Doctor Who - Ricky Gervais 'Extras' Doctor Who Scene With David Tennant

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Comments from Youtube

GTM : when did this happen lol

Kaagh178 : THIS IS CANON

AwesomeAlex500 : I love how David is playing this completely straight

thedoctorwhoexpert7 : Oooh never seen this before!!

nightowl : I forgot about this lmfao

Lainey Larsen : Gervais' character reminds me of Sil from Vengeance on Varos. Only a lot bigger.

Mr. AnselmTheWeird0 : Which episode is this from?!

Publick Gamer : oh wow, never knew about this. thanks for the upload :D

hamscher : Love the Brits funniest people on the planet

Reigate Robot : Whenever I’m feeling down I come here to feel better.

UnSpokenWord : So... this is cannon?

Tropolate : Why was this not an episode

Abandonthisfate : This scene needs no context to be funny whatsoever

Victor Peterson : Where is this from?

Zepy : wtf

Anthony Barratt : Still better then the female doctor, were she get defeated by the pink patrol