Justin Rogers - Welcome to Westlock (Official Video)

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Cj L : I actually really liked the beats, and the fact that you're trying to raise awareness. Unfortunately drug abuse is a growing problem in rural Canadian areas. Good for you for standing up and doing something. You may not get the reaction you were hoping for, but any discussion is better than people ignoring the issue and hoping it fixes itself. Good luck man and keep on creating.

Joey Killah : You’re actually gonna blow up tho. There’s a whole hiphop forum making fun of u. You’re going viral.

Russell Ryland : Haven't seen cringe like this in awhile.

i w : welp this is gonna go viral have fun fam

ze diogo : hahaha king of cringe

MrMainev3nt : why u climb into the dumpster tho?

Peter Messer : Lmfaoooo this shit funny af 🔥

Nigel Daws : L shoutouts to Ktt and Joey killah


Martin Ramirez : ayye that chorus is too fire... my manager gonna contact you real soon fam we gonna make it big

ScrubberDawg : The only thing thats changing is your voice... every 30 seconds.

001FirstRule : Theres no way this isn't a joke.

Ryan M : Welcome to Cringe Block.

Joey Killah : Lmaoooooooooo shoutouts to Joey Killah for showing me this.

NKKPPAS : Certainly doesn't paint the community in a very good light, not a very great attraction for new folks moving or thinking of moving to the area. Much can be said for any place now a days, not just Westlock. You want to stay away from drugs/alcohol? Watch the company that you're keeping...grow a backbone and be your own person, instead of following the loser 'in' crowds.

Dylan Biddiscombe : My parents own a shop that’s in this vid

The PLUG : Good song

Paul Sargeant : Good song brah.

TeeGeeAayche752 : Man, this is deep. I just heard it and I'm bumping it now

Tj Moore54 : 😁🔥🔥🔥🔥

L Lussier : She'z up on Twitter. Well done!


HowToHydroponics : Why would a song with such filthy profanity be promoted and celebrated by the town of westlock? Such a talented young man, I hope he can be as famous at that m&m fellow.

eric turner : I tuck wish it.

Veto Tonio : In the bin

John Mikes : Who’s mans💀💀

Giuseppe Filippelli : Oh god the cringe

Chadi Robitaille : Yikes

Jay : The irony is drugs could have made him more capable of selecting good beats and writing interesting lyrics.

Travis Crane : !!!!

225Dougie : Is this a joke

Jerex Aesir : This is entirely true.

Travis Crane : facts

Kim : I hope you make more music mate, this sounds is awesome, great music ❤️

James Shannacappo : makes me miss home ....mmmmm tags ribs

Derrick Trotter : I live in Westlock, am a multi millionaire and love our drug scene. Silly little boy made a video with what, an old flip phone! You have zero talent little boy. FAIL. NO GOALS NO AMBITION!!

ismail ichu : 😍👍

Cold North : This is heartfelt music

Cold North : This is heartfelt music