Nut Milking EXPOSED

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CyberdelicXP : It's called" almond milk" because no one will drink "nut juice"

Axiom Ape : *T H A T' S A H A P P Y N U T*


Samovar The Russian Water Boiler : How appropriate for this to be recommended on YouTube in the middle of No Nut November.

mateo : *I* *milk* *my* *nuts* *every* *day*

InTheFleshInc : How he did this with a straight face is beyond me...

Team Player : I believed this until I saw the milk machine.


Gilamex : "I'll show you a nut nipple." ...That's enough internet for the week.

Justin Carnes : I just did some nut milking this morning.

Elder_God : Omg this is so damn funny😂😂 i dont understand how this man keeps a Straight face and 'nut' burst in to laughter😂👌🏽

UGNAvalon : By “exposed”, i was expecting scare-tactic hidden camera footage of newborn male almonds being ground up into almond crumbs. Not this Big Nut propaganda about so-called “cage-free almonds”!

bqgin : I like my almonds free range

The main cause of warps in all of reality : *This pleases the nut*

Min Yoongi : So inhumane, those nuts should be free range and living in the wild like God destined them to be. They have no form of self defense.

Sherlock Gnome : Hahahaha really thought this was real for a minute

xjitz : don’t forget to always eat the male nuts

Drone Soldier : Wait a minute! THIS ISN'T CLICKHOLE???

Bernardo R. Feitosa : I found this funny, as a vegan, because things like this actually make me support more "nut milks", since you show why it's so harmless, clean, and healthy. I didn't expect the title card questioning "nut milk" as a legitimate debate, but I'll still support a video like this that might make people question where their milk comes from... As a different counter argument to the association between lactation and milk, I think we could also ask ourselves if people who drink it should be called babies, since that's the only phase that mammals actually drink milk... If you're not a baby and you keep drinking it, why call it milk? You're also disrupting the "natural" order of things, especially by taking it from lactating females from other species...

HelixMaster12 : No almond milk for me this month, it's no nut November.

A Drum Tsukumogami : It's called masturbation

Yoda Man : learned how to milk nuts from his grandfather? sounds like a hell of a guy.

Nzpure : You've inspired me, i'm going to become a nut milker... I just read that and i regret typing it...

Steph Lewis : *_Phrasing_*

Wild Man : OMFG really... LMAO I'd think few people would be lining up to drink nut juice 🤣

Breenud39 TV : *They want to be milked. You'll never see a happier nut than a milked nut.*

Web Dev : What defines milk for me is that consistency. I would definitely consider almond milk almond milk and not almond juice

Colton Breving : It's milk enough for me. I just think dairy Farmers want to avoid calling it cow's milk to differentiate it from nut milk because it reminds people of where it actually came from and who wants to remember that when they are drinking the milk?

EweChewBrrr : My celebrity status doesn't lactate either but I'm going to milk it for all its worth.

issa khodur : I'm more of a coconut milk person

Mushpop mushy : ... *laughs like an immuture 5 year old*

Jaza124 : Mil Kama Mil Kama what?...... Milk a ma nut

1.3M views : I've milked my nuts every day since the age of 13

Nep : as someone who is lactose intolerant, almond milk is awesome for me. i see it as milk because it tastes like milk, just without the fat and with an almond flavor. and it doesnt give me immense pain. so what if almonds dont lactate. almond milk helps people like me (and vegans) drink milk and makes us capable of making products with almond milk supplementing the dairy milk

Faggot : Recomended now?

Geovenox : Nut milker

Tiina Allen : I think milk just suits the substance better. It is white-ish and creamy, not clear-ish and watery like most juices. This is an extremely basic version of my thought.

Allison Carpia : This must have taken a long time to film. With all the retakes, from cracking up laughing.

Jacob Martin : This is great.

default with 13 subs : Nut milking lmaoooooo 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

X Thriller : My teacher showed us this is class i was in the back laughing my ass off

Toxic Killer : It busted

Andulamb : If almond juice self-identifies as milk, that's no one's business but the almond's.

Duble Gee : I thought this was porn at first.

Alexis George : It’s a nut not a pet

Blame David : It's alright now to nut milk it's December

Shannon Hill : I was wondering how they got the milk out of the almond now I know

Uriah Siner : _Feel the essence of the nut._


Dylan : I milk my nuts too