Fallout 76 Compared To Other Fallout Games
Fallout 76 vs Other Fallout Games rYouTube Haiku X Post

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Ever wonder how Fallout 76 stacks up against the other Fallout games you know and love? (Since fallout 3 at least) Wonder no more! Follow us on - http://www.Facebook.com/rmaprod Apologies to Bethesda


garrett540 : Lol you absolute madman. You wrote this and filmed this and edited this, last night didn’t you? How much sleep you get?

Silvershadnic : This needs to be trending.

Rich Alvarez : Huzzah!...... 3 hours late! haha

edmg7 : "Just collect some junk...oh and get ready to be robbed in real life, we're not protecting your personal information."

Oldschool Flareknight : i mean.....he’s not lying lmao

TheChaosRuler Yes, Chaos from Deviantart : Richie, the same awesome man as I remembered from 2012 x3

Rebecca Rhean : The "yup" at the end kills me each time

Kyle The Pug : This is pretty dead on 😂😂

garrett540 : Also, Richie never said ‘Huzzah!’ Probably because he’s sleeping after manic-filming a spontaneous sketch ... So here I go ... Huzzah!

DualADuel : OMG this is so good

Rebecca Rhean : Hahaha salty af I loved this! Really missed your skits. Also you do really well in this short format. Hopefully this vid blows up for you.

TooManyVoices : Never played a Fallout game but this is pretty funny

Mark Keller : I do like collecting junk. Well played 76, well played.

Rebecca Rhean : I shared to tumblr as always, but that place is a dumpster fire at the moment so I dont know if itll get any traction there. Will try Twitter as well.

Chris Wolf : Ha, that was good, glad I stumbled onto this.... So true

Wingsong5555 : Well, I guess that's one way to describe the games. XD

David Howley : I can’t wait to get fallout76 for Xmas

Mary Pearsall : This is awesome but it makes me want more Fallout Elwood.

FarukanPaunch : Golden work Rich! Simple and Funny!

Razzman Khaliff : Sick burns Rich, sick burns. So legit.

Keeneye47/Wolfkeen : Then there's Fallout 1 and 2. FO1: I'm looking for a Water Chip. "And yet you still may not succeed in saving your Vault in time from a looming threat" FO2: I need to save my village with the G.E.C.K! "But can you save the entire wasteland from the Enclaves reign of destruction?"

Kingston Channel and Modder 69 : Amazing

Derek : Holy crap haha haha 😂 😂😂😂

Mooberto : Compared to other fallout games 76 isn’t as good but am I the only one that doesn’t hate it with a passion? Although the video is still funny and accurate.

MysticJ : Basically yeah😂

KokiriKid07 : Oh...

The L.A.G. Team : Pretty much spot on lol

Tommygunyeah : Never played fallout 76 I see lol

RhythmGrizz : I roll with gangs for chweny dollars frommona

RhythmGrizz : Great vid Rich

Mr Meh : Ha

The Empty Theatre : Love it

Omega Plum : Fallout 76, doesn't really hold up with the others, but if you enjoy games like Rust and Ark: Survival, this game is pretty good. Even better if you enjoy both types of games, because this is essentially a Rust type game that is Fallout themed. Also fun with friends. Also, I don't get why everyone is complaining that the game keeps on crashing. EVERY FALLOUT GAME CRASHES.

SiNiSTeR_GRooVeS : It’s as bad as they say, huh?..

NitsuaGamer : Hehe