Amerasians in Saigon 1985 & 1987 including Kim Nguyen

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Thuy Swanberg : I was in the one of them in 1985-1989.

Coryenne : I'm very sad... I know Kim is now in USA. She's married and have 7 children. She's never alone again. I think she have a good life now....

sibkiss2009 : wearing a uniform of the USA does not mean you are automatically a national hero

loveaodai100 : Being from New York City I first travelled to Vietnam in February of 1988 with my wife who is from Saigon. We were walking around one evening and came across a group of about 12 black Amerasians who were from about 16 to 25 years of age hanging about on Le Loi Street. We decided to treat them all to ice cream at the famous Bach Dang ice cream shop nearby. Ice cream like nearly everything back then in Vietnam was incredibly cheap so it was no big deal for us but for some reason that experience turned out to be one of the most memorable evenings of my life...

Steve Orleans : Them ole GI's done some serious love making back in the days

Wigwam : Their situation sucks of course, but this is an obvious attempt to draw attention away from all the babies born deformed or missing body parts. The Agent Orange defoliant that the government sprayed all over the country was highly mutagenic, and caused genetic damage even generations down the line. These cute orphans are a pretty tame story by comparison. Check out "The Children of Agent Orange" in the sidebar for a real take on what the US government did

gumdokim : Although all of them are adults now, I do feel sorry for them especially the girl whose mother had passed away.

sibkiss2009 : D N A testing will help

Marcus Garcia : ever wonder where they are now?

trucomtipi : what clip is this from? I want to see the full documentary.

Raquel Rodriguez : This is so upsetting!

Shana Dagny : Kim is the one in both the salmon colored shirt and older version, she's in white with the blue collar


Flaky 96 : wow how Kim could be fluent in English is amazing such a wonderful girl

dachicagoan : If only we could have tracked down who all the fathers were and dropped of their kids in the front door step. They would have some serious explaining to do to their spouses LOL

Dexter Skyder : Speak Vietnam when u go on that country

dang0088 da : dna test.

Đỗ Phúc : có dịch tiếng việt giúp tôi được không . tôi không hiểu

Rob Lo : At 1:01 that kid in the back looks like young Bruce Lee lol

khan imran : Kids that dont fit in cant be easy for them

Normandie Frankia : All of a sudden the slut mothers wanted to be reunited with their children

Arsenio Buck : Still happening today, however, it's white men who go to Thailand and the Philippines to impregnate prostitutes. Then, they leave. Sad ass life.