Amerasians in Saigon 1985 & 1987 including Kim Nguyen
Footage from 1980s Vietnam showing street kid Amerasians the wartime offspring of US serviceman and Vietnamese mothers As many as 20000 Amerasians were born during and after the Vietnam war with many shunned from Viet society and forced to live on the streets

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Amerasian children were a fixture on the streets of Saigon from 1980 to 1987. Most had a very hard time; no parents and they were regarded as outcasts in society. Finally by 1988-1990, the US and Vietnamese governments agreed to allow nearly all to settle in the United States. Under the American Homecoming Act of 1988, about 23,000 Amerasians and 67,000 of their relatives entered the United States. These are excerpts of video shot in 1985 and 1987.


dachicagoan : If only we could have tracked down who all the fathers were and dropped of their kids in the front door step. They would have some serious explaining to do to their spouses LOL

Thuy Swanberg : I was in the one of them in 1985-1989.

Coryenne : I'm very sad... I know Kim is now in USA. She's married and have 7 children. She's never alone again. I think she have a good life now....

Yazmarohma42 : Good looking kids. If they were born in this present time they will be working as fashion models, pageant Queens/Kings and in showbiz... Amerasian kids in this modern time is really lucky than in the past like this video is showing...

gumdokim : Although all of them are adults now, I do feel sorry for them especially the girl whose mother had passed away.

Phuc Phan Huỳnh : Nhin may anh may chi ma thay thuong qua di ..loi ko phai do nguoi my cung ko phai do nguoi Viet Nam ma do cac anh cac chi sinh ra ko dung thoi gian ..

Jeffrey Ponting : My dad was in the USMC from 66-70 and says there is a pretty good chance that I have an Amerasian brother or sister.

Marcus Garcia : ever wonder where they are now?

Ken : I would love to adopt one if i have an opportunity.

khan imran : Kids that dont fit in cant be easy for them

sibkiss2009 : D N A testing will help

trucomtipi : what clip is this from? I want to see the full documentary.

Bort McBort : They seemed pretty well-behaved. Street urchin kids act kind of sketchy in some countries, although when it's all about survival it's not a surprise.

Ỉa Vào Mặt Ba Que Xỏ Lá : Người lại thật lòng thấy thương nhiều hơn ! Mấy anh chị thiệt thòi toàn diện . Chúc anh chị nhiều sức khỏe thành công trong cuộc sống .

Dexter Skyder : Speak Vietnam when u go on that country

Shana Dagny : Kim is the one in both the salmon colored shirt and older version, she's in white with the blue collar

SuperBigdude77 : How did she learn how to do speak English. (Just wondering.)

Steve Orleans : Them ole GI's done some serious love making back in the days

Đỗ Phúc : có dịch tiếng việt giúp tôi được không . tôi không hiểu

Raquel Rodriguez : This is so upsetting!


Tibly : God bless these children !!!!

Tiffany Nguyen : Omg my mom’s an amerasian and I’m always curious to find out who my grandfather was and whether or not he’s even alive or if he’s still out there thinking about my mom and tried to search for her... So many questions but still no way to ever find out ;(

dang0088 da : dna test.

herociouz : Damn !! Vietnam was humiliated and disgraced by the AmeriCUNTS

gk10002000 : Poor kids and other innocents.

Flaky 96 : wow how Kim could be fluent in English is amazing such a wonderful girl

Nam Do : disgusting US soldiers ...

Wigwam : Their situation sucks of course, but this is an obvious attempt to draw attention away from all the babies born deformed or missing body parts. The Agent Orange defoliant that the government sprayed all over the country was highly mutagenic, and caused genetic damage even generations down the line. These cute orphans are a pretty tame story by comparison. Check out "The Children of Agent Orange" in the sidebar for a real take on what the US government did

Rob Lo : At 1:01 that kid in the back looks like young Bruce Lee lol

Lei R : I feel sorry for some kids in Vietnam who are half black / half Asian. Kids make fun of them because of the skin color and curly hair . I’ve seen it before because we have Amerasian in my country also.

sibkiss2009 : wearing a uniform of the USA does not mean you are automatically a national hero

Force User : well the good side to Vietnam is the next generation looks a bit more beautiful thanks to the gene of the white American soldiers, just a bit. This is not a joke, I'm serious Edit: See those kids? Most of them(almost all of them) were living on the street, treated no better than dogs by the VC(vietcong).