nutrigrain commercial
nutrigrain commercial

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Haru17 : This feels like a anti-drugs commercial that was lazily converted into a Nutrigrain commercial, and it is glorious.

Peyton Rosenthal : at 0:11 the guy is holding a pair of lacy, red, women's underwear... never noticed

Syntox : Cocaine Commercial.

Michael Ly : when did nutrigrain start lining their bars with cocaine? 

French Toast : Thanks chad, now I can die peacefully

Jesse Bates : nutrigrain now with more crack... think you chad.

Dalton McCabe : i've never done crystal meth but I imagine this is what it feeeeeeeeeels liiiiiiiiike

I Rosencrantz : I start my day everyday with watching this commercial!

StandbyRanger : Thanks Holly

Whsidom : that was even weirder than expected

Billy Hardy : Thank you. Thank you Chad

Effect Without Cause : God bless Chad!

K : Wtf WAS that?!!?! Chad & Holly. lol

Aaron Orrell : I seriously thought this was an ad for cocaine until the end...

GameCivilization : ty mark :D

Martín Cortez : Friendzone!!!!!!

dragonlord871000 : Dammit, this is on you mark!

GeoTheDerg : 0:29 other m in a nutshell.

Avery Mitchell : This is perfection. The perfect video. Totally nonsensical. Every beat and word is measured so well. Never again will something so holy grace this Earth.

Jod : No one expects the Spanish inquisition!

Lars G : is this leon kuwata

Titto 530 : Ha,ha! a old friend I used to know loved this comercial.

Brad Foubister : Kind of an anti-Nutrigrain bar for me. Looks more like a video on the affects of heroin. :-/

Siathuan : What the hell is in those nutrigrain bars?!

Kevin Rosenberg : Here comes the wienie army


Semiconductor Steve : Grey Crayon is nice

Nifaresk : The only thing that would make this better is the main guy being Nicholas Cage

DaBooker : Best commercial ever!!

Jake Hendy : What did I just watch...

10INTM : HEY! I recognize the guy at 0:16! He was in the worst movie ever, "Birdemic". Check it out at this JonTron review /watch?v=gzV8Q2fsN0o at 4:43. That's him, right?

goodchicago : Yes!

HeartIOnceHad : What did i just see?


Ashley Dufault : I still love this commercial. I feel great watching it. =D

DeimosSaturn : Hey, that's needles from back to the future part 2

Tim McGarey : 1:27

Kevin Mira : Watch the video with automatic English captions on. 'Nuff said.

Jim Gantz : he's got more money than GAHHHHD

TheTomsdrc : Haha lol this guy.

NiftyNiklz : holy shit i forgot about this


TS theProducer : Shut up Chloe

Bhitch92 : Why don't we hold commercials to this standard anymore?

Frinion : A commercial...

Pascalant : what the fuck did i just watch?

Tetris_Chemist : I was saying "wow that was the greate- GREATEST COMMERCIAL" caught myself AND CORRECTED MY FEELINGSSSS UAHHH

curlypaul924 : *blink*

sandyballs275 : the guy that shatters his hand looks like guy from