Norm Macdonald on his Battle Axe Wife! LOL

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Pedro Matamoros : I can watch this over and over... "You dirty dog!!"

Max Robbins : Its like Rodney Dangerfield came back from the dead.

Ian Maguire : Doc she's choking!

TheMillerMilitia : *laughter echoes throughout the apartment*

shane higgins : my favorite part of this clip is when Andy puts together the joke about modern medicine and is having a giggle about it. norms one of a kind

Abdul Aden : 2:20 omg 😂😂😂 I just love his reaction

siukong : 2:26 Conan's face. He knows what's coming. :D

farmers daughter : My favorite Norm bit

MastodonManiac : This clip is the only anti depression pill I need.

D Bo : good stuff. Norm's the best.

Corey Schnedl : "Fair Use" Kappa


journeyman2003 : Who the hell would thumbs down this? Ohhh liberals/Democrats

Markus Magnon : Watch "Talk to Her" by Pedro Almodóvar, about two woman in coma. That is all you wanna know about the movie. Don´t watch any trailer or read the story on wikipedia. It is a great movie.

John Fitzgerald : Very funny kel .i went to tbe doctors and he told me i was too fat i said i want a second opinion he said ok your ugly too.