Neil Patrick Harris Performs “Smooth Criminal” | Lip Sync Battle Live: A Michael Jackson Celebration

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Juan José Fonseca Godoy : To be honest, I expected more from Neil, considering that he's a broadway performer. He was a bit stiff.

Solrac Dan : If anyone could pull it off I’d be NPH or Bruno Mars tbh

dimitreze : ironic, not smooth at all he was very stiff

Kate Lattey : Anyone else get annoyed when the camera keeps cutting away to reaction shots - I'm trying to watch the contestant not everyone else!

Caffeinated Nation : How did they not land Bruno for this MJ tribute?

Chloe Heathcote : This was legen....wait for it and I hope your not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is...dary! Legendary!!!!!

kirikakirikakirika : Gets a call: Hey, how's it going?! We want you to be on Lip Syc Battle Live! Me (as any actor): Oh, cool! I can't wait! Guy on phone: Yeah, and you'll be competing against Neil Patrick Harris! Me (as any actor): ...You know what, I actually don't think this competition is for me.

demian hopstaken : I love NPH but i expected a moonwalk

Derrick Johnson : He wasn't half bad, although the one person I would love to see do a Michael Jackson Lip Sync Battle is Justin Timberlake. I remember he performed in a concert with Michael at one point and his moves were pretty solid compared to Michael's.

Jinkx Monsoon’s chipped tooth : NPH is so incredible: amazing husband, father, actor, writer, magician, drag performer (if you count Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and singer. And he’s so handsome

Nerdy Julia : He is not good as MJ

Creatip : Well, the first half part was just like a bad imitation of Jacko, but dayum, in the last half part, NPH was channeling Jacko for sure....

Candice ecidnaC : This lacks Michael's intensity. As much as I adore NPH, this was just kind of... bland. Really disappointed. Glad they pegged the floor for the anti-gravity lean, but other than that, this was wholly unspectacular.

alexandre Candido : Bad performance

Ferrell Kang : Kids, in the beginning of 2018, your Uncle Barney was a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Julie Twomey : Love me some NPH y'all! OMG this tho y'all, this could of been Epic and damn it all, falling short doesn't even come close to the mark of explaining this! WTH! There's like zero emotion NPH, nothing showing threw your moves or body or facial expressions. You can act better than this so what's going on here? Smh, dude if you didn't want to do MJ then you should of demanded a different artist. It's so bad they cut to those poor back-up dancers on the main stage because you couldn't get set up flawlessly for the lean move?! Come on now! >_<

Pasanius92 : Did he mess up with the lip sync after the jump? 1:28

Joe Madrid : We need one of these but with Selena Quintana

El_Bartto : White boy needs a little flavor.. this is kind of bland

rile niles : he can't dance.

Ice Queen Dalton : NPH is amazing but he didnt want to do this its obvious he wasnt feeling it if he had he couldve done it way better than anyone has ever done it. I dont think he even wanted to be on the show tbh but if u look at several other performances he has done he is amazing

Diamond W. : I love Michael Jackson so much and this makes me so happy. Good job Neil (Patrick Harris (it feels weird just saying Neil)). Yes Lip Sync Battle for "A Michael Jackson Celebration". I am so here for this, uh YES! Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day and God bless :)

gerald the_science_guy : meh...

Jay : Eyeliner.

Kiara Rentrop : Barney is back!!

i Papi : Oh my gowd that was Legend..........wait for it... Dary!!

Brenda Martínez : LOL he can't dance! nice try though

sydandtaytum : hes a really stiff dancer here...this is the wrong song for him...should've gotten bruno mars for this

Burro B : Perhaps we should leave real legends alone. You think u can just come in and copy MJ without hours and hours of practice? No respect. PS. Stop showing the audience

jackson : Le mec ses pas du tout danser micheal jackson juste il fait semblent de chanter micheal

Charie Mista : Hailee is the Best!!!

John Chan Chan Qiyang : wow omg

PiazzaGurl : Not bad. But he really needed to be more animated. Michael never stood still. He was always moving even when it wasn’t choreographed.

Lærke Brink : naya rivera needs to come on to this show

Maximus W : To Michael 🥂

Awesome Kids : R.I.P Michael Jackson he will be missed

Pariih Rogers : Barney , I love you

Larry Parane : For NPH standards, this is too lowkey.

e K : Dancers danced better than him!

Kia Anne : This was completely off, y'all had to pick him 😂😂😂

kevyion marquelle : i ASBOULETY ❤ neil patrick harris

Adri Dagata : Lol nooo... very bad.

HNDRX ☔️ : God Michael was such legend Edit: Michael *IS* such a legend

Vgamer 499 : Taking us back to when music videos actually had good dancing. I love it!

whutzat : Do your soul a deep favor and watch the MJ original's STILL the very BEST choreography I have ever seen in my life.

The A&A Show : Wow


In Sasha's Journal : I didn't know I needed this until now.

Jenny Jones : Ummm?? Well he tried! I guess it was Ok! Lol

Pat Wilson : Neil Patrick..Fantastic job! You and the dancers!!