Scholastic Book Fairs

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Slimecicle : Hey guys I don't mean to brag or anything but I totally have the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records if anyone wants to come over and read it with me

Wavy Stars : *Currently using chocolate scented calculator that only works in the sun*

Brittnie Truax : My best friend and I almost got suspended in second grade for “stealing” from the book fair. Our best friend/bully at the time told us to meet her at the book fair before school started, and she said she bought us these books and those two foot long erasers that look like spaghetti. We walked out and chased by the librarian because it turns out, our friend didn’t actually buy us these things. To this day, Sydney wherever you are, I’m still salty about almost being officially banned from the book fair for the rest of elementary school.

Professional YouTube Commenter : I remember having book fairs all the time at my old elementary school. And there was this eraser that looked like a mini iPhone. I never used it to erase things. I still have that eraser today.

Superhatman64 : You forgot the most prized item. THE BIG GIANT HUMONGOUS PENCIL

iDubbbzTV : Nostalgia is oozing from this one

cesar tellez : The only shit I bought was the invisible pen to cheat on my tests

Shane R : I feel like the only one who actually only goes there for books. I love books.

EyesLikeStardust : Scholastic book fairs made me depressed in elementary school cause my mom wouldn't buy me anything lmao

_ Corruption _ : One time at a Scholastic book fair, there was this book from what I believe was just called The Human Anatomy. That book was not. Ok. I learned what sex was the next day.

Samurai JackOff : I remember those invisible pens.

croissant : all the other kids at school would brag about their fancy dollar erasers and i was never allowed to buy any so i stole them i was such a *rebel*

Lilly : I always hated those when they came to my school just because all the other kids had money to buy books etc and I didn't. They would pick on me for it. Fond memories

Alex Grachek : I got a GTX 1080 Ti and a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 at my first scholastic book fair

LoveForTheLonely : To be honest I stole so much stuff from the book fair every year. Never got caught either, I'm not proud just confessing my sin.😔🏃👮

Richard Noggin : I remember buying a solar powered calculator that had buttons that smelled like chocolate... My book fairs were weird.

PlasmaFireStar : Good ol' cheat code books for PS2 games...I miss those days

ChimChim : I used to get so mad because my mom never let me buy the stuff.

jasmine hunter : i purely subscribed for the shout out song at the end 😭

Roy : I thought this was only an Australian thing, I used to love going through the catalogues looking at the spy gadgets that came with the books knowing damn well my mum wouldn’t buy it

Mother's Basement : Thank you for bringing my childhood back to life

Netarded Rigger : I still have my 1ft long pencil and my poster with a Lamborghini on it...

Shynderu : *_1 0 0 D O L L A R B I L L E R A S E R_*

Saturnian 24 : Yay! Let's go buy some overpriced books!

Fandom Universe : Goddammit my school doesn't offer video games.

_sick 0 : Scholastic book fairs AND flash games? Dude youre going to give me a nostalgia overdose one day

Heyitskana : I remember my 10 year old ass getting pissed at my mom for not getting me the long erasers

Shawn Marino : You forgot the phone erasers.

Littleman 123 : Omg this brings back memories lmao. We had it in grade 6. xd

Smoked Kabob : 1:25 listen to this with your eyes closed

adarsh sirsat : Dude this video so random, didnt expect this. Just like the....scholastic book fair.

ΛDZURE : Weird flex but ok

J Zanyk : By far the best seller at my school was the invisible pen

Political_Princess : This is so true. This shit was everywhere in elementary school.

The Tinykid : I recently had a book fair at my school and how is no one mentioning the multicolor pens and gummy bear erasers. Those are the greatest

AmyOverby : i remember some kids would roll up with blank checks from their parents, that was such a flex man

Michael Wright : I have not heard the word scholastic in years!! I loved going to the book fair when I was younger

Elizabeth : I remember the pens taht had little dog figures on the tops of them and I would always take the dog off of the pen and never use the pen

Ooferman : I was always too broke to buy there crap xD

Loompa Oompa : This hit home too hard. So much nostalgia. Everything you said was true.

Gus Johnson : bangin video alert

Hi, give me a handshake. : I have the catalog things and book fairs of scholastic and i have the catalog thing rn lol

liquid-nature : The harmonicas were mad nice, everyone in the class blowing all over it lol those were the days

gamerboylol209040 : I did find a handheld at my old school bookfair when I was a kid

• Loilie • : These were the definition of my childhood

Explosive ? : The posters.

Goremonger2 : Got Rome Total War from the bookfair, what a gem it was.


Qtino : I always bought the erasers that looked like books. I would never even get a book, it was all about the stuff