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3GI : dang this boy is good


Murraay Murraay : can you confirm or deny the pedophilic tendencies of dan Schneider

GameBeast : thinkin of using that 3rd one at school tomorrow. thanks for the tip!

Ian Attaway : Chive, I haven't gotten contact back from you sense I dropped off my son at my your summer swim camp. It's been 3 weeks since I was supposed to pick up my boy. I saw you at the local sex shop, but when I confronted you.. you just ran away quickly. Please Chive, I would like to see my son again..

Avi LeQueen : When he came in crotch first 😩😩😩💦💦💦😭😭😘😘😘❤️❤️😍😍😍😍💦💦💦 spred my asscheeks and dominate me daddi munck

Ryan DB : I watched this in public and a girl sucked me behind a bus stop, thanks Noah

Evil Doer : Just pulled off a perfectly executed "crotch first", and I gotta tell ya, the pussies are indeed wet

Demian kreinz : i like this guy he reminds me about a guy from drake and josh

batman113100 : b a z o o p e r

qube sauce : You would make a great Alex Jones impersonator.

Jibbles Giblets : the coolest person to come out of icarly.

Luke Johnson : Why isn't this on adult swim yet

Lance Bean : you could play Alex Jones in a biopic.

crystal- P : Watching the kid from icarly swear and being sexual is pretty satisfying

Jacob Bowden : sopping WETTT

Internet Hippy : damn youll probably win an emmy for this

Annie Medosch : this is cool babe

adam : This is like YouTube's Eric Andre Show

Kennidee Lee : This man deserves way more subscribers

Demox : He has a lot of sitcom experience... he *was* a main character in iCarly after all.

Oliver Scher : *you guys like big boing?*

13PHXnash13 : fuck that was funny, someone get this guy a show on adult swim

Kalvin Patel : I don't know what you're doing Noah but I hope everything is good! Give us a Q&A post iCarly life if you can, thanks boss!

Tai Ketchum : Noah are you okay

Chris Mystic : 1:10 when your level 1 on payday 2 going loud I dont think anyone gets this

Katie Blue : This is everything and more.

David Bux : this is very a nice

Jesus Christ : combover lookin ass

Erich Damer : I love this black humor and am thrilled by it at the same time. It's like "Memento Mori" gone funny


LiL SHADY : bruh i cant wait till u blow up my g gibby gonna be the next eric andre or some shit probably even better

Eileen Jimenez : I can't explain but it all makes sense now...

Riborgh : elder gibby time travels into the past to teach young gibby

TechNOGeek Reviews : This dude is lit

Gab Gaby : Holy shit this man is hilarious

The True Cheapskate : This channel is pure gold

Pirated Vegas Crashes Alot : Bizank

SuperSpaceBuddy : Is Sam Hyde grooming you to replace him when he inevitably dies in a'fiery car crash.

James Nigra : I watch these while I'm locked in my room doing OxyContin with my dad

Gavin maunty : YOU LIKE KRAMER?

jakesweet1000 : i think you're going through your miley cyrus/charlie sheen phase

Hardcore Bob : Loving that self burn at 1:26

Edward Alkhoury : i love you dad

owen guiffre : love this!

Carter Paulzine : love your shit dood

Bonzi/Someguy6986 : YOU *ARE* GIBBY FROM ICARLY!!!!!!

Кирлджифук Стан : 1:24 it's all me gone

Daniel Thomas : What happened bby?

Champ-Senpai : This is the face of a broken man