Scholastic Book Fairs

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Slimecicle : Hey guys I don't mean to brag or anything but I totally have the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records if anyone wants to come over and read it with me

Monk Killedababy : They had these in the US too? I thought this was some weird Canadian shit... wow.

ANGames TV : *"who came from Pewdiepie's vid? "comments incoming..*

The Everything Nothing Show : Bro, Piewdiepie listed you as one of the channels he watches that everyone should be subscribed to. Congrats on the shout out. Been watching you for awhile. I hope you really blow up.

Stephen Cantarero : This channel is the existential embodiment of nostalgia

iDubbbzTV : Nostalgia is oozing from this one

Why You Bully Me : The 9 year olds have arrived

LookItsLuke : “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” book was the shit also

Devin Wirgart : am i just a nerd or did anyone else actually go there for the books and not everything else

Oscar Pegler : I am here from PewDiePie

Jobel Thirty1 : Scholastic book fairs AND flash games? Dude youre going to give me a nostalgia overdose one day

xjaylist : i purely subscribed for the shout out song at the end 😭

Ric Fam : I literally used to just cram quarters into an envelope just to buy shit because I was so poor I can't even use bills lmaooooooo

Star Cherry : The chocolate calculator!

TheAwsomeOne520 : 9 year olds assemble

Samurai JackOff : I remember those invisible pens.

Rowan Evans : You grew up only a few miles from where I live.

12th Ranger : Loved that little bit from Lego Island in the intro

RedKite TCM : Here from pewdiepie

Xorem : Hey just came to say I came from pewds okay 👋🏼

Mother's Basement : Thank you for bringing my childhood back to life


FruityPebs : You forgot about dude diary.

popstarprincess123 : This man speaks the TRUTH the glorious TRUTH

10,000 Subscribers with two videos? : Nakey Jakey, are you constipated, or are you just being held captive?

Richard Noggin : I remember buying a solar powered calculator that had buttons that smelled like chocolate... My book fairs were weird.

Tay Sings : You forgot about the puppy and kitty posters 😂 c'monnnn

BuddhaScotch : Looking through that multicoloured Panflet is a feeling you can’t explain I’ll tell you hwat

Conor McGullam : You think you can just slip that madvillain sample past me at 1:42 when you said madlib

AWESOME bOb : I'm here because of Pewdiepie

adarsh sirsat : Dude this video so random, didnt expect this. Just like the....scholastic book fair.

heyBiz : I bought graphic novels

TheeLeg3nd : It used to be the ones who got there the earliest... got the world record books In other words, the early bird got the worm...

Haylee Kendrick : u does the shoutout song in the end go hard tho😂😭

Demon Raptor : dude these edits lmfao! this brought back so many memories, thank you. new sub here.

Explosive ? : The posters.

Arvin Aguilon : OOPSIEDOOPSIE brought me here

Kentucky Fried Children : 2:43 goddamn jakey that's some clever writing

Dovid Stern : Came here from Pewdiepie. Was not disappointed. Instantly subbed.

MVPdetSTRIKE 110 : The spy pen is childhood my friend wrote the f word at ma school and the teacher found out after someone snitched.

EZScape : This is how I got access to Shonen Jump magazines. Scholastic basically turned me into a weeb.

Dimitri Yakushev : pretty sure the shoutouts are my favorite part of the video

LastWaltz123 : That laughing sample at 1:45, when Mad libs get mentioned, i swear thats a sample from a madlib track. Operation Lifesaver from Madvillainy

Kevin Velasco : Hey I liked Croc 2 but Lego Island was better so... cool

DarthYan : Why was he not on YouTube Rewind 2018?

AmyOverby : i remember some kids would roll up with blank checks from their parents, that was such a flex man

Cybêr Puňk : came from PewDiePie! & SUBBED! :)

JimyNutren : I wish I still lived in South Dakota becuz it doesn't snow here

MISPLACED : hey brother pewdiepie shouted you out You’ve been deserving of more subs for a while I hope it helps Thanks for the great content as usual