World's Simplest Electric Train

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君AmazingScience : Thank you for watching my video. See you again!

Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 : When he did one I was like that was awesome, then he did one and closed the loop and I was like that was awesome it can't get any better, then he did two and closed the loop and I couldn't fucking believe it.

Glizzard : Now this guy knows how to take life to a whole new level.

LandoTheOracle : Elon musk reveals how the hyperloop will be constructed

Steven Gomez : Give this man a Vibranium.

OnlyAwesomely : Mommy I want a train set for Cwismas! Christmas Day- *here you go!*

Majacks Lelo : Great vid man👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😁👌🏿

Shakedro MU : Legend says if you will zoom more you will find a tiny electronic roller coaster

The Ginger Power Ranger : In Australia, our government build the next generation internet called the National Broadband Network using this exact technology to pass packets around. We expect it to be finished in the year 2045 and it should achieve at least 1 bit per month transfer rate. We are currently held up finishing the project as we need to source more AA batteries. Thank you for upload.

EDDSWORLDMEGAFAN : *Elon Musk would like to know your location*

Wholesome Lad : Why do we still have cars? Lets just use this

Sahil Singh : How to stop this train

Aslan 95 : Шайтан - аппарат)

Agustin Gonzalez Ledesma : Este hombre no domina el mundo por q no quiere

The Erotic Movie Review : Wakanda forever

Salvador Aguilar : For how long runs with a AAA Batterie????

Chi chan : Haven't seen this vid for along time! Hello again Mr. Train.

しょーちゃん : 日本語のコメントが全然ない件について。

Gopi M : Magnetic levitation

Vivek sharma : Watching after 4 year ... Still looks amazing ... 🤩🤩

Lee Chan中国88 : Bro give me 10 Magnets and Copper wire too....Ill do it in my school science Exhibition...

Fire Daddy : More batteries

vivek Rousa gujjar : Thanks sir super video m isa apna science exbition m try kar sakta ho aap mujha iska good things bta dijye

BIG POPA PUM : It is real BULLET TRAIN. For bullet ants

Yt Various : Hai.... SUBSCRIBE juga channel saya yaa, pasti saya doakan kaya raya dan bahagia selalu

MR. BOX and BOOGY : We’re planning on making a train for people... can your science help us?

Neo2266 : So, If you were to build something like this purely out if magnets somewhere in space, would that technically be Perpetual Motion?

One In A Million : Elon Musk is *_quaking_* in his boots

まるこめつるぴか : 凄い(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧リニアモーターカーやん(笑)

Batlanious 49. : İf Battery Power runs out, Does it stop?

송범섭 : My hypothesis is as below. At first there is short coil which starts from left to right. He attached magnets at each side of the battery, left (-) and right (+). That means that when his device comes into the coil, DC current will flow from right to left side of the device following the coil. It results in magnetic field in the same direction due to Ampere’s law. So if I suppose that the neodymium magnets on the far left of the device have a N pole at its left side, then the device will be attracted to the part of the coil which it enters since the coil itself behaves as a magnet(N/S)

Ignacio : *Hot Wheels Cooper Edition*

Dimas Andriyanto : That small note makes me hit the like button

MASTER GAMES : Alguien que able español???

Ramesh Choudhary : Amazing I also tried this and got sucsses

coldogno7 : WHAT SORCERY IS THIS???

Karll Zeinschimdt : WAKANDA TECHNOLOGY

WWE Lover : Like hot wheels

Austin Thomas : Can i use enameled copper wires and normal magnets? Anyone plz reply

ahsanul Hamim : If I connect the loop togather will this go forever???? sorry for my english.

Álvaro Gil : Es divertidisimo, el juguete que siempre quise tener.... quien quiere una play 4

Pranav Ghandade : For some reason, this video was weirdly satisfying.

Ayush Dhayal : Magnetic Thanos

ลักษมี วิลัยพรม : wow

Dân Dipper : #30/11/2018,here😃

snow white : 日本人✋

Terrell : Now this is what a YouTube video should be like

The King of Nerds : Are those batteries going through there?

alois wolff : Wow...terrific.

Alex Almeida : Legal. E não polui o ar.