Hornet and wasps. Best of one day. Hornissen u. Wespen 30.8.2018 SONY RX10 IV

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mitzyismad : Wonderful photography. What a nasty bugger the big one is.

Charles Russell : Jeeze that European Hornet is straight gangsta LOL

mrbutter 100 : Sorry, I couldn't see any of the footage because the cameraman's titanium balls were in the way.

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : Glad I'm not a wasp. Imagine having to share your kitchen with a lion the size of an elephant that wants to eat you.

Millersaur 1 : Then they realize the camera man has more honey in his pocket.....

Quadrenaro : I wonder what would happen if you put LSD in it.

Dave Rucci : Did he just rip that one dude in half??? 😱

Al Dentay : 2:01 - hornet twerking

B.G.B Beezo100 : 2:41 Roar Roar imma big scary hornet

mrbrianbrush : 3:04 he like an old man scaring away the neighborhood kids haha

Naja Olsen : 3:36 little wasp has balls💪

D Eg : Thanks for not including stupid music.

statealchemist000 : Neat, now crush them.

Benjamin Esposti : 3:23 The European Hornet has 5 eyes ... two big compound eyes, and three simple eyes (like, think of it as one pixel). The simple eyes react faster than the compound eyes.

lewistaylor1965 : Fantastic footage...I remember as a child when I had a microscope for my birthday...We took the head of a wasp and took a look at it...Another story...A friend of mine in Devon UK was told by his wife to get rid of a hornet that was flying around the kitchen...He used a towel to catch it and then flapped the towel in the garden hoping the hornet would fly out but he didn't see it...He then took a look at his arm and the Hornet was on his arm stinging him...He went back inside and a few minutes later his wife told him to look at his legs...They had gone discoloured and patchy...He says the next thing he remembers was the ambulance guys bringing him round...He went to hospital where he fainted again...He is ok now but I believe he'd gone into anaphylactic shock from the stings...He's in his mid-forties...So be careful around those big Hornets

Tanner Hamilton : Wasp: "What are you?!" Hornet: "I'm you, but stronger."

Gardetrace : I know they're hornets, but still... I hate you bees! I hate you bees! I hate you bees! I hate you bees!

TheBeastModeGamer : Hey... I feel something on my leg ...

Ellesmere Wildwood : Here in Australia, we have some of the deadliest little and big creatures on Earth. But thankfully, we don't have hornets ! My hat's off to camera guy !

HyPeR_FaMe 928 : Max volume with headphones 😬😬😬

vidyaWolf : It's the wasps fault for entering the hornet's kill-zone. "But the hornet came to disturb the wasps", you might say. If the wasps don't move out of the hornet's kill-zone, then by definition they are entering it. The mighty hornet warps the laws of physics to it's will. Your argument is invalid.

stay positive : Usually more of an ant guy, but this video is amazing. Thank you very much!

Baby Kwong : Bravest cameraman

youssef douiba يوسف الدويبة : Nice

Aaron S : How big is that hornet😳

TheCormTube : Ever had one of those days when you're down the pub with your mates and a guy who is literally 3 times your size comes in, steals all your drinks then carries one of you back to his house to keep to his children?

Hulkavegur ! : Im 1000× bigger than a Hornet but i would still run 30 miles per hour when i would see one of those...

Topaz 13 : Why are these thing s alive again?

yandere zach : Dude if you got stung by that Giant hornet i bet it would hurt more then a normal sting

Tine de Jong : Wow what is this beautifully filmed and so close up. I am not afraid of wasps but for such a big insect the hornet. Than I stay at a distance. They are not fine insects and they kill also wasps but they don't eat them themselves. They grind the wasp with their jaws to a porridge and feed this to the larvae. The larvae in turn give a sweet liquid to the workers who use the sugars as fuel to fly and catch even more insects. So yes, if a wasp comes too close to him, he will kill it too. My compliments for this beautiful video.

GodHatesEveryoneWhoDoesn'tReadTheBible : Bees are cute, their bigger versions are even cuter. Wasps are scary, their bigger versions are even scarier.

Chrystus Krężel : Awansom video:)

Martin Beneš : Am I weird when I was afraid of a cameraman? I had fear the wasps would sting him.

The Shadow : Who is here after ant man and the wasp ?

Ray Mak : The big one was like, go away, go away!!!

Hulkavegur ! : I feel like there are hundreds of wasps on my body right now...

Dave Rogers : One of the many amazing thing l witnessed as a child was a large blue bottle (type of fly ) was feeding on dog poo, ! Then a hornet desended on the blue bottle ,grabbed with its legs and flue into the air, ! The B B was ovosly struggling , the hornet tighten it's grip flu a bit higher then bit the blue bottles head clean off, I saw the head fall to the ground , and the hornet then flu off! Insects are fasanating

Carl Stanley : Cool looking insects

Jarrod A : Did I just watch a kidnaping?

Brendan Ford : 20 Yellow jackets VS 1 THICC, stingy boi

Ya Sure thing : Woop woop it’s the sound of the police3:04

Jeremy Larson : Makes you think bullying is juat something that is in everything living even in animals

FiveRings OneBrady : Spectacular!!!!!!!

Nguyễn Minh : 0:49 can someone plz tell me what is that insect on the far right? Thank you

DooBick : Its similar to attack on titans

Super Maus : Any years ago in summer visited me a hornet every day in my house. Came in, took a sight-seeing-flight in my sitting room with a deep sound, sometimes only 50cm away from my face and left the house again. In two following years. Unfortunately it dissappeard. Hornets are fascinating. I also had already birds and bats in my rooms. If you stay quiet they are absolutely harmless and leave again. At least this is my experience.

Be Lieve : Not a fair fight, that dude was clearly fighting out of his weight class.

Cyrotix : Glad I live in the north side of Europe.

samuel romao : Olha o tamanho dessa porra

Vision Grid : 3:16 spitting some fire lines