Vegetable(ベジタボー)/Momoclo-chan Z×PIKOTARO(ももくろちゃんZ×ピコ太郎)

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이런미띤 : I don't know what I just watched

전지민 : *_My last braincell during an important exam_*

Norman Syarif : Why, Japan? WHY??

Sheetal Singh : I'm on the weird side of YouTube again.... This is so funny 😂

Thần Nông Ảt : Who am i Where am i What im doing Why did i watch this

MicrominiX : What am I doing with my life?

gahs ah : 1:32 the best part, you're welcome💞

SAK- SOON : This is too much internet for me.... I think I'm done with the internet for today.

Rose : *friend walks in* “What are u watching?” *quickly closes this video* “PORN um yeah porn hahaha yep I was definitely watching porn”

ᴊᴇɴɴɪᴇ ᴋɪᴍ : Why was this on my recommended...?

Shooked Bts_ : WTF😂😂

_Sunny_ : *adds to playlist immediately*

Sammi's TM : Mom: what are you watching samuel? Me: mom no... Mom: You know samuel... Me: mom... i can explain... Mom: ...I guess I'll burn my own eyes...

Usuario Kawaii : B-But tomato is a fruit

FriendlyBleach : This should be categorised as horror

why tho : Me and my sQuAd at 3 a.m.

Vkook Army : O man! This is weirdly I'm gonna irritate my mom with this song

CARLOS HIDEKI CALDAS ITO : Vegetable, e e e e e e e e e e e e e e, vegatable, e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

전지민 : This isn't in Spotify, I'm suing

Bri : 2:32 “Hey bri we did almost all the work in this project you should help out” 2:33

메이크업키스 : After watching this on loop like 25 times, i just have intrnal bleeding

Ambassador of Girl groups : P o T a t o

Karla Hiroshima : 1:32 lol wtf am i doing with my life. just kill me nowwwwwww. it keeps singing on my head omfg.

Angela Rodriguez : Ya lo he visto dos veces 😑. Por q he hecho eso?? Alguien habla español?

パンダかわいい : Kill me pls

pornesian parrapio : my last few brain cells have vanished into thin air

xTosiax xD : And the um.... VEGETABLES. Edit: What im doing in my live

Nabilah Qurratunisa : Wa.. wait... What am I doing in here.... (°ー°〃)

Katarina Ortiz : Did this remind anyone of Moonbyul from Mamamoo?

Lazy Queen : Why was this on my recommended.....? Youtube why? I was watching kpop yesterday and now this...

Samantha Odney : It's funny lol 😂 potato 🥔 potato lol 😂

_FRe azY_ : This is the weirdest video i have watch ...but the beat was AWESOME...

むむ むむ : 幼児向けに出しならもっと歌いやすい方が伸びたかなって思った。笑 ポテトが急に入ってくるあたり全然歌わせる気ない笑 でも私はこの歌大好き

Bochechas : Eu viciei nessa música.

Ginevra and friends 2000 : Troppo trash XD

Sachini Pabodya : Okayyy i don't wanna waste my time😑😑😑

H. Hashtag : I feel...??????????? ?????? 😑?

Ice Cream : My Brain cells in one video

6ix9ine2wo : Eh...... What?

권엘리 : Bumpkin

KuroiHato69 : That drop tho...

Devious Claymore : *DECPACITO 234*

biel Medeiros : Wat fuckkkkkkkkkk que porra e esssssssaaaaaaaaaaaa


It's Bro : Pagla pineapple

Janne Lehmann : Are they trying to make a Papp 2... Well it doesnt work

Beach Excuse Miii ? : Okayyyyy I think it’s enough internet for me.

Ichimatsu Matsuno : La chica de amarillo 😍 alguien sabe su nombre?

MCZかあこ : もう一回いうけど これは幼児番組のキャラと歌なので大人がわからんとか面白くないとかはどーでもいいんですよー 子供達が楽しく歌って踊ってくれたらそれでいいんです

Kotte Animation : Take any organic matters away from him