BYU's Mascot Cosmo the Cougar dancing to Rolex by Ayo and Teo (Official/Full Video)

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Jason Mendez : So this is what soda does to you guys

Pandez Panda : This needs a million views...

kareem spearman : Who else is convinced that the mascot is the only black student at byu😂😂

Imperfect Angel : When a damn mascot dances better than you.

contagieux : I would love to know who the Choreographer is for this. Mad skills... !!!

Heather Dowling : Damn! That was awesome!

On the move : Mascot must be black.

Quinton Moyer : I was at that game and it was AWESOME. Cosmo has never done anything better than that and I attend a lot of BYU games. More background on this, Cosmo jumped in right as it started and it surprised us. But so awesome so watch.

Shane Johnson : Don't care who ya are, that was legit AF!

Maxine Wilson Wilson : That Guy if BAD! And that is for real. He dances his ass off in that costume. Boy, amazing.

spitupstars : All we needed was a little caffeine

L0L : Me and my friends at a sleepover...

Jason Daniels : Heat💯😌

kevhun1 : They did pretty good for some white Mormon chick's . I gotta give the cougar though he took it to a new level. He needs to go be a pro mascot and reveal hismself. He will be bigger than San Diego chicken etc. Mascots can make millions now. Cash in while young, then quit. In the next 5 or 10 yrs he can make over 10 yrs

Vince W : So BYU expels students for having sex before marriage but allows them to dance like this to an Ayo & Teo song 🤔 lol

John Jordan : that move at 00:37 - 00:38 is insane!

Justin Williams : The blonde hair girl on the left nearest to the mascot @0:18 killed it with them hair wips!! My gawd, best dancer outta the girls 👏🏽👏🏽💯

Ranger : Are mormons allowed to dance like this?

Alfredo Bullen : Dang

SPQR - : R.I.P. replay button

Anime Topic : Damn love that

JJA 2013 : Reasons why College Football is better than NFL

Khalil Wade : 😱🔥🔥🔥 This gone scalp a bish lol 😂 omg! LIT!

QUEENJGANG AND KINGJGANG : It looks like all is LIT💂💂👏👏💥🐯🐯

Michael Nickrenz : Caffeine is one hell of a drug

Laura Albiol : I thought this video was amazing so I decided to look at the comments to see if people thought that too. I've been looking at them for 10 min and I just see racist comments. Guys we're on the 21st century, you could be a little more respectful. (I lost a little faith in humanity while writing this).

satinmoons : weave snatched

Poopoo Bumbum : This is the best video I have ever watched in my entire lifetime I have watched this video about 100times within the past 3 days

J Drew : LOL this is great! XD

W2ATL : Outstanding! Lol! Go head Cosmo!

Jmc. : That mascot had one job! he killed it

Isabella Espenilla : I am living for this😂😂

Tiffani Morrow : Man I want to switch mascots BECAUSE THAT MASCOT IS AMAZING 😉

Krista Lee : Girl to the left of the mascot had my attention!

jadamaddev : That is not the dance and you skiped part's of the song

Ryan Adibi : This may be the littest thing of all time!

Azalea Miller : This is a drug...when I get home I want to watch it.

Vaughn S : Whats the name of the actual mix?

oussama l-star : wow

yonatan heller : 0:51 how can i found this crash as a sound effect?

That Cat Gaming : and i be sitting here at school giving kids hugs in my suit (not legit my suit its the schools)

Selena Pacheco : Is this a specific remix or is it a remix they made themselves?

UnDrewsual : Think you got moves? Try doing them in a mascot costume.

Jaz Corner : Does anyone know the name of the remix?

Sandrinna richelle : Ini jg ad di musically

SNNJ : That was lit af

Michel Ramos : Whose remix is ​​this?

Joey Coppersmith : What remix is this

Kalysta Briges : I met cosmo

gautham manoj : What remix is this?