Eminem - Space Bound

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띵먼 : Masterpiece

Narinwarangkron : 29/05/2018 ❤👏👏👏👏👏❤

popo cabrera : 2018💔💓??

King Created : Who is the woman singing, I’ve never known even after all these years

DimitrisV : *July 2018?🤔*

MusicIsMyLife : Eminem you are my hero <3

Blondie TheGood : June 2018

Crew R : KoreA

My name is Shrek Wazoski. I have a long name. Hehe : The best rappers of all time Eminem Marshall Mathers Slim Shady White Guy From D12 White One From Bad Meets Evil Soul Intent's White Boy B-Rabbit Jimmy From 8 Mile Not dre on forgot about dre The dude that saved COACHELLA 2018.

Kartik Chauhan : Linkin Park and Eminem are my only love. Their songs helped me to pass through some tough times.

Divineshot 314 : Beautiful visual and song. Happy Holidays.

Shubham Gupta : Believe me, I am not here for sasha grey

Belmin Gadžun : 250.000.000 !

Spaikka : Damn i remember my dad played this to me when i were little kid :3 Respect to eminem Thanks Eminem

Neves : TOP 4 RAPPERS: Eminem Marshall Mathers Slim Shady B-Rabbit

Zach Gaming : The most underrated song by EMINEM! This is a masterpiece!

Natalie Gonzales : R.I.P Cesar I remember counting stars listening to music with you on top your Cadillac. Every time I hear this song I'll forever think of you. You're forever in my heart. 💌💕 When I see that tattoo on my ribcage I'll never forget who took me ♡.

Jesus Sereno : June 2018? 🔥

Emy Creighbaum : I fell in love with my best friend and he ended up being the worse it's been over a month since we have last spoke and it still hurts is much I miss him so much it's weird being inseparable with your bestie and talking all day everyday and then he's not here I thought I moved on but then I have so many memories with him and I can't get him off my mind lately

TOP Kop : I love sasha grey

Samika J : 2018 still a masterpiece ✨

Rashawn Young : Wow at 2:08 if you pause it you see what he sees on the phone, and it’s nothing........inbox messages 1/2 drafts 0 inbox 0 sent 0......then next verse it shows “unknown caller” that’s genius, because if you know women they always have messages no matter who they are, or maybe it’s deeper than that and that’s why when he’s choking her he lifts his hands and she’s not there because he’s overthinking it, regardless it’s safe to say the second Eminem in the backseat his his love/conscious

STS King OF King : best porn ever..!!

Jonas Essaati 7 : 2018 love all your songs from your heart

TheTicskitShow : You know it's an Eminem song when someone comments after 8 years 😍 I'm relaxing on this somehow 😂

Andy Mulato : amm okay hey eminem i know you will maybe ignore my comment but i just wanna tell you amm i'm 14 im a black girl but well i just want to say im not your fan only by your songs and voice im your fan because i know your story and i just feel what you feel in that moments that you start your career i adore that and i love rap because rap its art and well im sorry my english its not very wel because i speak more spanish but im from texas and i just want to tell yo that im your fan beacause you are here with out matter the troubles on your hard life and one of my dreams its meet you really believe me i onow that some boys say i had a hard life just beacause hes fathers take care of thems but i will love talk with you someday in my life about your life amm i know maybe you will ignore this but i love the way you grow up eminem! and a know that someday in my live i will meet you or i will have a song with you...happy night

Ashton Stevens : May 2018

JonnyTGood - VIDEOS GOING VIRAL : The 'NEW' Slim Shady is a clone. The illuminati killed off the original.

Mr Scientific : When I was a kid, I used to play games on my PC for hours with this song in background in repeated mode

Stefania Cirstea : Is this to Kim?

Yony TvO : Mg si solo viniste por sasha grey a escuchar esta verga de musica

jj ll : Min 1.35😔😔😔😔

OmarGenasyde BennettVevo : Am in a space bound🎶🎶🎶📀🎵🎤

Sumukh : He wrote so much that I can relate with. Not only me but so many people. I don't know how did he do that but he's a True Person. Love Eminem ❤️

Duane XO : 7 years today, gone so fast


Mason Daniel : I sent this to my girlfriend

neil rajbanshi : Sasha Grey....

NightNight58 : Eminem is best rapper alive PERIOD

Joshua Moore : How is still listening in June 2018

Sonny Legette : Space Bound always been my favorite

Seahawk Nation : still a great song <3

shadows 23 : aiming at HER lol JK

Spacebound : Great memories <3

MatTysuXD : Space Bound > River

StevenLegend : This song BRINGS ME BACK!

Kyle K : "On a clear night in June" it's June 1st. 🚀🌚

sharpshoottaa844 : ironic how he called her a hoeXD

T5 : You're a legend 🚀

G G마스터 : He is rap of the god that's right