Scholastic Book Fairs

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Slimecicle : Hey guys I don't mean to brag or anything but I totally have the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records if anyone wants to come over and read it with me

*Good Vibes* : Kids who wear AirPods< kids who bought the Guinness Book Of World Records at the Scholastic book fair

Isaiah The Comic Book Boi : We all know why you went to the book fair... To get those books with Lego figures in them!

A. Diallo : Scholastic Bookfairs may have been utterly random shit, but god-damn, don't tell me I'm the only one who always eagerly got the newest Captain Underpants/Diary of a Wimpy Kid book the moment the bookfair started every year.

Rokkfel : ...anyone remember being that one poor kid who wentvwith the class to go see...but you can only really look amd skim through stuff

Niner Empire 9 9 9 : No ones talking about the erasers that looked like $100 bills

Gillbrit : Remember those overpriced books that we buy just because it had those plastic skateboards or something?

Fank_Dank : There was this poster for Pokemon that i have hanged up in my room to this day as a trophy. Now let me explain. Its a trophy because i didnt really want the poster but this kid really wanted it and i bought before he could get to it.

ducky flakes : also who remembers the Minecraft trainers guide they sold out quick

L O N E L Y H E L P : The book fair was like a black market for us back then for a kid .

Cunnilingus : We really all lived the same childhood in different households jesus

Jiro : They had video games for ur scholastic book fair?!

chipcheese studios : *has intense primary school flashbacks *

thekazookidsdas : does anyone remember those erasers that looked like phones or ipods

FruityPebs : You forgot about dude diary.

Baby Shenron : Damn I still remembering buying that Pokémon black and white book

Char S : never got those six magic words😔 pray for your fallen comrade

Pedro Gaming : Fun fact: The youngest person to lose their virginity lost it because of their Guinness world record book

JustChaseGhost : Anyone remember that one LEGO Ninjago book that has 2 LEGO mini figures in them. Everyone wanted that book, and it created unnecessary war amongst us grade school students.

iDubbbzTV : Nostalgia is oozing from this one

Masked Blaze : I was the kid who was given money by their parents then bought 1 captain underpants book and lied about the price so I could keep the change.

Jacob Martinez : I have always bought the invisible ink pens and phone erasers

Simply Sam : I remember buying a terrible 20 dollar MP3 player from the scholastic book fair around 2010 lol, it wasn’t compatible with anything so instead of downloading songs... I had to listen to the radio on it when I walked home from school 😄 good times.

Seth_is_dead : I wasn’t able to get the Minecraft handbooks because my teacher told me is was hard to read

Jobel Thirty1 : Scholastic book fairs AND flash games? Dude youre going to give me a nostalgia overdose one day

Sean the Challenger : To be honest..... I bought the books just to take toys.

hangman18x : I genuinely thought this was only a weird Australian thing until now

_Stealth_ _ : At my book fair we could buy exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh cards

Lee Gou : You were the real shit if you were able to even buy something from the book fair.

Richard Noggin : I remember buying a solar powered calculator that had buttons that smelled like chocolate... My book fairs were weird.

ProudestSheep : I bought Locomotion once at a book fair, and a Monopoly GBA game... Good times.

SNB Vlogs : Calls uplay the worst Origin *Exists*

Lycaon 1765p : I remember the book fairs. I miss those. :(

Lachlan Hill : The nostolgia makes me want to go back to 2009

matthewthegamer976 : Imagine stealing from the scholastic book fair...

elijahpepe : I have the World Records books AND the LEGO books.

Jons Offical : Overprice Stuff Inc©.

NoahPro : Lego Island 2 was a decent game I got at the Book Fair.

Samurai JackOff : I remember those invisible pens.

Temp : My bookfair is going on right now

[REDACTED] _ : I actually have my old cheat code book that I got from my school ;-; It's the 2008 edition if yall wondering

Ian Ayers : I didn't see the 25 dollar lego star wars book that kids only bought for the star wars guy

Namanewva : While attending a small catholic school in Alabama, I obtained a subscription to the english edition of Shonen Jump. It altered the course of my life forever.

AZMAH ATTACK : Chocolate calculator. I swear that was all I want from the book fair.

Vedant Bhardwaj : Alright fine go get my purse. This is very accurate.

WF4L : I think just browsing the catalogue was fun enough Cuz I couldn’t afford anything 😂

fortnite ninga : No more video games OR cheat codes in 2019 );


iBoyBeasty Games : Bro every time there was a new Diary of A Wimpy kid, everyone would jump on it.