Game Grumps Animated - THE CAPYBARA - [TopSpinTheFuzzy]

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TopSpinTheFuzzy : holy BUTTS I actually made a new Grumps Toon. What are the odds, huh? haha And no this is not the collaborative one I've had in the works for a while. This was just a fun thing I whipped together real quick-like. Enjoy!

Chetreo : Crisp animation BRAH

MarkProductions : Most amazing laughter animations yet!

KLN : He bacc

Souped Up : capybaras are friend shaped

TheKiss : Your interpretations of their noises are so damn creative

Ruby Sparrow : "I barfed a little bit, but that's okay, my mom will clean it up." *MOOOOOOOOM!*

Kreevox : The actual picture of Dan laughing got me


Shade's Insane Chamber : CABYPARAH

CUPCAT : You're the best, how long does a one minuet of animation take you? For me it's about 1 month

M i s t e r u E k s u : Soocharu would be proud. I've found something avatar worthy.

Spikefire : Dan's laughter animations throughout this are why I love game grumps animators. You guys are all amazing and this is a prime example of why. <3

Dapper Individual : haha nice. MG Survive is a travesty.

David Jensen : Thank you for making this animated! I had completely forgotten about it up until now!

Confused Civilian : Dude this animation is freaken sweet

Dog Munch : Noice

MrSpicyXbox : First

Macie Lynn : dooooood this is awesummmme

AkinaKat : I love it when people take Dan's laugh to a whole new level when animating This was amazing, you're fantastic for making this and it's such a beautifully smooth and well done animation

Doctor Eggnog : Capybaras have been my favorite animal since the Zaboomafoo episode about them.

Zayd A : Quick question from an intrigued fan. How long does it take to animate 5 seconds in a animation on average?

Mark Tovstyga : Have you been watching a lot of Shoocharu lately? I see some new resemblance here, cool stuff.

Joey the Kangaroo : I barfed a little bit it's ok my mom will clean it up *MOOOOOOM*

Theresa Thode : Yayyyyy hes back :)

Quin Nunez : Dan's laughter is always my favorite thing to see animated

m3tr0idgrl : 0:38 why tho 😂

TRUEDRAGONANTHRUS : Everyone is out there talking about how pokemon has run out of ideas but not a single Dolphin has been made

Animetta {Hamfangirl} : Arin: “MOMMMMM!!!!!” Me: *spits out the juice I was drinking* Me:... Me: “MOMMMMMM!!!!”

Jordan Comeaux : <3

Zakanuva's Gaming Channel : The laugh edits are perfect!

Ded memes : 🅵ℹ🅽🅽🅰 🅽🇺🆃

ViaVia : I can already tell this is going to be a really popular animation

D.O. F.T : Never switched from hentai haven this fast since hwndu season 7

PanGalacticGargleBlasters : That wink at the end was god-teir creativity.

IlSharmouta : 3:36 this shit right here this is what I live for I love the rapid swapping poses all over the place and I love you c:

Complaints of an English man : Why is mum cleaning windows instead of my pokemon idea vomit?

Cole Zarick Music : Wow this is great:)

Tombocartoons : Nice job as always TopSpin!!

Ruby Sparrow : Ayyy

Aaliyah Cedeño : Ah so much good shit A++👌 good shit

Jeremiah Goggins : Nice, my dude!

SpellboundWolf : I love it!

Blacknight342 : Shit dude , this was some really smooth animation. I need to watch more.

Meagan Seeliger : Yay new TopSpin!!!

Lovewaffle : *cough cough* Raticate *cough*

meisterじえろ : Nice animation dude👌

Cesar Gonzalez : Boy I'm HARD

IDKCuber : The amount of work that goes into animation, especially one this smooth, makes me respect animators a whole lot more than what I used to. Good freaking job my man!

IDKCuber : Noice