Determined Arsonist Caught On Camera By 1st Alarm 1080p HD Video Surveillance (432) 530-3535

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Baxxter101 : wtf, first thing he does is look at the camera and point!?

Blze001 : A shame all arsonists aren't this comically inept.

Bill Blast : 7:09 The truck left @ 00:39:14 on the surveillance cam time & the cop rolls in @ 00:40:04....DAM, the cop missed him by 50 seconds, literally.

analogpixel : 4:16 GHOST CAT!!!!!

Jet Li : The fire service is as painful to watch as the arsonist--

David M. : I love how he lights the fireworks pointing inside the truck. Would have loved to see it fire his crotch!

Kat nip : Not the sharpest tool in the shed and I guess he was fired from his job.

Duane Ayers : Boy Scouts really could of helped this idiot

Devin O : He’s so proud of himself when it finally catches.

Justin V : saw the edited version on the news. this one just makes the guy look even dumber. He must have got in and out of his truck 20 times. He left so much evidence, not even including the video.

mishybear42 : Was he caught? Who is it?

Rescue3EMS : lol. police missed him by 62 seconds. Lucky dog. Though sure they got him later.

JDP Creations : I wanted to see him blown off the ladder sooooo bad, damnit dude can you do nothing right... sigh.

J C : Fire fighters walking around like : which building did u say is on fire?

Connie Silvernaile : Rescue Me was a good show

jason bennett : Why did he keep trying he keeps driving back and forward. .something is really wrong with him..why he do it

howdyhowdyhow : yall wite peeple r dumb