Eminem - Space Bound

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Adrian H : anyone who comments "who's here in 20XX" needs to die a slow death, everyone is sick of this shit in the comments of every song on YouTube

NightNight58 : Eminem is best rapper alive PERIOD

Benny - CS:GO : Love, will get you more fucked then drugs........ anyone agree?

Joshua Sausage : The rarest thing on VEVO, an uncensored song

Andrei Lenartowicz : We touch, I feel a rush We clutch, it isn't much But it's enough to make me wonder what's in store for us It's lust, it's torturous You must be a sorceress cause you just Did the impossible Gain my trust, don't play games it'll be dangerous If you fuck me over Cause if I get burnt, I'ma show you what it's like to hurt Cause I been treated like dirt before ya And love is evil Spell it backwards I'll show ya Nobody knows me, I'm cold Walk down this road all alone It's no one's fault but my own It's the path I've chosen to go Frozen as snow, I show no emotion whatsoever so Don't ask me why, I have no love for these mufuckin' hoes Bloodsuckin succubus, what the fuck is up with this I've tried in this department but I ain't had no luck with this It sucks but it's exactly what I thought it would be Like tryin' to start over I gotta hole in my heart I'm some kind of emotional roller-coaster Somethin' I won't go on til you toy with my emotion so it's over It's like an explosion, every time I hold ya Wasn't jokin' when I told ya Ya take my breathe away You're a supernova... and I'm a I'ma space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon And I'm aiming right at you Right at you 250 thousand miles on a clear night in June And I'm aiming right at you Right at you Right at you I'll do whatever it takes When I'm with you, I get the shakes My body aches when I ain't With you I have zero strength There's no limit on how far I would go No boundaries, no lengths Why do we say that until we get that person that we think's Gonna be that one and then once we get 'em, it's never the same You want them when they don't want you Soon as they do, feelings change It's not a contest and I ain't on no conquest for no mate I wasn't looking but I stumbled onto you, must've been fate But so much is at stake, what the fuck does it take Let's cut to the chase But a door shuts in your face Promise me if I cave in and break and leave myself open That I won't be makin' a mistake, cause I'm a I'ma space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon And I'm aiming right at you Right at you 250 thousand miles on a clear night in June And I'm aiming right at you Right at you Right at you So after a year and 6 months It's no longer me that you want But I love you so much it hurts Never mistreated you once I poured my heart out to you Let down my guard, swear to god I'll blow my brains in your lap Lay here and die in your arms Drop to my knees and I'm pleading I'm trying to stop you from leaving You won't even listen, so fuck it I'm trying to stop you from breathing I put both hands on your throat I sit on top of you, squeezing Til I snap ya neck like a Popsicle stick Ain't no possible reason, I could think of To let you walk up out this house, and let you live Tears streamed down both of my cheeks Then I let you go and just give And before I put that gun to my temple I told you this And I would've do anything for you To show you how much I adored you But it's over now It's too late to save our love Just promise me you'll think of me every time You look up in the sky and see a star cause I'm a Space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon And I'm aiming right at you Right at you 250 thousand miles on a clear night in June And I'm so lost without you Without you Without you

Jay Dogg : 3:30 when your too dedicated to your job to give a fuck

GamenightFool999 : Says he has no love for those motha fuckin whores.... Sings this song with a porn star in the vid.

Caitlynn Tucker : How tf is there 29k people that don't like this?

Jake Brogan : Snapped her neck like a popsicle stick Damn

Bryle : Hey anybody listening this in May 2017?

It's just _me : Does anybody else feel like crying when listening to this 😭♥️

Dylan Maharaj : Still gives me the same feeling it did 7 years ago. Definitely one of my favorite songs on his Recovery album, because I related to it so much when I first heard it. Eminem inspired me to write at a young age. I hope I can inspire the world with my music the way he continues to do each day. Feel free to give my songs a listen. If you like what you hear, that's all that really matters to me.

ΒΘΗΞΜΙΛ Music : Only real Eminem lovers listen to this in 2017 to Till Death.........???? like if you agree

Rafa_ 2004 : Lol Eminem love porn stars 😂😂😂

Just a strange one : I remember listening to this when I was 11and not knowing who Sasha Grey was, oh my innocence where did you do?

DrakeSuperFan 123 : Who Else Just Scrolls Through Comments on YouTube lol

Michał Jasnowski : "its so deep," sasha

Josh Hudgens : "After a year and 6 months, no longer me that you want, but I loved you so much it hurt, never mistreated you once" One of my favorite verses of all time hands down

Jun Moriarty : wait this is not porn ?

Shamir George : LOVE, spelled backwards is: EVOL

The gun store in NY : Tupac - Lyric king Biggie - Flow king Eminem - Rhyme king Dr.Dre - Beat king 50 Cent - Gangsta king Snoop Dogg - Weed king Me - Amateure shit Iggy Azalea = Whore queen Token = Indepentend rapper king Immortal Technique - Communist loser Proof - Freestyle king Nate Dogg - Hook king Kendrick Lamar - New age rapper king Big Sean - New age rapper prince

André Lucas XD : Cadê os BR nesta porra

Larry Lunchbucket : Saying you're a retired pornstar is like saying you're a retired serial killer. The damage is already done to walk away from it.

Meowke : Eminem and linkin Park

Atharv Sharma : I am a student I am fat little bit .... my classmate didn't select me for cricket match they only. choose their friends it gives a sadnes to mee but when I listen not afraid lose yourself and space bound today I m going to show them a middle finger. and going to prove them wrong .................thnxx EMINEM for giving me strength to do anything possible which is impossible

Anas Inesta : Best rapper in the world

Faraz Malik : Im having suicidal thoughts and i cant shake them off nobody would probably see this so its ok i want to die

master of cricket : who listening today 14/7/17

Eric Pablo : algum br

Kassidee Cole : Eminem inspired me to actually be me and not care about what eny body thinks about me and now I write songs hoping that I can actually be sombody

Retarded Asian : 1st verse goes hard

SweetCandyRaid : ppl dont know what Eminem has went through yea sometimes he can be an ass even Eminem says before u guys all say "UR SO RUDE" but Eminem had a rough childhood so for all u haters i bet u cant even make a good rap even if it took u years Eminem woyld make it in one day and still beat u Eminem inspires everyone i became a rapper cuz of him and most of them r about Eminem or how he inspired me to rap he make me happy he makes me feel like im not alone my life is rough like Eminem's and he makes me not feel alone so FUCK U HATERS u dont know wut Eminem went through ik cuz im going through the same thing its hard and he just always makes my day i'll listen to all his songs like 1000 time a day and i feel much better i can watch this for years i wont get board of Eminem's songs he may be rlly rich but he had a rough life maybe he still has a rough life do before u hate think hes gone through alot im a rlly big fan ik alot about him everyone thinks im werid just cuz i listen to Eminem well he makes me feel better and not hate my self my parents keep getting divored and then together and they always fight my lil sister is scared she crys herself to sleep cuz of my parents and i i have to stay with her and everyone didnt think i can do anything and everyone hates and i've got cheated on a milion times just cuz i fight with my parents and im not able to do bad things and my heart always get broken my parents fight with me gives me bloody nose i always have scars so before u hate THINK U DUMBASS U DONT KNOW WUT PPL HAVE BEEN THROUGH SHUT UP PPL HAVE A ROUGH TIME I"VE TRIED TO KILL MYSELF BEFORE BUT MY SISTER ALWAYS CAUGHT ME I WAS HANGING MY SELF I ALMOST DIED TILL MY SISTER CAME AND AND CUT THE ROPE WITH A KNIFE I PASSED OUT BUT I LIVED EVEN MY PARENTS TRIED TO KILL THEMSELVES I OVERDOES ON DRUGS LIKE EMINEM DID I'VE BEEN LISTENING TO EMINEM SINCE I WAS A LIL GIRL IK WUT ITS LIKE FOR HIM SO STOP HATING OK U PPL DONT KNOW WHAT PPL GO THROUGH THEY ACT FINE WHEN THERE NOT AND IF U SAY HE DOES MUSIC FOR MONEY HE DOES IT TO SHOW HOW HE FEELS NOT FOR MONEY HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT MONEY HE CARES ABOUT HIS FAMILY HIS WIFE HIS KIDS HIS LIFE SO STOP HATING U MOTHER FUCKING HATERS IM TREARING UP WRITING THIS COMENT TO MANY FLASHBACK BUT DONT HATE U MOTHER FUKER HATERS

Autumn Belk : Oops, I broke the replay button

Victor Sousa : Sempre ouvindo

L. H. OFFICIAL : 2017 summer Like

Sasha Grey Daily : I Really love and admire sasha grey, she's a very smart and beautiful woman, i'm glad she discovered that she's talented in many things, more important and more entertaining such as writing novels, acting in mainstream movies, modeling, etc.. i first watched this music video and i googled her, i found that she's a pornstar, i was very disappointed because the song has that very deep lyrics, and i thought that the girl is very special, i'm glad she left the adult industry :)

Diamond T : Life saver

しゅう曲 ' In The Darkness Of The Nɪght ' : I love u Marshall <3 [Nohomo❤️]

lucifer the first : Love is evil spell it back words I'll show ya True


safa queen : اذا اكو احد عربي فهم القصه يكتبلي بالتعليق لان صراحه مفهمت شي

william presley : i live it , you sing it , my boy , E ,,,,,, love you brother

x Rose : Gänsehaut! Nostalgie am start..

Clanair Gurgel : this song is so the story I'm living now

Regina Nordtveit : Legend

MATA- DUDE : Eminem the best rapper better then these new ones

Dezmon Pagee : Love is evil spell it backwards and I'll show ya -Eminem 2011

Elismabia De Jesus : Kd os br aki ?

Ligitajn Tocelovska : My favourite song ever.. since 2010. Listening since 2010 and listening in 2017 , who else the same? 7 years guys , who is with me???

David Anthony : People who had a heartbreak and been cheated upon can relate a lot to the song. Eminem you beauty!