Job For A Cowboy rides a rollercoaster
Job For A Cowboy rides a rollercoaster

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Sinthetic Coma : I had a feeling this was going to be an entombment of a machine meme, did not disappoint! 10/10 will AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Justin Y. : Finally, some quality content.

hitarophoenix : *reads title* "its gonna be that one scream from entombment of a machine isn't it?" YEP

Resilient Jackal : entombment of the machine reference in 2019 whaaaaa

KineticCat : For anyone curious, the roller coaster is The Beast at Kings Island in Ohio. One of the best rides at the park. Edit: Cornfield Gang, Represent!

Francesco Quaiotto : I already knew what was going to happen and I wasn't disappointed <3

Stay Metal Ray : I knew where this was going before I even clicked haha great video man

napoleon dynamite : Are you sure this isn't audio from when my mom went on a rollercoaster?

vihlay : Born too late to explore Earth. Born too early to explore the Universe. Born just in time for THIS

Origami Toilet : *_Billy Corgan did it first._*

Newby Ton : Uhmm...... I think the roller coasters gonna break anytime soon

Adam Balwinski : Kmac: I wanna produce quality content....... Everybody: Finally

Saikek : Nobody : *keymac : job for a cowboy rides a rollercoaster*

Hamsterwheel : I can't wait for this coaster to breakdown

Marco Moroni : The fact that I've been on this ride makes this meme 200% better

kassemir : This is my new fave meme :D Please make more of 'em !!

8saiharamasukoi : went to school with these lads

Project Retired : Bruh mini ladd played this in one of his meme streams

blackwizard2208 : Oh Job For A Cowboy is a band. The title confused me on another dimension before knowing.

Oilid : More than funny? Kmac is the new word!

Noah Norville : Uploaded on my birthday

John Redil : Oh yess....!! never clicked on a notification so fast in my life 🀘😁

lucky65strike : The upside down world where Billy Corgan handles his thrills better than Jonny Davy

Matt Juskiw : Kmachievelli The lyrical machete To mom’s spaghetti And your doodoo confetti He’s a djent god already And..... Someone write a rap to this

Dani Heggie : Exactly what I thought it would be, not even mad, 11/10.

milkman's wife : 6/10 good, but predictable

Hazama : Me: sees the title Also me: *EMONESS INTENSIFIES*

Awesome Brick Studios : OMG that's the Beast from Kings Island!!! Amazing coaster

A Abrams : Play on .25, 10/10 would recommend

Snattlerake : [Indecipherable lyrics intensify]

Carlos Spencer : Thank you Kmac, I didn't know I needed this

Saiyan Kale : That was amazing keep up the meme's

Blorox Cleach : Shit the like dislike ratio is lit

Hunu : Burden this lime, in now my eyes.... ATTACHING NOAH.

kenshiro84 : non-content that would make crendor proud !

Doctor Maxi : YOU ARE MEMES SIR!

Levels; Devils New : Job for A Job for a Janitor: Down in the Grounds Toilet


albertpaints : GOLIATHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (SixFlags) huuuuge drop, perfect song for the video lol.

Andres Rivera : More original music please πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Isaac Rumley : I did not expect to find this so funny 🀣🀣

Simte : Job for memeboy.

Elex Smeargle : The best one of these roller coaster memes yet

Lea MuseFan : Miniladd brought me here 🀣

Evil Mid-Sized Man : this is some high quality content i subscribed to.

Jay Stewart : Lmao as soon as I read the title i knew what was coming πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Corrosive sloth : Quality content as always

zaakknight : Now I really want to keep watching the rollercoaster ride :(

Jake Alexander : Thank you for this inspiring video.