Doom 2 but all the sounds are replaced with my voice

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Jakesnake208 : Now this is the kind of stuff I signed up for

KaykeyK : I've never laughed so hard😂

TheKindKitten : *meep* I approve :3 <3

Cool Guy : Welcome back

Mark Weismann : The reload of the double barrel had me dead lol

Slawek361 : Imp "Yeaaah" XD

Slawek361 : LULZ, ZOMBIE MARINE DEATH SOUND, LOOK THE SAME ALMOST LIKE ORIGINAL XDD. What tool you used to replace original sounds? I need that :D

Scorpio : How do you make the edges darker

MikeMic productions : *spy snort sound intensifies*

Odin Gameplay : why

Rambutan The Dutch Angel Dragon : *Top 10 Anime series* (maybe no)

ffx fan : Nice, something new :D I’ll enjoyed getting my hand on this mod :D Just one thing though : the dying sound needs to be more « screamy » I can understand that you could not scream though :) Go for let’s play of your mods :) can even try some live on them :) Some mods with your voice that I’m looking for : -Updated Minecraft sounds (I know...) -Duke Nukem 3D -Quake -Rimwold (does not have too many SE)

SweetWheatsy : That item-pickup sound is so damn authentic

SweetWheatsy : Welcome back!

SweetWheatsy : Also... Did they just exclaim "Mein leben"? Goddammit lol

JaxonHazeVids : First

Duvmasta : This is great!

cool bison dude : dear r2bl3nd plz plz make a video showing all monsters with ur voice , i mean that end of doom game