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Murraay Murraay : can you confirm or deny the pedophilic tendencies of dan Schneider

3GI : dang this boy is good

Ian Attaway : Chive, I haven't gotten contact back from you sense I dropped off my son at my your summer swim camp. It's been 3 weeks since I was supposed to pick up my boy. I saw you at the local sex shop, but when I confronted you.. you just ran away quickly. Please Chive, I would like to see my son again..

GameBeast : thinkin of using that 3rd one at school tomorrow. thanks for the tip!

Luke Johnson : Why isn't this on adult swim yet

Jibbles Giblets : the coolest person to come out of icarly.

Evil Doer : Just pulled off a perfectly executed "crotch first", and I gotta tell ya, the pussies are indeed wet

Ryan DB : I watched this in public and a girl sucked me behind a bus stop, thanks Noah

adam : This is like YouTube's Eric Andre Show

batman113100 : b a z o o p e r

qube sauce : You would make a great Alex Jones impersonator.

Demox : He has a lot of sitcom experience... he *was* a main character in iCarly after all.


Internet Hippy : damn youll probably win an emmy for this

Lance Bean : you could play Alex Jones in a biopic.

Demian kreinz : i like this guy he reminds me about a guy from drake and josh

Oliver Scher : *you guys like big boing?*

Jacob Bowden : sopping WETTT

Chase H. : The virgin Disney girl VS the chad Nickelodeon boy

suzyisabella : *G I B B E H H H*

Kennidee Lee : This man deserves way more subscribers

Chris Mystic : 1:10 when your level 1 on payday 2 going loud I dont think anyone gets this

hoo dra : whats gibby thinking about *cuts to this

SuperLet'sPlayPals : but how do I exit tho

Bryson : you saying *_Bazaink_* made me laugh much harder than it should have

Tai Ketchum : Noah are you okay

Lucid Memer : Rip hairline

Erich Damer : I love this black humor and am thrilled by it at the same time. It's like "Memento Mori" gone funny

H4CK B01 : wheres my fuckin MUNNEEEEEEEEE

Kalvin Patel : I don't know what you're doing Noah but I hope everything is good! Give us a Q&A post iCarly life if you can, thanks boss!

Ben : Can I buy you a bottle of rogaine?

Annie M : this is cool babe

Triplet T : This channel is pure gold

TheTravelingClatt : sick vd

King of the snakes : colin mochrie's lost son?

Clickbait Nate : Super metamodern editing style. I love this channel.

Nuke Telly : B I Z A N K

The Real Danny Devito : Boi looks like Casey nistat or however you spell his last name

Veronica Dean : Oh my it is true...... gibby you're grown up!!!

Ben M8 : you forgot the one where you fall from the ceiling


Overhang Studios : This is the best shit

WWelvisWW : Nice tips thank you :)

Overhang Studios : Yup I'm learning

S.C. Wood : And also take your shirt off and dance on a table.

Grid : thank you gibby

Spacebob : Love it

NeverMindGaming : This is better then I Big Bang theory

Pizza Problems : you keep makin, ill keep watchin

The Brown kid : Where did he touch you Noah