The Homecoming
The Homecoming

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Insta: @wizardswithguns Twitter: @WWG_TV Cameron's Music: This comedy sketch has no intention of disrespecting any US armed forces. We have the upmost admiration for those who serve, and merely wanted to create a ridiculous scenario, involving thematic tropes from traditional homecoming videos. Other Music: Uplifting Post Rock - PlayAgain Lord of the Land - Kevin Macleod Seven March - Kevin Macleod Heart Breaking - Kevin Macleod Bump in the Night - Kevin Macleod The New Order - Aaron Kenny Horror House - Aaron Kenny


Hyland Park : This was insanely well written, the timing of the shots were absurdly good

MrDanSir : This channel is only small because YouTube favours quantity over quality, love the skits!

AULDBOY : Holy shit I think I just discovered my new favourite channel, keep it up boys!

Stein : Hahaha. Lovly. Amazing German

Adam Taggart : I mean, this is how you do it. You get the people with talent together and then you just start making stuff. The subs and views are inevitable with content like this. But the comedic timing is spot on and the lead has an excellent scream.

o a o : Another outstandingly funny video 😂🤣

it's just brandy : New sub from Phillip Defranco the other day and I'm so glad I subbed! These are so good!!!

52john87deer1 : Where's the skinny guy who looks like the kid from "we're the Millers"? I miss him 😔

Koi Sauce : Great video 🤣

Miguel Liranzo : This is gonna be good

Tim Feia : This great!

blackplagueskill : I thank our Lord and saviour PhillyD everyday for leading me to you. You guys are amazing and hilarious!!!!

Quality Backing Tracks : Next LEVEL boys! This is heckin' excellent. Love your work! <3

garrett mills : Another great video from my favorite ‘Youtubers’. The ending had me crying.

Rey : You Twinks made this Veteran very,very pleased!...In a surprisingly whimsical way!...Im home too!

10far2many : What a perfect bit to craft from the "soldier surprises family" trope. Also, everything about the video is so high quality yet still has such a "friends having fun together" vibe. Awesome work!

Wizards with Guns : Wizards with Guns does NOT condone the hugging of Nazis.

Bob Flemming : God damn, another banger! Production quality is incredible.

Maggie Warren : Even in my hardest points in the week I think about how you guys will always post another video and it gets me through. IM A SOLDIER

AsdrubaelVect : You guys are the only channel I've actually clicked the notification bell for

RavNEmpire : That ending had me in stitches, loving the content!

Forrest Starnes : Production value through the roof on this one guys. Keep it up.

Austin Judd : The gangs all here

Cursed : Honestly you guys are producing some of the best original content on Youtube currently, would love to be able to support through patreon or something :)

shrike228 : I've seen every one of your videos, and this is seriously one of the best. Absolutely amazing job.

Frank St. John : I'm a cardboard box and I find this offensive

Frank Gordon : jesus christ these videos are so good

Spellmaniac 17 : I did nazi that coming at the end

Riley Woods : How do you guys come up with this?

Bailey Jacobs : Thank you person on reddit for leading me to this channel

ScythePuppet : Pee pee's home :D

Yungpope : Sky diving part done so well

Rokas : Inspirational

Andrew Hughmanick : Loved it!

Yungpope : Amazzzzzing

potatochip : Another great video :D hey where's the skinny guy!? D:

Micah Bass : What the nazi said “I am to house”?