Let's talk about 3 letters that can make rural whites understand the fear minorities have of cops.
The 3 letters that can make rural whites understand the fear minorities have of cops

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Lolzmcfree : He is not talking about black lives matter! He means bureau of land management

If you don't believe me Google it!!! : I love this guy for telling the truth. I wish you and your kids generational wealth. From a black man I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.

horus44102 : This guy speaks some gems.

Todd Wardle : For those who think BLM in this case is Black Lives Matter... No, just no... He's talking about Bureau of Land Management. We're talking deep rural government agencies here.

wantsome7655 : I'm from Detroit and I'm a sportsman I hunt and fish. I shop at cabelas and bass pro a lot. Because I wear a lot of camo black people think I'm some kind of urban redneck or racist. I know who my enemies are and it's not black people. I've been around rich people and they have contempt for anyone not in their little club. Not all but a lot of them look down on the common people. I was in a rich neighborhood a few weeks ago full of multi million dollar homes. I was mingling with the rich people. You could cut the arrogance in the air with a knife. The one guy was bragging about his yacht. He spends more on gas for his yacht in a week then I make in a year. The average person has no clue how these people really live. They'll drop 10 grand on fish eggs and crackers for a snack. When the stock market imploded back in 2007 the banks got a trillion dollar bailout at the American peoples expense. The CEO's gave themselves record bonus' and the government let them do it. They were gambling with our money on the stock market and when it went belly up the government gave them a blank check. We are enslaved by these fuckers. Too bad most people don't realize it nor do they care.

Yabo Bayo : Bo you too woke my man! You need bigger platform

G Montezuma : Beau, you need a bigger platform. More people need to start listening to the simple common sense that you put out. Thank you, bro!

Ash Green : I don't think people know BLM is the Bureau of Land Management.

Chris Diaz : This guy speaks with the kind of personal confidence and security that most people lack.

BarfyMan 362 : “The ballot box or the cartridge box”, damn I really like that line

E TwOne : You sir are on your purpose of life. Much respect to u. Keep speaking the truth

FAT JAXSON : Damn this video makes my heart smile. Because people think that they don't relate because of culture or color (which is horribly wrong) and you prove that we should all be on the same team

James Lee : When I was in the military I developed the opinion that if you trust the government than you are supremely naive. I know politics are needed, everything has a political element, but I hate politics with a passion, politics is where good people go to get their soul stolen and possibly turn into bad people if their not very careful. ps: when he says BLM he means Bureau of Land Management not Black Lives Matter.

angelo parker : They keep us distracted by fighting among Racial Class, Economical Class ect.. while they're getting richer at the top bypassing their laws and making us fight for status and they're laughing on the way to the bank

Isra Sabir : THIS right here is WHY I talk to others & continue to communicate with my neighbors!!! I talk to people in gocery stores & get out in the community.

Ashannon888 : Funny how so many folk say "I don't get why blacks, or Hispanics or gays or whatnot are upset and angry. Why can't you explain it?" and when you do, they dismiss it by saying, 'Well I don't have that happen to me, so I don't think it's valid." Beau I think with his analogy has given an example that you can use to explain it.

Jenni Elina Holopainen : I am from Finland with a heavy prejustice when I saw this in my feed. Well, I was wrong, you had great things to say, even fits well towards folk in Europe.

Rat-Baby 42069 : He's right, working class folks need more racial unity and solidarity.

fuzzlenutberry : The letter Q is pretty scary, it's an O holding a pointy stick.

thegreengrenade : Real truth to power! Saw a video pop up in my suggestions last night and I've been watching ever since. You've got a loyal subscriber in me. Peace be with you brother.

Jacqulyyn Writeordie : Amen my friend. This is why my daddy who is black and grew up in the inner city, used his money from his service in the Marines to buy himself twenty acres in the country. Have no doubt he votes every single election. And even though he didn't grow up with the people in the town, they've known him for fifty years now and he is as much a part of that community as anyone born to it.

DiaryOfa ManeAddict : The 1% worst fear is that we stop fighting each other and come against the corrupt system. This is why the keep discard amongst the 99%. They've used the exact formula for years and years and years and its still working. They sit back entertained and remain filthy rich, corrupt and doing nothing for the people.

Al Wolpert : Damn, son, the stokers of anxiety and hatred - the ones in the seat of power- don't want you talking sense like this!

Spiritual Not Religious : You are the realest white Man I’ve seen and I appreciate what your doing 😊🙌🏾🙌🏾😊

StoneyTulip : What a great point: "Rural whites have more in common with inner city blacks, than they ever will with politicians in Washington." It would seem the divisions that the mass media is trying to sow are failing. Keep up the good work!

Michael Speller : I'm glad I found this channel. It's refreshing to know that some people understand. Also, you make some great points across the board in the videos. Keep doing what you're doing. It's necessary.

James Campbell : Should the economy take a real bad hit I think many white folks will see just how bad cops can be, remember DAPL? Cops had military grade weapons & vehicles, just consider that a dress rehearsal for the protests against the government when the crash comes!

jrig123 : My left ear enjoyed this.

kitkat1595 : it seems like a lot of these comments are picking at small pieces of this guy’s main point, which was simply an attempt at illustrating the fear/doubt minorities have of law enforcement to a section of the population that likely doesn’t normally relate to such a feeling. obviously there will be exceptions to some of his more generalized statements about minutiae like minorities never being able to swing elections (can occur in select areas) or that some people who identify as minorities are comfortable with their law enforcement. i think it’s important here to get past the semantics of broad strokes and listen to this guy’s message of communication and open dialogue, rather than ignore his very well put argument and nitpick it into oblivion. awesome video dude

Ludix147 : Smart people saying smart things that unite people and make everyone safer is a good thing. I support that.

pam t : If you don't HAVE to have a conversation with your Son on how to respond when he gets pulled over by the Police...you are Blessed!!!

F.Sherlock : Run for President Bro. True Patriot!

Rachelle W : I've never seen any of your videos before but this was excellent. Especially your comparison with Ruby Ridge, you just got a new subscriber!

Clarence Fagin : Brother Bo that's my new nickname I just found your channel. Keep doing what you doing you made a friend there's a lot more like-minded people out there. Keep telling the hard truth that's the only way we can affect change for all as human beings stronger together effective together then apart. I'm not I'm not into the church but I believe in a higher power bless to you and your family keep doing what you doing we're listening.

left-hand yogi : You have the most realistic & clear descriptions of complex sociopolitical topics. Your uncommon degree of common sense is refreshing. Thanks for another phenomenal video...

Jermanos Petalos : On the subject of BLM. Remember the cattle herder - bundy - who’s supporters confronted the cops with rifles and were ready to go until the cops backed down? What’s the way for black folks to get that kind of power?

fxboss : Right on brother...it really could be we the people!!!

Robert Prado : I can see it in your eyes and hear it on your voice your a good man. Keep it rolling with the videos. Please keep your head on a swivel when your out and about.

J P : Thanks for caring God bless you and keep up the good work. You be encouraged!!

Fam Syrk : You are next level intelligent. Thank you.

Ponder Sprocket : Creating this sort of easy-to-understand comparable situation is a great idea for helping people understand the feelings and fears of others X3 Great job~!

geriatricraver : I love this commentary, spot on. I just subscribed.

J J : BLM, Bureau of Land Management is what he’s talking about. Not Black Lives Matter 🤦🏾‍♀️. The Bureau of Land Management can pretty much tell you what you can do with your land that you own & pay taxes on. Especially in rural areas. It’s a government agency that can be a pain in the butt to deal with.

LeRoy Bartell : Brother, have so much respect for you. Keep the truth coming!

Dustin Hanor : I’m definitely the crazy cousin 😂😂

Will224000 : My family mines gold in N Cal. We KNOW about BLM.

Ramon nomaR : Wow! I just subscribed, your logic and point of view is worthwhile and refreshing.

unsafespace : I'll still follow directions when a police officer instructs me. I know what happens when you don't.

Taylor Fredrickson : Just found this channel, excellent praxis. Thanks for breaking this down so well and reaching out to people the left has excluded