Shark eats 140lb tuna off our line

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Alan : Hi Macyn Sprouse, I'm a reporter from The Epoch Times, an independent media company that publishes in 35 countries around the world. I would like to write a story about this video and I was wondering if you were the one that filmed this video. If so, I would like to your permission to edit and share this video, we will credit you if you wish. If you may, I would also like some more details as well; Where in Hawaii did this occur? What was the occasion? Who did you go with? Did you plan on releasing the fish eating it? What did you guys do after your encounter with the shark? Thank you

Taylor Heyman : This is incredible- it must have been scary! I'd love to chat to you about it for an article - please email if you are interested :)

Caters Outreach : Hello, I'm a reporter for Caters News Agency in Los Angeles. This is pretty amazing. Please email me at We'd love to make you an offer. Thank you. -Mark