YouTube Blocks Blender Videos Worldwide

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Gleb Alexandrov : Youtube, FIX IT damn.

Joshua Madoc : Autodesk got scared of Blender and resorted to mafia tactics

Shamel Jij : No matter what happens YouTube.. nobody is getting my money other than blender.. No one but blender.. No cent!

masterxeon1001 : lord ton! *bows*

Russell Schiwal : This appears to be an anti-trust issue. I'd bet money that Autodesk had something to do with this. They already lie and say that all material produced on Blender is property of the Blender Institute. What's a little payoff here or there to silence the competition?

Dice N Slice : This guy is my hero! Much love and respect for all you have done for all of us. We love Blender! =)

yisha hai : Hope it is just an accident.

8Bit Gamer : I don't understand why YouTube is demonetizing many of their best content creators. People who provide good educational content are being punished meanwhile those channels who promote sexism & racism (feminist frequency) are given the green light. This is censorship. It wont be long before another platform, one that is not politically bias, will take over.

Ic Gon : I Love Blender, I love Tom, I love the developers, I love the users... Why? I love and I share. Share and Love what you love. THE WORLD! BLENDER!

YanSculpts : Most likely an error, this happened before to other channels. Zachariah Reinhardt's channel experienced something similar and it was dealt with fast so I wouldn't worry. That said it is weird that the videos got removed but not the channel, usually they suspend the channel all together by error.

Mopstar67 : blender cloud is better anyway... :)

Terra Netti : They also blocked MIT opencourseware WTF!

Kolobok Susekin : Новость плохая, но не на столько что бы горевать! Давайте лучше будем рады тому что у нас есть! PS Спасибо за "Blender"! Я в нем живу!!!))))

gremlinbd : you guys rule! don't let youtube win! also, can't wait for 2.8!

Colt Seavers : Makes no sense at all or maybe their algorithms are going haywire.

Online With Sherkhan : Autodesk bought Blender and now .... . . . . All Autodesk products are free

Blender Burst : What? Darn it. Sorry this happened.

ko U. : this is a good chance to promote PeerTube

yian dev : I still cant watch blender videos from Blender Foundation, apparently some rich lobbyists bribed google to mess with blender and block their videos unless they put ads into them so they can smear the Blender founder since he has a video interview where he says money doesnt interest him, and if he enables ads he breaks that exact statement, so they will create a smearing campaign to ruin his rep and blenders. Ill leave it to your imagination who could be that did this, google is the main perpetrator though, they decided to move on with this shit.

ko U. : the link needs to be updated to: video . blender . org

renaud techer : it says "this videos include content from blenderfoundation and is not available in your country" Maybe a wrong setup of some parameter in the account.

Dane Custance : Sort this please youtube.

THE SUPER ELITE : They can't silence our voices comrades.... Come, together we stand, to support those who taught us and opened a whole miraculous world to us....

Claudio BGE : Sadness...

Ming Mongo : Never attribute to malice, what can be explained by incompetence. -Error fixed.

Illasera : Please upload your videos under the IPFS protocol so you won't get censored.

Samuel Martin : Youtube is totally out of control !

waffles toast : JewTube is mad that people are using a free program to create better art.

Patrice Cheung : Why?

Brandon Kirk : It was funny, I was just getting my friend into blender and sent him a playlist I made and it was taken down

Yassir Amry : Google has Google Summer of Code that supported open source projects for years, so I think they won't do this intentionally. It might be... (fill the blank)

Waylena McCully : The playlists show up in search, but says that the videos are blocked in my country. I sure hope it is a bug and that the YouTube folks get it fixed soon. The Blender Fundamentals series is a great resource for new folks.

PIXXO : YouTube is starting to make things hard for people. I know other creator that have just bean blocked or banned out of the blue for absolutely no reason.

ZELFOR : Blender has been growing a lot over the years and along with its community, few people who are directly linked to the CGI speak of Blender's power as a breeding reference, companies like ILM, third-party sectors of ILM use Blender, and this has already been shown in "make of". I can say with all tranquility that these comments are generated by the big software companies of the branch that wish to act with greater presence the most varied slices of the market. On June 17, 2018, Blender's YouTube channel was BLOCKED, without warning or justification, reminding you that Blender has always been mentioned as a Software that does not leave something to be desired and faces other major software on the market. We hope that the new version of Blender 2.8 will not be affected by these big companies, and their methods of absorbing the applications.

lalybum : Youtube is THE MOST CORRUPT COMPANY on the World. They should all be put to jail and have their properties sold to help technology companies.

Blender Boy : Blenderrrrrrr😘😘😘😘😘

Anakin Skywalker : When there are good thing happening, there are always Evil Corporations to stop it. Strange how this happened when we are so close to releasing 2.8 which is a big update. It feels like all those very expensive 3D software companies have gone batshit crazy about new EEVEE engine and this is totally free. More examples: Tesla cars: Because it is a huge threat to other luxury car companies. Take a look at those exaggerated news about Tesla accidents, some websites are trying so hard to make these negative stuff about tesla cars to viral. thousands of accidents happening and nobody cares, when tesla gets a flat tire, it is a headline. I think some of those accidents are fake, I mean they were purposely done by other car companies. Because spending 200 grands is better for them than losing a million dollars. It's totally possible because we know most of those companies are super greedy. AMD Treadripper: Intel knew AMD was gonna introduce a new 32 core HEDT CPU which will surely be the new king in HEDT CPUs and what Intel did was showing off a fake 28 core 5Ghz HEDT desktop chip a day before. Actually it was a $10,000 Intel 8180 Xeon Platinum chip overclocked to the ceiling on a special server motherboard and using an Industrial water chiller which takes over 1000 watts cool down that furnace. And they didn't even say a single word about overclocking or water cooling. Thats how greedy and bad Intel is. These money hungry greedy companies will do absolutely anything to keep their money flowing to them. These are just a few recent examples. Things like these happened throughout the history. Taking all these into consider, I can say I am not surprised that this happened Blender channel. May the force be with us.

zproxy : blackmail

Jonathan Nunez : YouTube NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

K I L O : To be honest...the whole monetization thing is nothing more than a world wide religion, these folks dont like "free things" freedom of expression, freedom of speech, free anything at all.. "pay up or you get nothing" ...its getting old..this mindset of "scarcity"...I REALLY THINK its time people realize just what the actual intentions are of any of these multi billion profit organizations... and how they influence public perspective through the compartmentalization of information for profit. The true value of information transparency and the use of it to organize any body of people to oppose or create anything regardless of subject in any field of information is something that has in the past brought about great change to any civilization or culture especially in the minds of people.

Khaled Ahmed Younes : Yesterday I tried watching a video by Andrew Price "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists" and it said "This video contains content from BlenderFoundation. It is not available in your country" Is this why I can't watch this video anymore? I was able to watch it last year

Soumitra Sanyal : smart should give an early alert to Blender youtube that everything can short-out by a fare discussion......because day by day Blender is emerging as a one of the prime open source 3d application.and blender community is also getting bigger. ....this decision itself is very kiddish .......

Scotland Dobson : Just standard YouTube garbage. If you spend enough time on this site, you'll find that channels get randomly banned all the time. Should be fixed pretty quick after getting in touch with them.

Tom : Booo. Youtube Booooo

Mohan Acharya : This guy rocks 🤙🤙


Justin Bieber : Blender 2.8 scary Autodesk.

Xperimental Pouch : Luv u sir

ALi Ahmad : today i'v tried to open youtube blender videos and all of videos blocked in my country .. Ton <3

NFS DieHard : Hope you will up soon in YouTube