Game Grumps Animated - THE CAPYBARA - [TopSpinTheFuzzy]

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TopSpinTheFuzzy : holy BUTTS I actually made a new Grumps Toon. What are the odds, huh? haha And no this is not the collaborative one I've had in the works for a while. This was just a fun thing I whipped together real quick-like. Enjoy!

Chetreo : Crisp animation BRAH

MarkProductions : Most amazing laughter animations yet!

Souped Up : capybaras are friend shaped

Ruby Sparrow : "I barfed a little bit, but that's okay, my mom will clean it up." *MOOOOOOOOM!*

Kreevox : The actual picture of Dan laughing got me

KLN : He bacc

TheKiss : Your interpretations of their noises are so damn creative


M i s t e r u E k s u : Soocharu would be proud. I've found something avatar worthy.

Spikefire : Dan's laughter animations throughout this are why I love game grumps animators. You guys are all amazing and this is a prime example of why. <3

CUPCAT : You're the best, how long does a one minuet of animation take you? For me it's about 1 month

TRUEDRAGONANTHRUS : Everyone is out there talking about how pokemon has run out of ideas but not a single Dolphin has been made

Dapper Individual : haha nice. MG Survive is a travesty.

IlSharmouta : 3:36 this shit right here this is what I live for I love the rapid swapping poses all over the place and I love you c:

D.O. F.T : Never switched from hentai haven this fast since hwndu season 7

Raw Antelope : Arin: “MOMMMMM!!!!!” Me: *spits out the juice I was drinking* Me:... Me: “MOMMMMMM!!!!”

David Jensen : Thank you for making this animated! I had completely forgotten about it up until now!

Confused Civilian : Dude this animation is freaken sweet

Apentogo : you should make an animation of all the times dan laughed so hard he was gasping for air but without the laughter and call it. "the longest death in history"

Sirjedi Owl : Do more grumps please your amazing.

ViaVia : I can already tell this is going to be a really popular animation

Doctor Eggnog : Capybaras have been my favorite animal since the Zaboomafoo episode about them.

MasonThe GamingLegend : Arin: i barfed a little bit but thats ok my mother will clean it Me and Dan:*laughing* Arin:MOOOOM Dan:*laughing once again* RIP me

Mark Tovstyga : Have you been watching a lot of Shoocharu lately? I see some new resemblance here, cool stuff.

Macie Lynn : dooooood this is awesummmme

Quin Nunez : Dan's laughter is always my favorite thing to see animated

AkinaKat : I love it when people take Dan's laugh to a whole new level when animating This was amazing, you're fantastic for making this and it's such a beautifully smooth and well done animation

Jordan Comeaux : <3

Dog Munch : Noice

PanGalacticGargleBlasters : That wink at the end was god-teir creativity.

Joey the Kangaroo : I barfed a little bit it's ok my mom will clean it up *MOOOOOOM*

Shade's Insane Chamber : CABYPARAH

m3tr0idgrl : 0:38 why tho 😂

Ded memes : 🅵ℹ🅽🅽🅰 🅽🇺🆃

Zakanuva's Gaming Channel : The laugh edits are perfect!

MrSpicyXbox : First

Zayd A : Quick question from an intrigued fan. How long does it take to animate 5 seconds in a animation on average?

Theresa Thode : Yayyyyy hes back :)

Andrew Robeson : Way past cool

SERЁНЯ : Да енто очень круто!

cringy weeaboo : The actual picture of Dan made me laugh hysterically

King Pagie : The lip syncing is godlike. The movements are sharp. And the Dan laughing animation succeeds most of them. This is truly a mastapeece.

Shane S. : holy ballsack the animation is so GOOD

GodspellFlower FR : I remember first seeing your work on JonTron’s Firework music video years ago, just found your channel again and holy shit!! Your style and skill has evolved so much!! I love it!!

Complaints of an English man : Why is mum cleaning windows instead of my pokemon idea vomit?

Javier Martínez : That wink at the end. XD

Gaming U-Septor 3000 : Way past cool


spiffyspoff : this is amazing