Full Run Up Pike's Peak in a 900hp Porsche with Raph Astier and BBI Autosports (PPIHC 2019)
Full Run Up Pikes Peak in a 900hp Porsche PPIHC 2019

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Watch the full VHS Episode in the link below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqaWiqAvgI0 Subscribe!


Zach Benedetti : 20 days at BBI gets you a racecar and a record 20 days at Hoonigan gets you a Chem-dip moistened bolt and a tap and die kit

Brad Carpenter : 2nd overall! That's seriously impressive! The whole BBI team earned this win!

Jason Simon Smith : aw geeze dude - the sound of the whining straight-cut gear box is INTOXICATING !!

J.R. Beumel : Anyone else get some major anxiety as the video went on?

sickhead racing : Loved this series, any chance you guys could make an analysis video of this? Something that shows what the car and driver go through the run: how do power, boost, fuel pressure, temperatures, duty cycles etc. change with the altitude...that would be awesome!

The Life of Riley : I want MPH and heart rate on a real time overlay. holy crap...

James Shields : This should be re-titled as "An 11 min love letter to porsche drivers and dreamers".

TEE ROI : Wonder how much time he lost wit that go pro mounted to his visor n kept brining his visor down ova the bumps.

Allen SunnyD : 8:55 He notices the camera drops and fixes it, While going through corners. Dang lol

wolfgang mayer : This is what I’m talking about. Porsche it is.

ChaosEnigma1978 : Paved or not that's one scary course.

Zoomin Newman : You can really tell Raph is a rally driver! He was using every inch of road and in some cases the gravel!! Well done BBI and Raph

hillclimbracingfan : Congrats to BBI and Raph for new Time attack Class record.Given it was downed by 13 seconds,it wasn't broken,but completely shattered.Thouroughly enjoyed myself watching this beast tackle Pikes Peak and in Raph's driving skills as well.Editing of the video is done in such way that dynamic is not broken.Quite the opposite,it gives that more with great blending between onboard and outside shots.Fantastic piece of footage.Thank you for this great video.

Tony Chavez : And a dirt road for the finish hahah poor cars.

Cynthia Paniagua : Watched the 20 day build and impressed with the quality of the build. When I grow up, I wanna be just like BBI

P4D3N Schwarz : ein guter fahrer porsche motor,turbo und ein grade verzahntes getriebe besser vom sound gehts nicht. holy shit

Collin Hopper : Next year BBI figures out how to have the car increase manifold air density by altitude, so the car makes 900hp all the way up the mountain.

C.fresh _ : *I feel like the driver is the type of guy to have that one flawless unbeatable time trial on Luigi circuit.*

MP : you can clearly see he was favouring his life over taking the corners at the top to the max, I would do the same!!!! Nice driving!

Mickey Ji : These drivers are totally insane. Stay safe... great run

Imagine A World : Can we get a build biology of the driver?!?! Holy crap dudes a monster

Seth Wilcox : Breaks class record, but still takes the time to fix the GoPro on his helmet

Alec Fleming : Seen some of those close edges and lines right to the limit, I winced a bit... That's big balls!

Yt_User#911 : I assume that this car is turbocharged right? but it sounds really really good just like NA.

Rene Melendez : Wow! I was getting breathless as I watched. What kind of a setup is that on the steering that shifts the transmission? Confident, fearless and skillful driver!

Arnold Triyudho : You're breathtaking.. Spotify plays Fire Bird..

Alpha : The splinter scrapes gum from the road

Yesidoplaytheguitar : Man, the enormous weight of this guy's balls must count for some of the grip right?

cekmore Gato : I touched myself 😽🐈🔥🍻

Serhiy 123 : At first site to a noob like me it looks like he wasn’t squeezing last thousands of seconds. He definitely reserved some margin on error. Probably that could have led him to good result.

Trevor Johnson : Evehnting about this run is perfect!

D Rock 75 : Why would you edit any view into this other than FPV!? It was going along perfectly and then... You switched views! Why? And then... AND THEN... You even took away the helmet cam at Devil's Playground!? For shame, for... shame. Oh, and btw, BADASS car and BADASS drive up the hill!

Devon David : Yo, his line was excelent. He hit almost every apex dead on.

Dino Antonov : "welcome to the top sir"


g0ferboy : Pikes peak ain't the same without dirt....Try this with dirt involved.... What's the dirt record?

e36s50b30 : Sounds like a Mezger 🤔 Am I correct?

Matt Pish : bbiautosport + Hoonigan crew. Awesome. Nads& Dan served up some great footage. I live in CO and still did not make it again this year!

Dillon Nichols : That car is just beautiful inside and out. Amazing that it was built so quickly and performs so well.

David Rhee : Jay-sus that cabin noise is unreal... it sounds like a goddamn spaceship... or a podracer :D

Bill Phillips : Kinda boring compared to the days of dirt and gravel surfaces, going 100 sideways next to 1000 foot cliff, that’ll raise your heart rate👀

Brian Gilman : Congrats to bbi awsome build and record setting run to the top

Aussie Loads : Nice and even adjusted his gopro unit a couple times.

Mr. Chandler : Sounds like a TIE fighter conquering a mountain congrats bro!-

gnunard : At first I was really glad with the one camera approach, then the editor got blue balls. I especially liked the gravelshot @6:20. Really made an impact...

Agrie Mizan : I miss old dirt track🤣 and it will make all 911s sideways

dustin e : On board. Seems like a handful. From the outside. Just a smooth handling beast.

AcuraLvR 82 : His crankcase oil temps got pretty hot towards the top. Just imagine the rush if you were sitting in the passenger seat on those exposed switchbacks!

Stock Block Boost : Crazyness! Why does it sound like its misfiring toward the top?