Grocery Store Stereotypes

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King of Spoops : School stereotypes -The bully -The nerd -The athlete -The drama queen -The club guy -The "Forgot his homework" guy -The strict principal -The substitute teacher -The field trip -The rage monster -The chaperone -The pop quiz -Sleepy Sam -The friend -the cheater -The try hard -The late guy -The chatter -The school dance -The short guy -The tall guy -The school photo -The essay There's some more stereotypes Hope u enjoy! :)

xEndrMinecartGamer : 1:58 ummm Garrett I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.. 1 like = 1 avocado saved

The Office Fan : To show you the power of Flex Tape, I sawed this court in half!

the73rdBanana : Who else watching this in 2019? Edit : thanks for the likes

Laughing Jack : I'm Mr Expiration date, One trip master and Cart Rider 😂

KVN : How much money did it cost repairing that gym?

Tristan Shand : Tyler you took rage monster too far. That is why I love ya

Kayla Kiker : Once I was the lost guy bc I couldn’t find fruit snacks and I had to call my best friend and it took me 45 mins to find them! WHO PUTS SNACKS W/ CEREAL?!?

Jen Lushbough : Cody: I’m gonna need more tape! Me: What?

Justin Blackman : 3:57 am I the only one that thinks the eggs dropping to the floor sounds satisfying

Luke Whitfill : Is anyone else wondering why they wasted money on destroying the court

Princess Jay : Anyone ever think about how much money they spend trying to fix the damage by rage monster

Brandon Ebrall : Watching Dude Perfect in my Bed Eating Biscuts Oh Yes

Drew Kelly : 2:40 Hey what, my express lane is only 12 items smh.

Kilster Kenny : People must think ur crazy 😜

Kamran Thomas : Types of people on the airplane C'mon guys this is gold

1000 subscribers with no videos challenge : I’ve always wondered what would happen if one of them started laughing during rage monster and they had to do it again!

FeeG cubing FTW : 4:12 when you lost at fortnite

Elliott Day : Rage monster is the funniest but most painful part to watch in these videos😂

espben360 : One trip master, mr expiration guy, and the hungry shopper 🙋‍♂️

The Ice King : Man the rage monster went a little too far this time

10,000 Subs with no videos : 3:57 *HowToBasic wants to know your location*

TH3 RAV3N : Cody should've been the nice guy who pays for the next guy

MrMudkip 18 : I am totally the "One Trip Master," except I don't drop the milk.

Gökhan Tulum : 4:01 The way he kicks the popcorn!! 😂😂😂And that sound when he kicks!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

R.G Game : How much money you guys spend for making rage monster's scene???????

Chip : I always have cart problems And when I dont have cart problems Im the cart rider

Do Justin : Rage monster: MY PUDDING DESTROYS EVERTHING Kid in Africa: WTF Kid in Africa left the chat

Laura Hernandez : Garret 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the apacado

Gachaplayer 3659 3659 : One question: have anyone ever met someone like this?

Priscilla Horton : Are you guys renovating the court.. uhhhhm. Dats cool 😎😂

Delirious Demon doodles : Sweating because you haven’t seen the basket ball thing and you’re in the comments

Andrew the Man : I feel bad for Garrett what happen to his amazing hair 🎏

Clark Isidro : Reasons to Watch Dude Perfect's Stereotypes 1: The RAGE MONSTER! 2: Number 1

Mtb Kid : I Am Going To Tell You Who The Best Person In The World Is Read the first two words Jk

TS : Dude idk why I’m so mad about them destroying the basketball court anyone else?

Garrick Pearson : I haven’t seen an H.E.B. In FOREVER!!!!

AhmedproYT : The real question how did they fix the court?

Eli Lindahl : You should do 2k19 and NHL19 AMD the show 18

Nico McNaughton : R.I.P basket ball court destroyed by rage dude

AJD2310 : You guys HAVE to make videos on how you fix rage monster attacks 😂

Muhamad kher Alrefaei : LOL.. nice video guys, im like Mr. Cartless (Careless)... hahahah just grabbing one thing. THANKS😂👍🏻

Dipta Bormon : Love from Bangladesh dude 😍😍😍😍

V FAM : Cody says "I never freeze" 6:00-6:10 "Did he freeze?"

__ Creenberg__ : Do either a NFL draft stereotypes video or an Amusement park one

Noah Alexander : I think the wheel of misfortune should have “clean up rage monster”

Shiwei Ye : How did thay fix all of it in the gym

Cally Hawk : The “Mr Expiration Guy” is me XD

windex wiper : 0.0000000000001% random comment 99999999% complaining about the basketball court