Stan Lee's Last Video

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Carmen Florentina : Almighty Shenron, I'm ready to make my wish!

Fantastic Music : RIP Stan Lee. :'(

WakeUpUniverse : R.I.P Stan Lee. You will be missed, you legend. <3

king 10k : I was about to cry until he pulled out the hulk hand

The Learner : His cameo in Avengers 4 is going to get the *loudest* cheers.

Lukas Sobolewski : I was in like kindergarten and my mom got me a Spiderman costume and I got so excited and wore it and started to jump on the walls because I thought since I was Spiderman I could walk and climb on the walls. RIP Mr. Lee you had a great run. 👍😢

RageMobsta. : Thank your for our childhood, Stan lee

1000 subs no vids : Stan Lee's last video Me: Must be emotional *Pulls out hulk hand*

Swrve™ : An absolute legend. What a way to go out, leaving behind the last documentation of yourself. Bringing up humour with his Joke In this video. You can tell he just wanted to make people happy

Mo 2k : We'll use the reality stone to get u back, Stan. Just u wait

ASSASSIN BOY21 : Kid: why do good people die? Mom:when you pick a flower which one do you get Kid:the beautiful ones Mom: thats why you will never die.

Ichigo Kurosaki : Time to gather the Dragon Balls!

Codename: Xelda : He really was a jokester till the end... (I really wish there was a tears of joy emoji)

Shivam Kumar : Who else was crying the whole time

OwenPiggyGaming : 609+ people were holding their phone upside down when they tried to like this

Jacob Worsham : also he is so great and at least he died happy

Benjamin Ukaoma : Nobody can forget Stan Lee.

Black Forest gaming : The hulk hand he showed was funny and the backgrouns sound haha

Bilbo_SwaggensBT- Memes and Sides : Stan Lee: WAHHHH HE LIVED TO BE OVER 90 WAHHHH (sad music) Stephen Hillenberg: were all very sad. So many memory's. Marathon anyone?

Jedsym Playz : No comment just sadness 😔❤️

little snow sunshine : 😭First xxxtantachion? Then Adrianas boy friend also stan lee and now creator of sponge bob whos ganna be next 😭

india in dark. : RIP stan lee.

Tot Slayer : I’m actually sad and that is rare for me. R.I.P Stan Lee

reymon11 gaming : I think stan lee that he means his saying good bye in ah happy way we will mis stan lee 😣😔😢

ZachPlayz : Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain. I’ll break the loop, and you bring back Stan Lee and let him be immortal (but die whenever he wants to).

ArlindBlaze : The goat🐐

Luis the Legend : Stan the Man will live in our hearts

David Prodigy : Excellent

Dear David : *Thank you for creating my childhood R.I.P Stan Lee <3*

MudiPlayZ : From sad to funny to sad RIP Stan Lee thanks for the entertainment and inspiration

Steven kong : See u in the star Stan lee😭✨✨✨.

Nehemiah Howard : What a way to go out😭😭😥😥

Play edidion : Goodbye my

CorparaalKoekkie F1E : Rip❤️😔🌹

Patato Gaming : R.I.P STAN

Pig Pig Gamer : He is a legend.. Did I say a legend? I meant a super legend

Willy's Toys : R.I.P. my man Stan

Elvito Pamungkas : Stan Lee the comic creator he should be president if he was 50-73 years i think

Aiden : Stan Lee has taught us something... Heroes don't just come from comics, they don't need super powers to be super... They just need to be a hero. You can make a difference in someone's life if you try your best. That's what he taught us. You never need powers to save someone's life.

ItsWil : R.I.P STAN LEE 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭EVERYONE WILL REMEMBER U

Itachi Uchiha : It said premiers in 6 hours

Serena Macaron : We all miss you Stan Lee R.I.P 1922-2018 Thanks

Aroused Unicorn : Im not crying,Youre crying F

S. Gonzalesz : He's the hero of our Fanatics! Thank you *Stan* *Lee!!* 😢

GOD Gohan : Im new here... hi 👋

conanbarbrien : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! XD THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! You really set my heart in laughter mode, no matter what, and I thank you for that Mr. Stan Lee. Until we meet for the very first time. Excelsior!

battlefieldgodz : I wish he best of luck for the true hero in heaven love you stand Lee will not be forgotten what a god

ZenPiggy : *My dad* : Why are you crying so damn loud

Connor Nicholas : There was a DC movie commercial before the video played.

Maddog 3732 : Gob bless you Stan Lee. I wish you could've lives longer, but father wanted you the most. Go ahead and tell him your dreams dear friend. 🙂