BYU's Mascot Cosmo the Cougar dancing to Rolex by Ayo and Teo (Official/Full Video)

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Paul Crozier : This needs a million views...

Heather Dowling : Damn! That was awesome!

Jason Mendez : So this is what soda does to you guys

Cedric Hunt : Why y’all playing, the white girls were killing it too !! Haha

No Name : why ya Bullshitting?? Those white girls was dancing dey Asses off too...

Shane Johnson : Don't care who ya are, that was legit AF!

kareem spearman : Who else is convinced that the mascot is the only black student at byu😂😂

Kharamelle Kutenezz : When a damn mascot dances better than you.

Quinton Moyer : I was at that game and it was AWESOME. Cosmo has never done anything better than that and I attend a lot of BYU games. More background on this, Cosmo jumped in right as it started and it surprised us. But so awesome so watch.

spitupstars : All we needed was a little caffeine

Alfredo Bullen : Dang

contagieux : I would love to know who the Choreographer is for this. Mad skills... !!!

Maxine Wilson Wilson : That Guy if BAD! And that is for real. He dances his ass off in that costume. Boy, amazing.

marcopolo208 : This video is killing it in The Netherlands right now. On a website named Dumpert

Ashley Taylor : Get this guy on Ellen show

le sigh : Mascot must be black.

Khalil Wade : 😱🔥🔥🔥 This gone scalp a bish lol 😂 omg! LIT!

Anime Topic : Damn love that

Sahil Chaudhary : lit asf amazing and that ending is off the hook

Kalida Alnajjar : This is the best video I have ever watched in my entire lifetime I have watched this video about 100times within the past 3 days

Voicingspy Vlogs : did inside edition bring anyone here?


Selena Pacheco : Is this a specific remix or is it a remix they made themselves?

Joy Rys : holy shit, i have no words for how amazing this video is

Scott Barr : Also with front handsprings u HAVE too land with ur knees bent.Im a gymnast.

Makenna Thorpe : Why is this so funny 😂

Miss Caxyy : If i could dance like that u couldn't tell me nonin •gucci on mah feet•

oscarmonroy27 : 0:38 what is that little move with the arms extended left then right its fire 🔥

Shinki : They even got up in sync!!!! I can't even get out of my bed without difficulty😭😭😭

Justin Williams : The blonde hair girl on the left nearest to the mascot @0:18 killed it with them hair wips!! My gawd, best dancer outta the girls 👏🏽👏🏽💯

Alex Dahlia : I fucking love this

briankaratedude : Just WOW!! I am now officially a BYU and Cosmo fan!

Jesterx_66 : One of the few videos I like

Molly Casas : This is awesome, great dancing, Mascot and the girls

larry bryant : Them white girls know how to move, and the mascot jammin his or her tail off, to Kool!!!😀😀😀😀

DC : Real talk, imma Ute but them dance squads down south win like every damn NC... they amazin on the real

Tiffani Morrow : This mascot puts my mascot to shame LOL 😂!!!

kevhun1 : They did pretty good for some white Mormon chick's . I gotta give the cougar though he took it to a new level. He needs to go be a pro mascot and reveal hismself. He will be bigger than San Diego chicken etc. Mascots can make millions now. Cash in while young, then quit. In the next 5 or 10 yrs he can make over 10 yrs

Lemuel Metrillo : anyone know who remix the song?

TheRebuilt1 : That was all the way live! Go head playa

Evan Case : I heard they gave him his own dorm floor cuz of all the screaming from getting pounded

Meet Meet : LOVING THIS VIDEO. Cosmo, you owned it!!!

Hallie Roberts : I always flip out any time Cosmo does anything, but that was sO FREAKING LIT. The Cougarettes AND Cosmo??? Frick YES.

Britani Fazakerley : Me and my friends at a sleepover...

kay Jack : I thought Cosmo was just going to get up there and do a little spin!😂he killed it . Everyone did a great job.

Joey Coppersmith : What remix is this

FandomAdict : What remix of this song is this?! It's amazing and those moves are incredible! To be dancing like that inside one of those suits must be hell

Phillip Young : From the words from my 6 year old son...."Daddy, that was crazy!!!" 😁😁 👍👍Loved it!!! That scholarship is paying off!!!

Cj Ocampo : They are all sisters, well done fam

Krista Lee : Girl to the left of the mascot had my attention!