Neil Patrick Harris Performs “Smooth Criminal” | Lip Sync Battle Live: A Michael Jackson Celebration

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Kabuki uchiha : Neil Patrick Harris's was my favorite and beat it was my second favorite

vincentrich : It's not even a lip sync battle anymore. Once you throw in all of the props and backup dancers, it's got nothing to do with the person lip syncing anymore. It's just choreography and costumes. Compare the first episode to this. It's night and day.

Perla Reyes : How did they not get Bruno Mars to do a Michael Jackson tribute? 🤔

Ferrari458v : This was a good show and all but just imagine if they had Chris brown, Bruno mars, Usher, and Zendaya. Just some people I was thinking of

B : I usually enjoy NPH but this was boooooooooring.

In Sasha's Journal : I didn't know I needed this until now.

Kim Hillsman : He’s no Joseph Gordon Levitt

Julie Twomey : Love me some NPH y'all! OMG this tho y'all, this could of been Epic and damn it all, falling short doesn't even come close to the mark of explaining this! WTH! There's like zero emotion NPH, nothing showing threw your moves or body or facial expressions. You can act better than this so what's going on here? Smh, dude if you didn't want to do MJ then you should of demanded a different artist. It's so bad they cut to those poor back-up dancers on the main stage because you couldn't get set up flawlessly for the lean move?! Come on now! >_<

ItsMe18Tree : God this show actually makes wish for the extinction of mankind.

El_Bartto : White boy needs a little flavor.. this is kind of bland

Awkwar d : NPH is so incredible: amazing husband, father, actor, writer, magician, drag performer (if you count Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and singer. And he’s so handsome

Malik Hasnaoui : That was legen- wait for it dary

Bert sanchez : Love him but get someone with rhythm

🌹甘いバラ : This makes me happy because Michael’s legacy is still living :”) Miss him a lot

robhartjr1993 : This was good, but honestly the show ruined the lip sync battle from Jimmy Fallon. They overdue it with the dancers and costumes. What made the original Jimmy Fallon battles extra hilarious was the fact that they were solo and pantomiming everything. Don't get me wrong, the tv show has some good and hilarious moments, but nothing can live up to Stephen Merchants and Joseph Gordon-Levitts Fallon performances.

Danna Banana : So stiff, an iron board could have did better

Kate Lattey : Anyone else get annoyed when the camera keeps cutting away to reaction shots - I'm trying to watch the contestant not everyone else!

Nikisha Abrahams : Where was Ciara or Chris Brown😔😔

zybertechstudios : This show is still on?

Larry Parane : For NPH standards, this is too lowkey.

Kawaii Kitten : Micheal Jackson is my lord and savior

Alicia Jackson : MICHAELLL💙💙💙

Nuki Howlter : I just saw the new Heathers reboot trailer... I really needed something to fix my day. God bless you Neil my queen!!!!!

Peacefrog : Corey Feldman and Macaulay Culkin should of been apart of this

Sergio Argüello : Yeah, I’m a NPH fan but this was painful to watch. Completely stiff. If anything, I guess, it makes you appreciate MJ’s moves all that much more.

demian hopstaken : I love NPH but i expected a moonwalk

Iwon Again : Terrible

DeloresGrey : Damn that lean will never get old.

Anthony Madrid : We need one of these but with Selena Quintana

Chaudhary Aehtsham : Naild it

decomposite : Yeah... he needs to go back to rehearsals for a couple more months to pull this off. His energy was like a candle light, as opposed to Michael's supernova. Next.

clock in : Makes me really miss MJ. Neil was definitely feeling it! Good job.


Arielle Crittenden : Lord where is chris tucker when you need him!!!!

SALAH MJ : whoever tries to sing or dance to MJ ends up looking ridiculous

hartbigs jauregui : This is so unseasoned. Lame af

k mack70 : How they didn't call chris brown for this i'm pretty sure his the closest one to him this days.


Eve Turner : I gotta give it to NPH. He did his thang!

Axel E. Funk : MPH sucks. I don't get all the hype.

johnnathas pharia : "crianças, hoje vou contar a vocês do dia em que seu tio Barney virou o Michael Jackson"

E L. : Count Olaf’s newest disguise

Kiara Rentrop : Barney is back!!

CHOUETTE : NP Harris not so good 🤢🤮 Disappointed 😔

Starburst : Who else noticed my boy from M5

John Brown : Alright, that's not fair. It should be illegal to pick any of MJs songs. Instant win. NPH did amazing tho.

Jordan Staal : As someone who is obsessed with MJ and spent 5 years mastering MJ's many dance routines (could have been 2 years, but I'm white), Neil's dancing was an insult to the king of pop. But I don't really care, since a) he doesn't have time to practice and b) at least he and the producers paid respect to the King.

Kristin Singer : This song will forever be my jam and this performance is everything 😂💙

Michael Jackson : Boo

Video Game Guru : This show she be called "CRINGE"