Amazing fall, Crosswind landings & thrust reverse B767, B747, B777, B787, A330

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chromebomb : cant get over that AreoMexico 787*9 paint scheme so amazing

Jose Luis Romero : dat AeroMexico livery <3

Kɾ ί ς ϯ σ ḟ ḟ : wow areomexico landing

Hussein Al Sayyed : Amazing catch, especially that Aeromexico 787

DjTruchas : Qué bonito ver a mi Quetzalcóatl volar otra vez

Bill Gates. : The Boeing 787/9 Aeromexico is the best.

locometall : Hermoso nuestro B787 Quetzalcóatl, de México, para el mundo la "Serpiente Emplumada"

Eloy Camacho : Great shoot of the Aeromexico 787 greetings from Mexico

BDQ-VABO Spotter : Superb video. TUI & Aeromexico were amaizing...,

Dhar Maitri : The AeroMexico 787 is beautiful! Great footage. Thanks!

Manolo Robles : Aeromexico plain is amazing 😍💙👌🏼👏🛬✈️

Gillian Tracy : Absolutely stunning video as always! True pros at their very best making it look easy in tough conditions. The AeroMexico 787 stopping on a dime and the Singapore 747 with a tough approach and landing are my faves!

Mr Peoples : Jeez... the 747 crew made that look so easy!

PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos : AWESOME! Glad i found this amazing video! :D liked a lot!

Andran Donan : he forgot to switch off chemtrails again

airjuneau : Amazing Compilation :)

Bill Meagher : Awesome landings.

Dave Glo : Fantastic video, of course! Why can’t the aircraft land on an intersecting runway to avoid these crazy crosswinds?

RampGuy1 : What airport is this?

Yannis Moutafis : Best of the best my friend.Congrats.

Jaguar79gt : 10:22 wow looks so nice :)

jc2354 : You were indeed brave and determined in spite of the wind and rain, to share with us a great video. Thanks.

Kanishka Dilshan : Just amazing!

Pichon de Piloto : What airport is this?

William García Sierra : Leuke video...!!

Casey Planespotting : Amazing footage!

CD 1 : Love your vids, any way to drop the i.d. banner a bit earlier? Or make them lower when editing? Thank you for making these!! Edit: anyone watching can pause to read the whole banner if they want details... they are such good vids that it's a shame to have anything covering them for too long.

mikeycbd : Brilliant

Rick Allen : Invest in a windscreen for your camera.  Way too much extemporaneous noise.

Jesper Rådegård : Very nice! Just love the 747! Thanks! :)

Erick SB : 4:33 AeroMexico Quetzacoatl

SKSA : What make and model of camera did you use please? Excellent quality , i need to upgrade my video camera and would love to know what you use? Thanks SKSA

Aviation spotting Germany : I can See my car in the background behind the Runway at 1:40 :D I also Filmed the ABC 747, the TUI 767 and the KLM 777 :)

Fran Mont : 4:33 an angel arrives. Jesus Christ XA-ADL is beautiful! Why can't she be human?

Kɾ ί ς ϯ σ ḟ ḟ : did your face get wet???

Chiaretta Croce : Super!!!

Steve H. : One of your best yet. That Malaysian Air Cargo 747 was all over the place. I love the outro, beautiful!

Dr. Perry Cox : Sorry to be a pedant but it is AM25 from MEX to AMS. The description says “MA25”.

Irish O'Jay : Wow amazing video

Mr Peoples : Great stuff as always! Keep it up. If you ever come to the UK, hit me up and I'll take you to my local airport EGNM (Leeds Bradford)

DFW Aviation : Stunning! The reverse thrusts with wet conditions create an amazing view! :D

valium1984 : love this! amazing landings!

CX807 : Poor voice quality

Captain Steven Markovich : Is this the polder bann

jelmerpilotHD : Super vette video man!

Pierre 1 : I love planes !!!!!!

flygwada971 : It’s not easy to filmy on a windy day at Polderbaan.. great work. Do you use a tripod ?

Tom Hanks : 哇,中国国际货运航空!

JetlinerSpotting SGN : Crosswind is very dangerous. The sound in this video is very clearly

M Gomez : Amsterdam?