"Dark Magic" - Venom Trickshots IV: Ep 1

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Venom Trickshots : Who else is excited for more episodes?? :)

Nomon Munir : the girls definitely make it a cooler shot ;)

Venom Trickshots : Thanks everyone!! If you ever have any shot idea make sure to comment :)

HarrY TV : I swear just came here for the pool trick shots....

Anisahi Gharpure : Are you even a human?

Yash Bhole : u r awesome.....When are u coming to INDIA for your trickshot show we all are goddamn exited.😊😊😊😊😊

aver : Nice shots

Ñäßáß Âmír : I knew that you do not have a YouTube account. I know that today. I'm your big fan....I saw ur account in dude perfect....

Marcos Lopez : Hey man great vid bro! Saw you in vegas for the 2018 apa championships!! Wanted to say high but was to busy playing!! But i can now say we got 9th in 9 ball lol!

Erin B : Awesome shots! Love her shoes.

YOGI EMPIRE : you are genius .....

Vasu Watts : I Love ur episodes. Don't get stop to put more

TheBeelzboss : Wow, very impressive. Your lovely wife told me about your videos, we work in the same building.

Gagan Mahato : OMG Unbelievable Trick Shots

Flipping Gamers : Any one have socks on like

joão gabriel 8bp : I dare you to make a ball hit the white and fall into a pocket

MontExTiger : After every single video I say: "No, he did everything, which is possible on a pool table - he can't create new shots, masses, ect." - in that case, I love to be wrong :D Great job, good luck Florian for next vids and of course can't wait to be "wrong" again xD lol

SUPERSTROKE : wow,you got game son :) nobody comes close to you're creativity florian.glad to have known you before you were the best trickshot artist in the world.550 k subscibers....pretty nuts compared to the old days :) keep progressing.

elis : Wow

CoyoteEnix : Didn't know you worked on that stuff. Looks very impressive! Especially sound and shiny balls. Tricks are insane. Almost. No, really.

im Tayyab : But how......🤔🤔

张镇辉 : nice

Aleks i prEateli : hmm Are you play 8 ball pool by Miniclip :D

games forever : You are best

Gario : Best

يوميات كرار البصراوي : واااو روعه

king singh : It is super cool

DinoGaming : Unbelievable

Love Birds : Good Job Keep it up 👏👏👏

Overwatch Skill : Yes! more trickshot videos!!!


Afsar Xd : Superb

flix : Amazing!

Nikola Maodus : What a beautiful girl great trick shots


HOW TO DESCRIBE : OMG this is not possible

Jeferson sarapa : Cara como VC faz isso afs

Faris Ahbar : BEST POOL PLAYER in this World.....

Amaan Amaan : I am!!!!!!!

Random Stuffings : The ONLY thing and the lesson I have learned by this guy and this channel is that French guys know how to get the girls........Honestly

Azznite Productions : Never fails to amaze me every shot leaves me speechless

juha mo : Omg awesome dude you have insane skills👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Baghya Lakshmi : Ur birth with pool wt

Pasc LCH : Another incredible vid. Thanks

Abdullah Khan : Wow

parth mehta : Yay venom trickshots 4 is finally here

Super5152 : Yooooo get out of my mind bro

Gaming with Sparsh : I have One advice for uh. Never ever play 8 Ball Pool for God sakes.. [ U will tear it up]

Jason Papadopoulos : How😭

Nunak91 : Beautiful! And tricks are amazing too.