They got Jalen rose too (malfunction)

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c : Detroit: Become Human

kingprotools1 : He was like.. "Damm I left my phone in ma girls purse"

Shartinaiya Alizaiya : *This dude nailed the mannequin challenge lmao*

Nicolas Garcia : “They got him too” 😂

John D : Lets be real if you watch the nba or any professional sports i would not consider you woke you are still a sheep end of story.

Jake Long : That dude was installing patch 1.04 on jalen.

Sulemagnificent : I wonder what happened to that cameraman. This was live tv during the nba finals. Thats too many viewers. I wouldnt be surprised if he got fired or worse (ended up dead).

Ferroお邪魔 : when you pause an online match.

Raven KS : Mk ultra... Disassociation, an empty vessel ready for a demonic entity to grab the controls.

Juson Voorhess : I didn't move at all while watching this. According to your logic, I am also a robot?

Veridian : He's just getting his battery packs fixed

Penske Material : I want to see the real footage

Unicorn Hunter : Dude more still then when the barber turn your chair around to shape up your hairline up

Official Infamous_GC #KingLibra : I be looking like that all the time i be in deep thought lmao

Kombucha Man : They’re not robots or clones. They’re possessed. L Ron Hubbard called it soul cracking. Thetans (demons) inhabit the body and can even cause the appearance to change. This is why Eminem, Dave Chappelle, and other celebs look like imposters.

Jon : looks like a glitched character in a video game

The Tough Group, LLC : And to think, some people believe spiritual warfare is a game. It's not enough that we can clearly see J. Rose is an empty shell. The demonic spirit that controls and inhabits his body (shell) is out likely running amok elsewhere. It returns when the camera lights turn on, ever so eager to deceive. J. Rose agreed to this arrangement in exchange for riches and fame (lost his soul). Our bodies are empty vessels without our life force, our soul. Now, peep when the brother sitting down gets bumped by the handler at 0:44. He rocks like a whole damn bowling ball pin! So stiff. So unnatural. Utterly demonic. Guard your souls fiercely my brothers and sisters. God's will shall be done.

German Diaz : Keep looking u can see he breathing

PaiN ExoTiC : Im no conspiracist but this was pretty creepy lmao. But I think he just spaced out tbh. Sometimes I do this lol

crazyaboutboxing ! : Looks like his enegizer batteries need a charge. Dude is definitely looking suspect.

lemon rancher : He looks like a card board cut out of himself

BrollydictCumberbatch Montour : He tried to root Jalen Rose but forgot to unlock the bootloader, so Jalen is caught in an infinite bootloop. Might as well get the new Jalen Rose 9+

Lee Calhoun : Ive seen wax statues with more life

WolfRageJC : Ok YouTube, I watched it.

Red Wolf : Calm down they were just fixing the wires in the back of his head.

Average Steve : Looks like a wax figure

CASINO BEE : The guy sitting down to his right .. Chauncey Billips frozen too

Oh Lawd : He was experiencing some "technical difficulties", lol. 😂

Alex Vincent : Thank you for recording this. This shit is too bizarre lol

Rickey Williams : Yall didn't know Get Out was a documentary? The white folks are coming for ya

Kenny 92 : pretty much how I looked while watching this video lol

Adam Buentello : Watch out they might get you for having this recorded

hydra_bley_2213 : It's so sad to watch this...

Tj Cunt : Jalen v2 operating, v1 was destroyed in 2009 in an "accident"

Pinoy 8D Music : Connecting charger please wait

Gles : lol everytime i see they got him too i just lol

Oshaanri : When he says "DAMN..." at the end of the video. I feel hîm

Mr Wallahi : Bru , His Battery Was Out, It wasn't A Glitch He's a RS-3000 They don't Glitch . xD

Ceaon Marlin : Mofo look like a 2k cut scene 😂🤣😂🤣

Eyema Duhmass : He's just having a horrible flashback from when Kobe dropped 81 on his ass.

Cc Cc : Jalen Rose has to rebooted after remembering Kobe dropped 81 on him

B 1 : Omg 😂😂😂😂so Rigth

Demetha Tucker : Check out the dude on the left he didn't move or blink either

Kelly Pagano : That’s a robot. Hahahaa

Anime Life : They forgot to turn on the blink button, and emotions lol; next time.

LeBron James : The dude on the left too was not moving ether lol 😂

Life path 9 : Basketball rigged like jalen rose

Joe Covarrubia : Lady on the right looks paused as well

Tony Zacarias : There's a lot happening in this world all at once SMH

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Rip jalen rose He will be remembered as a robot