Eminem - Space Bound

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Sumukh : He wrote so much that I can relate with. Not only me but so many people. I don't know how did he do that but he's a True Person. Love Eminem ❤️

띵먼 : Masterpiece

Jonas Essaati 7 : 2018 love all your songs from your heart

İbrahim Taşdemir : 2018

Mokka Engineer : 2018?

Spacebound : Great memories <3

Shorya Singh : This masterpiece has 239m views and Gucci gang got 392m . something's really wrong with people

Gülistan Türk : Selam illümünatinin öldüremediği adam. 👋❤

Aditya Malhotra : Eminem's songs can bankrupt antidepressant manufacturers

Kshitij Harsh : its 2018 and still no replacement of this song

romarssi everything!! : Even astronauts can relate to this song.

Rishabh Leuva : We touch I feel a rush We clutch It isn't much but its enough to make me wonder what's in store for us It's lust its torturous, You must be a sorceress 'cause you just did the impossible Gained my trust don't play games it'll be dangerous, if you fuck me over 'Cause if I get burnt I'ma show you what it's like to hurt 'Cause I've been treated like dirt before you and love is "evol" Spell it backwards I'll show ya Nobody knows me I'm cold, walk down this road all alone It's no ones fault but my own, it's the path I've chosen to go Frozen as snow I show no emotion whatsoever so Don't ask me why I have no love for these mofuckin' hos Bloodsucking succubuses, what the fuck is up with this, I've tried in this department but I ain't had no luck with this, It sucks but it's exactly what I thought it would be like tryin' to start over I gotta hole in my heart for some kind of emotional rollercoaster Something I wont go until you toy with my emotion so it's over It's like an explosion every time I hold ya, I wasn't jokin' when I told ya You take my breathe away Your a supernova, and I'm a I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon And I'm aiming right at you Right at you Two hundred fifty thousand miles on a clear night in June And I'm aiming right at you Right at you Right at you I'll do whatever it takes, when I'm with you I get the shakes My body aches when I ain't With you I have zero strength There's no limit on how far I would go No boundaries no lengths Why do we say that until we get that person that we think is Gonna be that one and then once we get 'em it's never the same You want them when they don't want you, soon as they do, feelings change It's not a contest and I ain't on no conquest for no mate I wasn't looking when I stumbled onto you, must've been fate But so much is at stake what the fuck does it take, Let's cut to the chase, 'fore a door shuts in your face Promise me if I cave in and break and leave myself open, that I wont be makin' a mistake I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon And I'm aiming right at you Right at you Two hundred fifty thousand miles on a clear night in June And I'm aiming right at you Right at you Right at you So after a year and six months, no longer me that you want But I love you so much it hurts, Never mistreated you once I poured my heart out to you, Let down my guards swear to God I'll blow my brains in your lap, lay here and die in your arms Drop to my knees and I'm pleadin' I'm tryin' to stop you from leavin' You won't even listen so fuck it, I'm tryin' to stop you from breathin' I put both hands on your throat I sit on top of you squeezin' til I snap ya neck like a popsicle stick Ain't no possible reason , I could think of to let you walk up out this house and let you live Tears stream down both of my cheeks Then I let you just go and just give Before I put that gun to my temple, I told you this And I would've done anything for you To show you how much I adored you But it's over now, It's too late to save our love Just promise me you'll think of me Every time you look up in the sky and see a star 'cause I'm a I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon And I'm aiming right at you Right at you Two hundred fifty thousand miles on a clear night in June And I'm so lost without you Without you Without you

Ryan Hand : Evil spelled backwards is Live. STAY WOKE

Retarded Penguin : Comment section 30% Sasha Grey 40% People saying "2018" 20%They can relate to the song(I can too) 10% People saying "Eminem is so great"

Divineshot 314 : Beautiful visual and song. Happy Holidays.

Дарья Карнаухова : Love Eminem ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tejas Cesaro : This is my most favorite song by Eminem...it brings back a certain time of my childhood when I first heard this...Love you Eminem man!!This Song is my Life!!....and a Happy 2018 people!!

NIKHIL GOYAL : No one can match the intensity and thrust in his voice

Umut Tiken : 2019?

Bobi Mezei : This song makes me feel better actually I'm so sad, sometimes I want to be alone to kill myself but u are here whith this song, now I'm really alone, I was happy to see ur face and u are going far away from me 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😢😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢u are my super nova livi McCann

Zyvia Gindanau : 3:27 Kids, don’t do this to yourself when you’re depressed. Go to the club like some does. Hehe

Débora *&* : 2018?

Vova Mnacakanyan : 2018???

NightNight58 : Eminem is best rapper alive PERIOD

TwinkieSlime : This song is a masterpiece like if u agree

Thorsten H. : Living LEGEND!!!!

golden edition : Every time I break up with a girl I listened to this

CkPassion : I fully listen to his songs whenever I’m happy, sad, angry and the outcomes always the same - happy, motivational, I feel strong❤️I’ve listened to his songs honestly all my life and if it wasn’t for his songs I probably wouldn’t be the strong person I am today! I don’t care what anyone says about him or his new songs he’s fully the strongest man I know 😴✌🏻who-agrees?

T5 : You're a legend 🚀

Ariana grande : .

Thisis Noizy : 2018?

Macbot 2509 : This is heart touching...

Marshall Mathers : 2K18??? is everyone still here?

Jeff MusicMan : He's fuckin' awesome!!!

Merve S : Legend 💎

Jennyfer Castro : I'm In Love With This Song💕😭

Davide Faina : Eminem is the best man in the world

Black Cheater : 2018

EmirJR96 : sasha gray brought me here

Faolan222 : lmao his new album sucks

gick grewal : Anyone 2018??

Lucas Seidl : He is fucking dope💯💯

Steve Owens : People who still watching in 2018 happy Valentines day and keep listening to Shady.

T5 : Powerful.

Aya Sultan : 💔💔

Bruno Lima : *2018?*

Bella la thuggg {Ava-Imvu} : OMMMG😍♥️

Gameplays Extreme : 2018 e eu aqui

Jasmina Susak : Hey Guys, check out my  Eminem speed color drawing  :)!!!

Boo fx : brasil