Stan Lee's Last Video
Stan Lees Last Video

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Hi guys, So this is Stan Lee's last public video. R.I.P. Excelsior! #IchigoDoesMarvel Enjoy!


Zlink Plays : Stan Lee: Makes last video* Me: Nice Nice. Stan Lee: Takes out Hulk hand* Me holding back tears: Nice.

The Cringe Bros : Me:The perfect man doesn't exist Stan Lee: hold my comic

Ryan Bevan : The dislikes are NoobMaster69 and DC fans...

Mario Zapata : Stan Lee - He is truly the number one Loves all and is the sun With the funny jokes he made We will remember him For decades

Ahmedx game : R.I.P Stan not all hero's wear capes Some wear hulk hands

Scopophobia : Aladdin movie gets released Genie: you get 3 wishes Aladdin: I wish for... Me: *shoves aladdin aside* I wish for Stan Lee Genie: I can't bring anyone bac-- Me: Stan. Lee. Now.

CODE ONE : Rest In Peace.... You will always stay embedded in our hearts... EXCELSIOR!!

Chungus My Dungus : Rest in peace. Heroes aren't forgotten, but legends never die. Mr. Lee, if you're seeing this, millions of people including myself will always miss you. May this man have peace up in the heavens.

Aden Si-Ahmed : The people who disliked this are the first ones to get snapped out of existence from Thanos RIP Stan Lee 1922 - 2018

itsjusttumi : Stan Lee: Marvel,I don’t feel so good.I don’t wanna go!(sobs)

lazarbeam 2 : Stan lee He protec He attac But most importantly We want him bacc

Blu Robot : *Marvel kills Tony Stark* Stan Lee from heaven: "Don't make me come down there you punk"

Yeet Haters : We love you 3000 Stan, have a good time man.

Random Person : The 1K people who disliked this have no soul or they’re DC fans

Corner Of Your Mind : Me: *expects something super sad and emotional* Stan Lee: *H U L K H A N D*

Joe Wingfield : Stan Lee's last video Me: Must be emotional *Pulls out hulk hand*

NoFriendo Switch : Stan Lee: *Makes joke when deadly ill* Me: *About to cry* Haha Lik if u cri evry tim

Amy Parker : Stan lee the creator of all our fav hero’s Confident Funny😂😂😂😂 But most of all He was in our hearts He was the god of hero’s We all miss him 😔😔😔 r.i.p

Soulless Flame : Funny how an old guy like Stan Lee could say something funny like this while not sounding like the stuff you hear on r/fellowkids

OMKAR JADHAV : Even cracked joke before dying and made me smile for a while at very last moment. True legend 😭😭😭😭 R. I. P STAN THE MAN LEE❤️❤️❤️❤️

TheDarkArtist : He was joking even when he was about to die, what a legend...

Tilly Reed : Thanks Stan. My brother and I love ur movies You really do hold magic 💟❤

Ókämi Chänツ : Legends Never Die -You will always be in our heart Stan Lee

Yassy Bennia : Stan Lee is still joking around in heaven they say

Story Comics : R.I.P Stan Lee You may rest and peace😞

JIMBO8472 : Ah Stan ending on a joke. Thats how we should remember you.

Jambi Games : Legends never die... He remains in our hearts foreva. Rip× Stan Lee😞

osyrys : RIP Stan Lee. You will never be forgotten!

yunotastic : Tbh stan just never give up from making us laugh :,)

Farehan Eljechi : Dang he will keep joking around even in his death dang what a legend you will be missed Love you 3000

Alexander Valdez : Even in death a man can still use his strongest power... humor

Guest 455518 : People who disliked the video: exist Everyone else: why are you gay?

Ange Mation : We will remember the legacy you've created Stan. See you soon...

The Dillusionist : He deserves more than a hulk hand, but an infinity gauntlet

Kiwi Mimi : He will never die he will live in are hearts forever

RealLGGamer : He was a man of humor, laughter, and creativity. Rest in peace Stan. Not all heroes wear capes.

Tiny Tina : Stan Lee is a name that will be remembered and respected till the end of time

the krazed wolf : Iron man Thor spider Man Deadpool and wolverine are nothing come pared with this hero R.i.P Stan Lee

SlimeMaster360 : Made me laugh at the end... what a good man he was... he was a legend... we will never forget him

NotVeryCreative : Thank you Stan for bringing us so many laughs

Blustreak Girl : Even when injured, he can still make up a good laugh Excelsior!

UnbeltedCake929 : People who disliked the video were actually crying so much that they missed the lile button.

the gaming pizaa : We lost a great man *tears drop*

Nathaly Dragneel : May this man live a beautiful after LIFE. #StanLee #ILoveyou3000

Ethan Brown : to everyone who disliked ur sad cuz we want stan lee back

The Learner : His cameo in Avengers 4 is going to get the *loudest* cheers.

An Unusual Danger : Me watches video Sees dislikes Me: Gathers infinity stones and eradicates the dislikers

Phi Nguyen : WHO TF DISLIKED THIS VIDEO jk have your own opinion but I have a different one

Paunescu Andrei : Stan Lee was the most amazing person ever. He was such an inspiration and was so talented funny and smart. Rip, the true Captain marvel <3