nutrigrain commercial

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WheezyWaiter : My god, this is the best commercial I have ever seen.

French Toast : Thanks chad, now I can die peacefully

Syntox : Cocaine Commercial.

Jesse Bates : nutrigrain now with more crack... think you chad.

Randall Booker : Thumbs up this if markiplier's the walken dead video made you curious about this vid

Peyton Rosenthal : at 0:11 the guy is holding a pair of lacy, red, women's underwear... never noticed

Viva Frei : I did nutria-grain once... Ended up on a five day bender, trashed a cop car, stole a gorilla from the local zoo, and woke up in a tattoo parlour in Tijuana. True story.

StandbyRanger : Thanks Holly

I Rosencrantz : I start my day everyday with watching this commercial!

Whsidom : that was even weirder than expected

Mica : Thank you the people of friend zone haha


milesandemilyrock : FRIENDZONE!!!

Martín Cortez : Friendzone!!!!!!

Hungry for Facts : I wouldn't air it either. My background included working in advertising. Too many commercials nowadays don't bother selling the product. They just try to be as outrageous as possible. I studied advertising in college, and one of the theories was that if viewers like an ad, that's great. If they hate it, that's OK too -- as long as they remember it. So my philosophy is that if I find a commercial stupid, obnoxious or insulting I will remember it and try not to purchase the sponsor's products. If everyone would do the same, I'll bet the ads would get a lot better -- and fast!

Zilexion M. : friendzone viewers unite!

Geocreeper : 0:29 other m in a nutshell.

Michael Ly : when did nutrigrain start lining their bars with cocaine? 

reaesthth : Thanks Markimoo

Dalton McCabe : i've never done crystal meth but I imagine this is what it feeeeeeeeeels liiiiiiiiike

Billy Hardy : Thank you. Thank you Chad

Effect Without Cause : God bless Chad!

Aaron Orrell : I seriously thought this was an ad for cocaine until the end...

Mike Rizzo : still holds up

H0neycakes : Is this an ad for cocaine?

ajrox999 : Still prefer the cereal version tbh

K : Wtf WAS that?!!?! Chad & Holly. lol

Avery Mitchell : This is perfection. The perfect video. Totally nonsensical. Every beat and word is measured so well. Never again will something so holy grace this Earth.

GameCivilization : ty mark :D

Haru17 : This feels like a anti-drugs commercial that was lazily converted into a Nutrigrain commercial, and it is glorious.

dragonlord871000 : Dammit, this is on you mark!

Zach Bonaise : Markiplier brought me here xD

Nathan Barnatt : If you guys like fake commercials check out mine. "Fixing the Toilet" and "Watching Tv With the Wife". I love this nutrigrain one by the way! yay

jhernandez : Feel Great haha

Nas Jacobson : lmao @ the guy staring at the womans underwear

Whoaduderighteous : "Whats up?" "Me!"

JoshRimer : lol, awesome

Rampe : Lol this is amazing! YYYYEEEEEEEEAAAA!!

norsende : fuck everything that "got" you here

villevn : Wow...this has to be one of the most awesome ads I've ever seen! :o Passion to the friggin' max! LET'S DO THIS!

Corey the Editor : 0:19 OOOHHFFF.....

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel : Keep pressing 9 and you'll end up with the lamest orgy ever. YEAH! >:D

Lumisau : I... I think those bars were spiked with Powerthirst.... Or they put Powerthirst on their Nutri Grain cereal by mistake...

Ashley Dufault : I still love this commercial. I feel great watching it. =D


Zeldarulah : My favorite line is "Steve you're a great guy with great skills, and you're gonna do great."

illegalusername : That woman deserves an oscar

It's Complicated : Is this a commercial for Cocaine?

Blacklands2604 : @Exccentrous1 Take both of them?

MatticusNicholas : @ItsNotButterYouFool I SAID THE SAME THING!