Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

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avarmauk : "it is a thing of beauty" slices it in half with a chainsaw.

AstronAl : 5:56 hi Duck! How did you get up there?

Andrey Ostryagin : 4 years later, I’m still waiting for a video about plate tectonics...

Ida Thomsson : Whoever it is who keeps animating the TARDIS in these videos, You are fantastic!😍

Stereotypical Brazillian : I dont believe in popcorn *grabs god* Did i do it right?

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : Planet Earth is this solid thing you are standing on right now. In your everyday life you don't really waste a thought about how amazing this is. A giant, ancient, hot rock. How did it come into existence and how big is it really? You will be surprised. The ground you are standing on is just a very, very small part of the big picture. THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME YEAR YOUTUBE! :D

Minecraft & Roblox : I knew it! The dinosaurs didn't go extinct! They burrowed under the surface to create the secret dinosaur society!

Philly 737 : What kind of people would leave 1K dislikes on such a high quality video.

Nadrev Wat zit toya : Realizing how small the biggest mountain and the deepest trench are makes me realize my own size... when will I grow tall?

Mr. Clorox McBleach : "And,Admitted,It is a thing of beauty" **Slices earth in two pieces using a chainsaw**

Flasheriso : This is so much better than school

Nejc Petan : It’s a real miracle that all those things happened so life could emerge... or did life just adapt to the environment? Maybe our kind of carbon based life isn’t the only form life can take. We’ll see in the future 😃

AstronAl : 1:08 that little planet is Theia!

Jean Louw : Animation is in 2D, therefore earth is flat . Confirmed by Kurzgesagt!

Gamer 4life : want to hear a joke? GOD

Koizumi Hanayo is Weaboo Trash : How to stay up late when studying a test: 1. Open YouTube. 2. Watch one of these videos. 3. Make sure it questions your existence, your importance in life, etc., etc.. 4. Sit for a second, let bake till crust becomes golden-brown. 5. Continue work. Boom! You've just stayed up late! Warning! Some side effects include: Apathy, depression, restlessness, unwanted thoughts, etc..

The Gaming Cookie : E X T R A T H I C C

Alingalan Paul : And now i want to be an scientist hope i can make it

FroztByte Gamer : creationists be triggered.

Ackirb : The music at the beginning worked so well ...and even better at the end

Strikade : You've taught me more science than I've learned in school.

Ty The Weeaboo : Our planet is... THICCC AF


? ? : 1 thousand dislikes are creationists

50SPEEDX : Still waiting for that video about plate tectonics

HenryCGS : When aliens discover us, our presentation to them must be this video

Lonely Vagabond : "we are really lucky" Not really, Its better if life never existed.

Leslie Baker : this channel is my favorite, no contest.

Aaron Jackson : Can you please do a video about it is NOT possible for the earth to be flat, I'd love to hear your insight.

Thor Hagen : Why was this linked in a game I am playing any affiliation with the game called deep town ?

Raajveer Sokhi : This channel is amazing! Better than boring school lectures

Lu Na : flat earthers go out

Adam Titterington : Tardis spotting with kurzgesagt

Ducsmutter : I think your information needs to be updated, because newly found bones indicate, that humans developed in their modern built around 300.000 years ago.

Billy Andrei Sibayan : Well thanks to god

Bungtan : Are we not gonna talk about the secret dinosaur society?

HANAZO : OMG. We are so lucky!!

Inverse Education : Love the music and animation. : )

Juanito Perez : i love the earth

Samuel63462 : all dislikes are form people who think when earth is flat XD


A R Art lines : Good work guyz!!

Justin Lo : I am a fan of yours

Parz1val : 2:43 It's been 3 years....

Pepethor : "Since we create things, univerese must be created by someone as well." is the most primal logic we can use. We are in the 21. century people. We know lightning strikes are not because of Zeus or Thor, time is not relative because of Chronos, rain doesn't fall down because of Chaac, we know that stars are not candles on our planet (according to quran)... We know things can happen without a person(god) doing them. It's just very egocentric world view that everything must be done by someone, because only humans can do things. That is just not right.  And the worst part is, when you think that way, that things happend because of a god, your curiousity vanishes. You think you know how it works. But most of us are curious anyway, so that we can put away our superstitions, then we go out and find out there is no god on Olympus, behind the clouds, or behind the stars. We learn how universe works, improve the quality of life on earth, not with dogmas, but with science.

AlexandGabe Brown : I was brought here by the game "deep town" anybody alse?

Curlzforlife77 : Where's that plate tectonic video? Its been like 4 years buddy

Not My Real Name : Thanks In A Nutshell for all the time and love you put into your videos.💗💖💓💞💝💞💖💓💞💞💞💓💗💗💓💞💝

The Internet Police : Hi, you're on a rock floating in space.