Former CIA Chief Explains How Spies Use Disguises | WIRED

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rick nineg : She wore a mask as she briefed Bush. What a badass. I didn't even guess!

God Who? : What if she was in disguise the whole time?

luminor007 : I would have loved it at the end if she had ripped off her mask and hair and was a black dude.

M E : CIA: “it’s impossible to turn a man into a women” ASIAN: • LOL

Andrew Gregory : And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids

Squirmy and Grubs : Not a single person in my extensive network of family, friends, and acquaintances has yet realized that this wheelchair I’ve been using for 24 years is just a part of my disguise. Truthfully, I can walk just fine. But the enemy must never find out!

Josh Reif : "It's almost impossible to turn a man into a woman" - clearly she's never been to Thailand...

DarkLight : Plot twist: that's actually mark zuckerberg disguised in his grandma's clothe.

Tau : Problem with a woman as a man, Women have far flatter shoulders, It's very noticeable.

Milad Yaqo : Okay Youtube I watched it! Jeez!

Creativ Brian : Plot twist she’s wearing a disguise

Easy Mode Eden : Does anyone have any resources about how body language changes across countries? This is an incredibly interesting topic and I 'd love to know more.

Henrik Sommerland : I'm a European and that whole changing hands when you eat is just absurd. If one of my friends started doing that i would be seriously concerned that hay had had a stroke or something.

linguinei : Big woop, Superman only needed glasses to become Clark Kent!

Tatem Minear : Waiting for her to snatch her own mask while watching this

Victor Chang : Kept thinking about Inglorious Basterds and that bar scene. THREE FINGERS

Andrew Stefanow : That old man disguise is sad.

radry100 : muricans are everywhere. Beware, my european brothers.

Epic Krafter : She looks so much like my mom .I miss my mom so much :(

Top Rock : Bad example for their disguise wonder Russians see American spies a mile away... miss are you ok? your beard is falling apart.

Comet with Bleach : Now that I edited my comment, no ones reply makes sense.

Aref Eshghi : To me, their demonstration with that woman was not good at all! But maybe they did it on purpose! :)

Mikosch2 : Did she decide to disguise as Angela Merkel for the video?

Aref Eshghi : Just think about introducing yourself : "Hi! I am the chief of disguise!" LOL! :))

Laura Sanchez : Lol, the 'stereotypes' about Europe. I've lived in the Netherlands my whole life and I have NEVER seen someone hold their cigaretty with their thumb and first finger... And most people lean on one leg when they stand still. The fork and knife one was kinda true though. My mom and sister never change their fork to their right hand, but I do. So I guess it depends on the person.

Anchor Bait : I want a job title that sounds like that.


Lawrence Lentini : The example disguise is so bad...

Killuminati1blood : Plot Twist: The former CIA Chief is actually male.

Adreanna Watters : Now during a drug deal there gonna test and see if your face peels off

Kenna Parker : I actually traveled to europe and blended in so well, people mistakenly took me as a german, asking me for directions. I tried to dress the way they would and act the way they would and I can say, it truly is effective.

hob kabeer : She is sitting like a man

꧁Jonathan Snow꧂ : A girl has no name.

Mac x : You shouldn't disclose this

Surreal Utopia : At first I read it as CIA didn’t make much sense.

Andrew Christoffel : So I guess I'm going to try quick changing in literally every crowd I'm in now...

True Fiction : *Americans are oblivious* enough said lol

Gary Johnston : How to disguise yourself if your an American and don't want anyone to know. Simple-Go on a diet.

Game4zer : just put on a bush

Panda ツ ¿ : It would have been funny and amazing if she was wearing a mask the whole time and at the end she peeled it off.... what a legend

MrMcSnuffyFluffy : I was waiting for Tom Cruise to pull "her" face off.

m.tracy m : The person @1.15, the eyes don't go with the facial hair. Eyes too 'female', kind of blinky and soft.

Dark strider : This is why 911 was a inside job

James SOLDIER Austin : THATS NOT YOUR MOTHER THATS A MAN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

El Ma : Light disguise is just you being homeless

Rockas360 : She's the Master of Disguise!

Certaindeaf : I wear my Trump hat sideways I ball so hard.

Nameless Ghost : Plot twist: there is no plot twist.

Michael Doherty : The cia dis guised their way into the united states.

emall333 : 3:30 Impossible to turn a man into a woman? Have you seen STAR.