They got Jalen rose too (malfunction)

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Ian Sheppard : Yuup. He's yuh nigga, I can tell by his skin.

c : Detroit: Become Human

Jake Long : That dude was installing patch 1.04 on jalen.

Jon : looks like a glitched character in a video game

Jaspreet Singh : I thought its just a dummy , is that a real guy ?

sadiebaby : he prob just zoning out i do that all the time

Alexander Phillips : Have a sneakers, you're not yourself when you are hungry.

dflowers30 : If Jalen Rose a robot....then is Molly Quierm single?

T W : Your commentary made me laugh

Reverie Marie : And people still sleep though...

Kenny 92 : pretty much how I looked while watching this video lol

deystayhatin314 : Make America human again

Khalil Hager : Joc that was more than a zone out, dude was getting a file installed in his brain lol

J 20 : "awee they got my nikka Jalen Rose, thats my nikka we from the same city" LOOL commentary tho

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Rip jalen rose He will be remembered as a robot

Veridian : He's just getting his battery packs fixed

luket1017 : Why someone gotta adjust his Mic for him

Carl Blacknado : Yo real truth, check out my lebron to lakers video i got it right before it happened

Seeking Him daily : His stomach wasn’t even moving (breathing).........

Carlos Lewis : I seriously thought it was some mannequin or one if those cardboard cutouts. That was too strange.

Anime Life : They forgot to turn on the blink button, and emotions lol; next time.

Vy Sharieff : How I look at my kids when we go over somebody house🤣 The you bet not ask for NOTHING stare #DetroitBornBaby

Shifu Careaga : So you never just stare off into space for a little bit while you think about something else?

Quan Williams : If this is true Gucci a clone frfr

SteveTKO : It look like he was possessed. But I didn't see any breathing either. I don't want to say robot but this isn't normal. When looking at the guy fixing his mic or the woman to his left he does look strange compared to the two.

Eyema Duhmass : He's just having a horrible flashback from when Kobe dropped 81 on his ass.

yo3rdstepdad : his free trial ended..

The Podfather : We live in a simulation aka matrix according to my high level mason friends

Symone Hathaway : That's Scary Asf I'm Shook 😱😨

ATLPOWERED Pete : A lot of y'all Ninjas been malfunctioned, go to Chicago or Baltimore where some of fam is from. My Uncle started/ did 32 on a Murder charge when I was 7 years old. I'm 44 now, my cousin is 1 year older than me, he caught murder charge also, all in Baltimore, Maryland ( Cuz been there now over 20 + years). Uncle and Cuzo was locked at Maryland State pen together, and my female Cuzo baby daddy was roommates with my cousin. So a lot Ninjas are off their program, or simply choose to move how they move. Me I'm a Rebel without a cause, don't fuck up, I calculate shit quick. I live by a code/family codes, period. I don't need to get you today or the next 10 years, but you will Not be forgotten about , in the meantime and in between time GUARANTEED. My Uncle and Cousin believe in Instant justice/ they will make you a ghost, no play play with them.

lemon rancher : He looks like a card board cut out of himself

00agent : _jalen.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close_

Sausey Ree : He Was Daydreaming

Steven Chen : And now your gone

Jacob Purvis : He got a big ass dent between his eyes, he definitely don’t look real in the face . He’s 100% still

The Rage and The Worst : 👀

Graveful : What if the NBA personalities are playing a practical joke on people?

al epic gamingtv : Lmaoo look at the next robot to the left of him in the shades

Astro Awesomeness : *They forgot to leave him on Auto-Control!* 😂 Nah but that's not funny... that's weird. 😐😪

Splashus Klay : Reminds me of Draymond during the press conference

Rey Co. : It's called the million miles stare.

Rhabbi Touchaboy : What do you think the video games mapping character faces and movements in the NBA games were being used for? Those characters are AI controlled that you play against. Now they've made them into robots here.

Jaxon Is Thicc : *vietnam flashback*

Yolanda Hatcher : And u know what... I was watchn a few old interviews w/ Michael Jordan, John Sally, Luther Vandross, Prince, an young Denzel W, I mean YEARRSSSS AGO footage before any of this was exposed & they we're all doing hand signals, body language ques & all... So crazy.

Harambe Jr. : *Battery Life: 45 yrs. before need of replacement.* So he’s good until he’s 90 after this battery change. 😂

daddyjankie : *Satans puppets*

VypeReaper : I think he is just zoned out. It happens to very intellectual individuals.

nawal10 : I do that too I guess I’m a robot 🤦🏽‍♀️...they were fixing his earpiece and he was just still for a few secs in his own zone so what

Luis XX : Windows 98 updating ...

juan twotree : "doesn't look like anything to me"