Kabark : How come when I milk my nuts my arm gets tired and I feel tired and hungry I must be doing it wrong I have not learned the art of milking my nuts properly.

Jim Ivey : WHO KNEW?

Pursuing Peas : When I saw those almonds in the milking machine I was caught off guard and coughed so hard I couldn’t breathe Great job!

Myndboggling Skwurl : Best damn video I've seen since 2014. Thank you Mr Nut Milker, sir. Your attentiveness to the emotional state of the nuts at the time of milking is incredible, and shows in the deliciousness of your nut milk. The sensitivities of their udders goes unknown to many, but not you. I can almost hear the chirp of happy nuts as the milk coats my insides. You, sir, are the real hero of modern life. Thank you