Cute Porg Parade - ポルギュパレード (MitchiriNeko March Star Wars Animation)

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Devon Palmer : This is how ep 9 should end

aurora likes lemons : My stuffed porg and I are very pleased thank you

Ben Schaal : Why am I here

Munchea : *the video that no one asked for, but needed anyway*

Spooky Skeleton : I saw all your little Easter eggs, the rock, chewie, captain plasma, BB8, Rey's staff, and the milk on luke's beard.

Electric Quin : leaked footage of the ending of solo

Emmanuel Esparza : The only person that made me like the Porgs for three minutes.

Antonio 2 : Humanity has always strived for excellence and now that we have it There's only one question .... Whats next

WaPepe : I keep thinking of the staff role from sm64 everytime I hear the beginning of this song

Enzo Animated : The new Disney world parade

Coco Bishop : It's beautiful 😍😍😍 Thank you for making such a cute and wonderful piece ♥🎉

Thy Lord, Arceus : This was cute. Also, Last Jedi was good.

Swiggty Swoo : Waffen SS march commenced in France to show German victory. (1940 Colorized Film)

Mei-Ling Godfrey : i found myself aggressively dancing to this

fsd ASD : I don't get why everyone complains about the porgs so what they don't do anything not every little thing in a movie has to do something

Prince Cookie : If this video isn't a reason to subscribe I don't know what is

MessireLie : Waiting for a remix of the song with the porgs's cries

Dorge Dungle : I ain't gay, but these lil porgs are cute

Concentrated Cringe : Praise be to the Porgs!

Deachuu : makes me want to play Loco Roco 2.

Renegade Rummy : I cant believe you've done this.

Drhives : Then there is that one guy carrying a fish...

gus lennartson : 1:22 Bayblade, Bayblade let it rip!

BrickFlix 624 : Love how there’s a Luke with the blue/green milk on him, then a porg holding a plate of fish and another porg holding B.B.-8 also ghost Yoda and those weird maids! Also I just noticed a Porg dressed as an Ewok!!

Mara Lannan : This really lifted me up when I was having an awful night last night, thank you so much for making this.

Little Fish : This absolutely made my day!

Cliptoid Gaming : Lol who saw the porg with captain plasmas helmet XD

Binyot is Here. : If you guys didn't know this is a big parody.

Piano Shark : you know your faith in humanity is depleted when this shows up in recommended videos

じゃばりちょにcれs : It is related to star wars, so under my soul contract with Disney I am forced to say it was the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Just An Edit : *_Aww_*

Gruffy0_0 : I can't stop watching this > . <

Zach Jones : I understand why God hates us

hackboi gaming : This is so cute i gust love it

Branch : When you get bought by Disney

Steal Deoxys : So fricking cccccccuuuuuttttttteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Larsson : I don't know what this is but I fucking love it

Applesauce 101 : Now, I have the will to live.....

Gabriel Moreira : So cute

Lucas Fryman : Can we just get this instead of any other Disney Star Wars movie?

Mr.Pat : I hope someone who doesn't know what Porgs are and has never seen the original Cat Parade video finds this.

Sinistar : I may not like this movie as much as the others but I do love this parade it's so cute

Art llama 579 : I just watched a guy put clay on himself but this helps me

KinglyPeasant : They are on their way to ruin your trilogy.

VGG Brayden is awesome. : 1:07 That Porg on the left doesn't look right... *DID HE SHAVE*

BlackEpyon : Eh, why not? We had the Ewok celebration from RoTJ, let the Porgs have their day.

xXInkxMachineXx : lol mickey mouse on the big drum.

Derpy Unicorn : VR Chat beware

Pao Lah : *chewbacca growls of cuteness*

IvanFigger : Lol